Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQ's apply to the policy currently available on our website.

Why should I use ReduceMyExcess?
What if the hire company rejects your insurance policy?

We've heard from various sources that some rental companies will tell our customers that the insurance policy they have with us isn't valid for the rental.

Typically, this is a scare tactic used by the rental company to try and force customers into buying their cover. They generally do this because they're renting out their vehicles so cheap, they need to sell 'add-on' insurance to make any money.

Which? conducted some undercover research on these tactics and the below link is a video of their findings that we thought might be helpful to share.

The link above is from an independent consumer rights company, the views and statements made in it do not reflect ReduceMyExcess and we accept no responsibility for the content.

Why should I buy from ReduceMyExcess and not from the rental desk directly?

Car rental companies typically charge multiples of our charges to reduce excesses. Excesses are often high (£1000 is typical) and claims are quite common. Our product is reliable and very cost effective.

ReduceMyExcess' customer philosophy

Since 2011 it has been our objective to offer our customers a reliable, competitive and easily purchased alternative to Car Hire Companies’ Excess Waiver available directly from Car Rental companies.

We are passionate about providing the type of service that our customers expect and deserve. We will answer phone calls promptly and we will help you in any way we can. Everything we do is fair and transparent.

About ReduceMyExcess
How can I get in touch?

If you need to get in touch with us, there's a few ways you can do this:


During our opening hours you can chat with us by clicking the help button at the bottom of the page and starting a conversation. 

Contact Us

When our offices are closed, you can click the help button at the bottom of the page and complete a quick form to send us a message. We'll get back to you, usually within 24 business hours.

You can also get in touch using our contact us page.


If you need to speak to us, we're available from 09:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday. Our number is: 0330 094 5241.


You can still send us a lovely letter if you'd like to. Our address is:


Bury House,

1-3 Bury Street,







I'm not married to my partner, can I add them to my annual policy?

Yes, providing your partner permanently resides at the same address as you and is eligible to be a Lead Named Driver, you can add them to your annual policy. 

Family members named on your policy can also hire cars independently of each other.

Is there an excess on this policy?

There is no excess on this policy, the amount deducted from your card by the rental company will be the amount returned to you by, up to the limit specified in your policy documents.

Is this policy protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?

Yes, we are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if we cannot meet our obligations. Most insurance contracts are covered for 90% of the claim. Please read the Policy Wording for further information.

What are the main restrictions on your policies?

Unless as a result of damage caused by an accident, we do not cover engine parts that should be properly maintained by the rental company, such as clutch, engine, sump, catalytic, converter, battery and radiator. Were we to cover these, there would be no incentive for the rental company to maintain these whatsoever.

Who is ReduceMyExcess?

ReduceMyExcess is a trading names of Eversure Limited, a company based in Guildford, Surrey. We're a specialist company that has been trading since 2008 and sold tens of thousands of insurance policies.

Eversure Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Details may be found at the foot of this page. We're also a proud a Member of the British Insurance Brokers' Association.

Who underwrites the policy?

All policies bought on our website after 26/06/2019 are underwritten by AIG (American International Group).

American International Group UK Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Firm Reference No. 781109)

Registered office: 58 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4AB Registered in England 

Company Number 10737370

Policies purchased or invited for renewal before this date, will have been underwritten by Catlin XL limited.

Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd. Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Limited is part of the XL Catlin Group. XL Catlin Group ranked first for London market claims service satisfaction and broker favourability in the Gracechurch London Claims Report 2014.

What is Car Hire Excess Insurance?
Where can I find the policy wording?

A copy of our policy wording is emailed along with your certificate of insurance and our terms of business at the time of purchase. Sometimes these emails can be caught in junk and spam filters, so please check here. If you still don't have them, please use the contact-us form to request copies.

If you haven't yet purchased our cover, you can find a copy of the policy wording here.

What is the excess on this insurance?

The car rental company normally has an excess which is your share of the cost of insurance claim caused by you in relation to your rental. Our policy is designed to fully reimburse you for this subject to our £7000 for the period of the contract limit.

There is no excess on our policy.

What is SLI?

Supplemental Liability Insurance (‘SLI’) is similar to the UK’s 3rd party insurance, in other words if you hit a 3rd party or their property this cover will meet the liability. We do NOT provide SLI cover. European rentals should always include SLI, but check your Agreement.

