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Everything you need to know to hire a car in Spain

Do you know everything you need to hire a car in Spain? Our comprehensive guide means you'll be fully prepared.

A guide to German road signs, markings, and toll roads

Discovering Germany? Travel around the country like a pro with our guide to German road signs, markings, and toll roads.

Navigating the Autobahn: a guide to Germany’s famous motorways

Travelling to Germany? Find out all you need to know about navigating the famous Autobahn during your trip!

Everything you need to know about the German emissions sticker

Visiting Germany? Find out all you need to know about low-emission zones, stickers, and the requirements with our handy guide.

Driving in Germany rules & requirements

Planning to explore Germany? Find out all you need to know about the laws, road rules and requirements to enjoy a safe trip!

French road signs, markings & tolls explained

Exploring France? Learn all you need to know about French road signs, markings, and toll roads with our handy guide.

Driving in France: Key requirements and important road rules

Travelling to France? Find out the essential requirements, laws, and road rules for driving in this beautiful country.

Driving in Italy: essential tips and road rules for a safe trip

Jetting off to Italy? Find out everything you need to know about the laws, road rules, and requirements for driving abroad.

Top 10 most Instagrammed cars in 2024

Find out if your car made the top 10 from our latest research

Driving in Spain: What you need and license requirements

Taking to the roads in Spain? Find out all you need to know about the laws and requirements for driving abroad.

Why is car hire so expensive? How to tackle it

We all know car hire can be very expensive - why is this the case? And how can we keep costs down?

Driving at night

Does your car journey require you to drive in the dark? Check out our handy guide on driving at night.

Tips for driving in Winter

Feel prepared for any winter driving you may have to do with our guide, filled with tips, car check advice, and the winter car kit essentials you need.

How to drive on ice

With weather warnings and cold weather aplenty, it’s important to know how to drive on ice. Read our handy guide for all the info you will need.

How to drive in snow

Wondering how to drive in snow? Make the journey seem less daunting and read our guide to plan your journey down to every last detail.

Problems at the car hire desk

A car rental agreement may not make the top of your reading list, so here’s how to avoid confusion at the hire desk and avoid getting caught out.

Unlimited mileage car hire: Your ultimate guide

Discover how unlimited mileage car hire can benefit your travels and decide if it’s worth opting for a limited mileage plan instead.

Car checks before a long journey

What must you check before you drive? Our 10 point car check takes you through the basic maintenance you need to know.

America road trip planner

Planning an America road trip? Read our guide to planning your drive, then learn more about Route 66, Pacific Coast Highway and more.

Best way to spend money abroad

Find out the best way to spend money abroad, whether you want to use debit cards, credit cards or cash for your foreign currency purchases.

What is flight delay compensation and what happens if my flight is cancelled?

Learn about flight delay compensation, what happens if your flight is cancelled and what you may be entitled to.

Travel accessibility: disability car hire, guide dogs on planes & more

Want to know your travel accessibility options? We’ve got the lowdown on disability car hire, guide dogs on planes and more

Refuse to pay rental car damage? How to avoid such situations

Check out our best ways to avoid those questionable charges that you might find yourself looking at!

2023 Car Hire Study: Survey Results & Statistics

Our survey results for the best and worst car hire companies

Holiday planner template and tips for your break

The ultimate guide to creating a holiday planner for the perfect trip away

Do you need a breathalyser in France?

Come and take a look and some of the oddest rules of the road you'll ever see!

European Drink Driving Laws

Make sure you stay on top of the rules when it comes to drink and driving on the continent.

How to jump start a car

The best and safest tips and tricks to get out of a rut

What will reduce fuel consumption?

Find out the best ways to save fuel whether at home or abroad

Holiday packing list for the perfect trip

Check out our comprehensive list for holiday packing which will cover you for any type of trip...

Best Places in Europe to Hire a Car

Looking for a great driving holiday in Europe? Look no further...

How Will Brexit Affect Car Hire?

With Brexit seemingly fast approaching, we try and explain what might happen to the car hire industry.

What You Dislike Most About Car Hire

We recently asked you to tell us what you really didn't like about hiring a car, and the results are in!

What You Need to Hire a Car

First time hiring a car? Here's everything you need to know.

What Is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

All you need to know about car hire excess insurance and why it's important.

Who Regulates Car Hire Companies?

Who can you go to if you've been mistreated by a car hire company? Find out here.

The best car hire companies, as rated by you

Discover which car hire companies come out on top in our customer rankings table

How to save money when buying money!

Being exchange savvy can save you money. Read this blog to find out how you could save on your holiday cash

Top Tips from our Customers

We pass the microphone to you and find out what you think about car hire companies

Avoid Unfair Charges

How to Avoid Car Hire Companies charging you for damage you didn't cause

Choosing a Car Hire Company

Choosing the right car hire company will have a huge impact on your car hire experience, and not all firms are the same.

Driving in hot weather conditions

Driving in hot weather conditions requires just as much planning and preparation as in cold conditions.

CDW and SLI Cover

This month we’re focusing on a couple of little abbreviations that have a big impact on your car-hire agreement.

Packing for the perfect trip

There’s a few considerations you can make when packing which can have a serious impact on your travelling experience in a really positive way.

Tips for planning your holiday

The era of the pre-packaged holiday is over and more and more people are choosing to book all the aspects of their holidays individually.