How Will Brexit Affect Car Hire?

By , 19 November 2018

What's Going to Happen?

It’s all everyone seems to talk about these days, but we wanted to try and navigate you through the political minefield that is Brexit to tell you, as best we can, what might happen to the car hire industry when we leave the European Union. We’ll split this up into a few different areas, what we know, what we don’t know, and what we can estimate. Let’s start with the easiest:

What We Know

This section may be the easiest for us to write, but it may be the most frustrating for you to read. The truth is, we know very little; so forgive the bullet points, but we, like any other industries are living and dying by the ongoing talks. Here’s the big picture:

The pound is volatile.

The cost of renting a car will change.

New trade negotiations will alter the industry.

The Switzerland Rule.

Brexit Dice

What We Don't Know
How much will change?

Whether your UK driving licence will be valid in the EU.

Almost everything else really.

What We Can Estimate

It will be more expensive

It will take time for the Pound to strengthen again.

Fuel Prices will increase.

Our Advice

It’s business as usual until 29th March 2019. If you’re visiting an EU country after this period, then keep a close eye on updates to see if anything changes which affects your travel plans. Either way, head to our car hire excess insurance page to get yourself some car hire cover today.