What is the excess when renting a car?

Excess or Deductible is the amount of Excess you must pay under the terms of your Car Rental Agreement because of damage to the Rental Vehicle. The Excess is the difference between the amount of the damage caused to the rental vehicle and the amount covered by the Collision Damage Waiver (‘CDW’) or additional insurance cover from the rental vehicle company. If you purchase Excess Waiver or Non-Waiver from the rental company you should not be responsible for the excess, but check your agreement. If you do not purchase the Excess Waiver or Non-Waiver, but purchase our cover, if you pay an excess we will reimburse you, subject to the terms, Conditions, Limitations and Exclusions of our Policy Wording. Remember the car hire companies Excess Waiver or Non-Waiver is usually several times more expensive than our cover.

How does it work?

If you have an accident or a loss whilst hiring a rental car, the rental company will normally claim the excess directly from your credit card that you will have provided at the time of rental. It is this amount that the standard policy will reimburse to you up to the policy limit of £7,000.

What is car hire excess insurance?

When you hire a car in the UK or abroad, car rental companies will usually charge an excess for any claims that arise from loss or damage to the rental vehicle, which can be anything from €100 to over €2,000!

So if you have an accident, the vehicle is stolen, or damaged, you may have to pay this excess amount to the car hire company.

Under this insurance, excess is defined as the amount for which the insured person is held responsible under the terms of the car rental agreement as a result of the physical loss of or damage to the rental vehicle, including fire, vandalism, theft and loss of use.

When you hire a car in the UK or abroad, CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), Theft and Third Party Liability are normally included in the rental price. Please visit our website to get a car hire excess insurance quote today!

Purchasing a Policy
Will this policy cover rentals through a car club, car subscription or car sharing scheme?

We can cover car clubs that own their vehicles.  What we don't cover is car clubs where a group of people share their private cars.  You will need to ensure that the car club satisfies this policy requirement prior to taking out cover.

The Car Club must be licensed in the United Kingdom to provide vehicles for hire and the vehicle must meet our definition of a 'Rental Vehicle'. The vehicle may NOT be privately owned. Please read the Policy Wording for further information.

We do not cover courtesy cars.

In the event of a claim you must be able to provide a damage report from the Car Club including copy invoices, receipts or other documents confirming the amount you have paid in respect of the damage to the hired vehicle for which you are seeking reimbursement and, where possible, photographs of the damage. You must also be able to provide a copy of your membership Agreement and a copy of the repair invoice from the repairing garage. Please also see our Policy Wording for details of how to Claim.

We do not cover vehicle subscriptions services because these are not rentals and don't carry the same rental agreements that we require for our cover.  The list below names a few companies we do not   provide cover for:

  • Drivy / Getaround
  • Turo
  • Hiyacar

How can you offer cover at a reasonable price in comparison to other providers?

We are an online company so we are able to keep our overhead costs to a minimal, our customers are able to choose a policy that best suits their needs through our website.  We also keeps our costs low by not having a large call centre, we do not sell policies over the phone and our cost savings in this regard can be given back to you, our customers.

Can I transfer my policy to another person?

Our policies are non-transferable, we cannot change the name of the Policyholder to another person.  

This is because the person you would like to transfer the policy to, has not agreed to the declarations and terms and conditions of the policy when initially making the purchase.  

The person who you would like the policy transferred to will need to purchase their own policy from our website.


Can you offer a single trip policy with CDW cover?

We cannot provide a single trip policy with the additional CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) cover for policies under 30 days. 

The CDW cover, or Worldwide+ policy, is only available when purchasing annual Worldwide policies or a single trip policy over 30 days.  The cover applies when you are hiring in the USA or Canada and can offer increased excess reimbursement up to $50,000 or equivalent in local currency.  We are unable to provide the additional CDW cover for European rentals.

Most car hire companies in the UK and across Europe include a basic level of CDW/LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) cover as standard with an Excess, this is normally between £1000 - £3000.  If they don’t, they’ll likely expect you to purchase this from them at the time of hire.  It’s up to you whether you choose to do this or not, but bear in mind it may be a legal requirement in the country you’re visiting. They will also offer you an optional Excess waiver cover, which for a cost normally around £10 - £30 per day which will then give you cover for the full value of the vehicle.

