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Who Regulates Car Hire Companies?

Who can you go to if you've been mistreated by a car hire company? Find out here.

The best car hire companies, as rated by you

Discover which car hire companies come out on top in our customer rankings table

How to save money when buying money!

Being exchange savvy can save you money. Read this blog to find out how you could save on your holiday cash

Top Tips from our Customers

We pass the microphone to you and find out what you think about car hire companies

Avoid Unfair Charges

How to Avoid Car Hire Companies charging you for damage you didn't cause

Choosing a Car Hire Company

Choosing the right car hire company will have a huge impact on your car hire experience, and not all firms are the same.

Driving in hot weather conditions

Driving in hot weather conditions requires just as much planning and preparation as in cold conditions.

CDW and SLI Cover

This month we’re focusing on a couple of little abbreviations that have a big impact on your car-hire agreement.

Packing for the perfect trip

There’s a few considerations you can make when packing which can have a serious impact on your travelling experience in a really positive way.

Tips for planning your holiday

The era of the pre-packaged holiday is over and more and more people are choosing to book all the aspects of their holidays individually.

Problems at the car hire desk

A few useful pointers to help with dealing with problems at the car hire desk when picking up your hire car from the airport or rental company.

How to avoid car hire excess charges

Whether you’re on holiday or a business trip, it’s easy to rush the ‘check-out’ process at the airport when picking up your hire car.