If you’re visiting the US or Canada (and some other countries as well), you’ll find a lot of rental companies won’t include CDW, and will ask you if you wish to purchase this from them. The rental market in these territories is a bit different and many people choose to get their cover from 3rd party suppliers such as credit-card companies.

ReduceMyExcess covers you for the excess in respect of any damage to or loss of the vehicle that you’re responsible for up to the excess limit stated on your policy with us (£7,000 as at the date of this article). If you are travelling in the US or Canada, Reducemyexcess offers CDW cover up to US $50,000 which will cover you up to this amount, should you choose not to take out the Car Rentals company CDW.

Can I cover two rentals at the same time?

If you have an annual policy and your policy number begins with 'EEA' or 'CHA' then the lead drivers named on the certificate of insurance may hire separate rental vehicles in their own name and may hire at the same time. 

If your policy begins with just 'CH' then only one rental can be taken out at a time.

I have purchased a Single Trip policy, can I convert this to an Annual policy?

We are unable to convert single trip policies to annual policies.

How much is a ReduceMyExcess policy?

This depends on the location you are hiring and whether you would like a Single Trip policy or an Annual policy.  When visiting our home page you have the choice of selecting quotes for a Single Trip or an Annual Cover.

Once you have selected one of these options, you will then be asked to select the location of where you are hiring:




When one of these options is selected, you will be quoted a price.

Keep an eye out for our special offers, we often provide a discount which is automatically deducted from your quotation price.

I have an annual policy, do I need to tell you when I am hiring a car?

No, you do not need to provide us with details of when you are hiring a car.

What is the difference between Worldwide and Worldwide+?

Our standard Worldwide policy covers you for the excess in respect of any damage to, or loss of, the car that you’re responsible for up to the excess limit stated on your policy with us, which is £7,000.

If you’re visiting the USA or Canada (and some other countries as well), you’ll find a lot of rental companies won’t include CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), and will ask you if you wish to purchase this from them.  The rental market in these territories is a bit different and many people choose to get their cover from 3rd party suppliers such as credit-card companies.  Our Worldwide+ policy offers cover up to US $50,000 which will cover you up to this amount, should you choose not to take out the Car Rentals company CDW.  The Worldwide+ policy can only be purchased when you are hiring in the mainland USA or Canada.


Am I eligible to purchase your policy?

We an provide a policy to any person who:

  • is aged between 21 and 84 years (inclusive) at the time of purchase of the Policy
  • holds a valid and internationally recognised driving licence
  • is eligible to hire and drive the Rental Vehicle and able to adhere to the terms of the Car Rental Agreement
  • is not subject to a current driving ban
  • is not driving against the advice of a medical practitioner
  • is a permanent resident in the United Kingdom and does not spend more than 180 consecutive days outside of the UK in any period of 12 calendar months, or

▪ is an EEA national exercising a ‘treaty right to seek and take up work’, and can demonstrate that they have a ‘right to reside’ (can legally live in the United Kingdom) and are ‘habitually resident’ (this is the place where they normally live) in the United Kingdom

▪ is currently employed as a Crown Servant or Overseas Civil Servant (or their spouse or civil partner) holding a valid United Kingdom passport and they include their United Kingdom address with their application

▪ is a non-EEA national legally resident in the United Kingdom due to the existence of a visa, providing that the Period of Insurance does not go beyond the expiry of their visa


My payment details have changed, how can I update these at renewal?

If your payment details have changed, you will need to provide us with your new card details.  You can do this by clicking the payment link within your email renewal invitation - this will take you to our website where you can submit new payment details.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0330 094 5241 to provide new payment details.  Please note we do not store your card details on our system, only the last four digits, so payment for the renewal will be completed once you have given us these.  

How will Brexit affect my ReduceMyExcess Policy?

Regardless of how the UK leaves the EU, your ReduceMyExcess policy will still cover you in the same way it always has. This is because we don't cover the car, or the rental company, we cover you. Seeing as you'll still be a UK resident regardless of what happens with Brexit, you'll still be covered to reclaim your excess charges.

To be very clear, your policy will still respond.

What may change is the validity of your driving licence. You will need an International Driving Permit to supplement your driving licence after 28th March 2019 and you'll need to go to a Post Office in person to buy one of these.

Remember to take your photo-card driving licence, your passport, a passport sized photo and £5.50 and you'll be able to get one over the counter.

Without one of these, you may be driving illegally and our policy would not respond in these circumstances.

If you're hiring in the EU after Brexit, you won't need a Green Card. This is a document that your UK vehicle insurer can provide you if you're taking your own vehicle into Europe. It proves you're insured and that your UK insurer has extended cover to Europe. Obviously, you don't need one of these if you're hiring because it's the rental company providing the vehicle insurance for you.

Can you recommend car hire companies?

We are unable to recommend car hire companies, however you can view the reviews left by customers at our Car Hire Company Reviews page.

Where can I find my invoice/receipt?

We don't send out separate receipts or invoices as these are a part of the certificate of insurance.

 Quite often we get asked for 'VAT Invoices'.  There is no VAT on our insurance, instead you pay Insurance Premium Tax which unfortunately is not reclaimable from HMRC.

You'll find the amount you've paid, and the IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) paid noted on the Certificate of Insurance.  Your accountant should accept this as a valid receipt. 

I don't want my policy to automatically renew

As standard, all annual policies we sell will automatically renew the following year. This is part of the declaration agreed to at the time of purchase and helps make sure that you don't get caught out without cover should you forget to renew.

If you would prefer for your policy not to automatically renew, you can get this removed really easily.

  1. Head to our contact us page
  2. Complete the required information
  3. Choose 'I don't want my policy to automatically renew'

It's important that you complete the email address and policy number field accurately as we use these to check we're responding to the policy holder. Once we've completed your request, you'll get an email from us confirming.

I'm in the British Armed Forces based outside of the UK, can I buy cover?

Yes, you or your spouse are able to purchase our policy.

When purchasing you will need to provide us with your UK postal address so that any correspondence can be forwarded to the place where you are currently posted.

I don't know what car hire company I'm using

If you haven't booked your rental yet and you don't know which company you're going to use, or where you're going, don't worry. You don't have to complete this.

Please note we do not support rentals through Green Motion.

I need to change my details, how do I do this?

Changing your policy couldn't be easier. Just send us a message via the Contact form with your existing details, your policy number and the changes you'd like to make, and we'll do that for you.

You will need to send this from the email address we already have on record for you, as this is one of the ways we make sure that we're dealing with the policy holder.

Things you can change:

  • Name (proof of change may be requested)
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Start dates of policies that haven't started
  • End dates of policies that haven't already ended
  • Additional lead drivers

I've got a discount code, where do I add this?

Since we relaunched our website in September 2018 we no longer use discount codes on our website. Instead, we pre-load the website with a discount depending on where you click through from. 

This means, if you had an email from us offering a discount, or you used a money-saving comparison site to get to us, your discount will automatically be applied providing you use the link on their sites in the email. 

Some websites (such as MoneySavingExpert) might mention a code to use, but you won’t need it providing you click on their link to get to us. 

Why has my policy automatically renewed and what can I do about it?

Before you purchased your annual policy, you were asked to read and agree to some important information about your policy and it's automatic renewal. In doing so, you agreed that we could renew your policy using the same payment details you provided during purchase.

At least 28 days before your policy expires we will have sent an email to the email address you provided at purchase. This email detailed the expiry date of your current policy and the cost of your renewal. It also explained that unless you wanted to make changes, you didn't need to do anything else.

By renewing, you maintain your cover and assuming you didn't make a claim in the previous year, you benefit from a renewal discount.

If you still don't want to keep your renewed policy, you can cancel it by sending us a message with your policy details requesting the cancellation. We'll refund the premium less our £5.00 cancellation fee if you do this within 14 days of the policy starting and no claim has been made or is pending.  If it's after this time frame then we can provide you with a pro-rated refund for the unused time left, this is only applicable if there is no claim on the policy.  If there is a claim, or a pending claim, then the full premium is due.  There is a £10.00 fee for cancelling a policy after the 14 day cooling off period.

Who are Feefo?

Feefo are an independent ratings and reviews provider. We employ them to independently gather reviews about our Car Hire Excess Reimbursement Insurance and these are anonymously published in the Public Domain.

If you click Feefo's logo on our home page you may read about what our customers have to say about

If you purchase, feefo will also send you a follow-up email and ask you to provide a Review for This takes less than a minute, your name will not appear in the Public Domain and we really appreciate all feedback.

I am an annual policyholder. What happens at renewal?

Regardless as to whether or not you have kept the Automatic Renewal option, we will always write to you via email in good time of your renewal date advising what action is required if any. If you have opted for auto-renewal we will renew your policy unless you advise us not to.

If you've decided that you don't want your policy to renew, you can contact us at any time to have this removed from your policy. Send us a message with your policy number and request and we'll do this for you. You'll need to put this in writing rather than call.

What happens if I have to make changes to my policy or cancel it?

For policy adjustments, depending on the adjustment and its influence on the policy rating there may be an additional premium due to the insurer. We also charge an adjustment fee - please refer to your policy terms.

Cancellation fees do apply to our policies, please see the below information:


Single Trip Policies of up to and including 30 days duration
Policies up to and including 30 days duration do not have statutory cancellation rights but you can request cancellation through ReduceMyExcess’ website, or by writing to our registered address. You will receive a return of premium less our £5.00 cancellation fee if you cancel before your trip commences.  If your single trip policy has already started then no refund of premium is due.

Single Trip Policies of over 30 days duration and Annual Policies
You are entitled to cancel this policy at any time by notifying Us through ReduceMyExcess’ website

If you do so either before or within fourteen (14) days of the start of your Period of Insurance, you will receive a return of premium less our £5.00 cancellation fee if you cancel before your trip commences and the cover starts. If you have had a trip within this 14 day period, we will calculate a return of premium at a proportional daily rate depending on how long the policy has been in force, less any claim amount paid.  

If you cancel after more than 14 days, we charge a £10.00 cancellation fee.  We will then calculate a return of premium to you at a proportional daily rate depending on how long the policy has been in force, less any claim amount paid.

 Please note: Administration fees (where applicable) are not refundable.

What methods of payment does ReduceMyExcess accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. We do not charge surcharges.

Can I upgrade my policy?

You may upgrade your cover at any time providing that this is before your rental agreement commences.  You can request an upgrade via the 'Contact' button to request these changes and our Customer Service team will be able to provide you with a quote.

To add Family Cover to your policy you will need to provide your family member's name and date of birth.

Charges do apply when adding drivers or upgrading the territory of your policy, the cost of which will be notified at the time the change is made. We will usually charge these to the card held on file.

How many trips does the annual policy cover you for?

We provide policies with a maximum single trip length of either 31 or 62 days.  You may have as many car rental agreements as you like during the Annual Policy as long as the maximum trip length (term of the rental agreement) does not exceed that stated on your certificate of insurance. 

Remember, our policy can only pay out maximum excesses of £7,000 during the lifetime of the policy although you may make multiple claims up to this limit. 

I've extended my car rental and my Single Trip policy is due to expire and you're not open - what can I do?

If you have SINGLE TRIP cover, your cover needs extending and your cover is going to expire before we are next open, i.e. it is the weekend, a public holiday or before 09:00 or after 17:30 (outside of office hours), the only option available to you is to buy another policy from our website BEFORE your existing covers expires. In order to maintain continuous cover, this additional policy must start immediately after your existing cover expires and cannot come to an end until after the hire car has been returned. Please see our Terms of Business under 'Cover Information' for further details.

Are my credit or debit card details safe?

When it comes to making a payment you will be sent to a secure encrypted page which is operated by SagePay. Sage Pay was founded in 2001 and known as one of the most trusted payment companies in Europe.

We do not hold your credit or debit card details, only they do.

Does the car hire company need to see my Certificate of Insurance?

No. Our policy, subject to the terms & conditions of the Policy Wording, reimburses you for the amounts that are taken by your car hire company from your credit card. In the event of an excess deduction by your car hire company you need to ensure that you collect all the documents and evidence as described in our Policy Wording. When you return home you reclaim the excess deductions from us.

They may still try and sell you their additional excess waiver policy, but you may simply decline as you are covered. The coverage is between ReduceMyExcess and yourself and so the car rental company does not need to approve it.

When will my cover start and how do I get my documents?

Your cover may start in the future or as soon as you make payment. It is important to note that our cover MUST start before you collect the hire car.

Documents are sent by email, due to internal spam controls we do not recommend that you use your employer's email address and if your documents do not arrive within a few minutes please check your Junk or Spam folder first.

If you still cannot locate your documents please email us at

We will reply during normal business hours. Sending us an email should add us to your 'safe' email list and your Internet Service Provider should now allow our email through. We are, of course, available during normal office hours if you need help. In the unlikely event that we cannot get an email through to you, please notify us and we will post documents.

You do not need our documents before you collect your car, you simply need to purchase and arrange for our cover to start before you collect your car.

What is Covered?
I've been charged 'Loss of Use' by the rental company, does my policy cover this?

Yes, the policy will cover the costs directly relating to the excess you are charged, including charges for loss of use following a valid claim under your hire car rental agreement.

Does the ReduceMyExcess policy cover theft of the hire car?

Yes, the policy covers theft of the rental car whilst it is in your care.

In the event of a claim for theft, attempted theft or vandalism, or where local requirements state that you must notify the local police following an accident, you or any additional drivers should make contact with the relevant police force as soon as practicably possible to obtain a report.

If it's possible, please take photographs of the site where the hire car was stolen as this would be helpful to our claims handlers.  

The policy will not respond to any claim for theft, attempted theft or vandalism where the incident has not been reported to the police (or equivalent local police authority) and an official police report obtained. 

Am I covered if my policy renews in the middle of when I'm renting a car?

Providing that you accept and pay for your policy renewal then any claim which occurs within this rental period will be covered - you will need to provide both certificates of insurance when you submit a claim under this circumstance. 

Are tyres covered?

Yes, damage to tyres are covered under the policy.

If you experience tyre damage whilst you are renting the car, you will need to initially contact the rental company and ask them if they have a preferred repairer or supplier.

Once the repairs or tyre replacement are complete, you will need to retain all credit card receipts and invoices for the charges.

Do your policies cover CDW?

Our standard policies do not cover CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), this is usually already provided within your rental agreement if you are hiring in Europe.  

We do offer CDW cover, but only if the car rental is in the USA or Canada and you have opted for our CDW Excess Plus which provides up to US $50,000 cover.

For more information on CDW, the following articles may be of interest:

What is CDW and SLI? 🎥 

What is the difference between Worldwide and Worldwide+?



I want to add my partner to my policy, will they be covered?

Yes, your partner can be added as an additional Policyholder providing they live at the same address as you.  This only applies to annual policies.

There is an additional fee to upgrade your policy to Family Cover. Please complete the contact form on our website including the full name and DOB of the person you'd like to add.

Do you cover Zipcar or car clubs?

We cover car clubs that own their vehicles.  So we do cover Zipcar, because essentially whilst they call themselves a car-club, they aren't really.  It's just a way of renting a vehicle for a short period of time.

What we don't cover is car clubs where a group of people share their private cars. 

What if damage occurs in a Car Park when I'm not there?

You are covered for damage that happens when you leave the car unattended, say in a car park or parked on the street provided you have left the vehicle in a designated parking space and paid the relevant fees (if applicable).

When claiming for these scenarios, you clearly won't be able to give an accurate description of exactly what happened, but you should provide as much information as you can. 

  • Date/Time
  • Weather conditions at the time
  • How long the car was left unattended
  • Exact location (include road/car park name)
  • A detailed description of the damage
  • How you came to find the damage
  • Photos of the location and of the damage

We ask for this information so that we can better understand the circumstances and speed up your claim.

Do you cover personal possessions?

If your personal possessions are stolen following forced entry into the rental vehicle, you can claim up to £300 (£75 per item).

This will cover the repair of damaged items, or the cost of replacing them. We will normally reduce this amount by a percentage to take into account wear and tear due to age and the full details of this deduction can be found on our policy wording under section 2.

You should also be aware that there are exclusions which we won't pay for. You should check the policy wording for more information.

Am I covered if I use the car for business?


If you use your rental car for commuting from one office to another, or from meeting to meeting this is fine as long as you're not carrying any goods or stock for that business (ie, you can't be using the car for deliveries).


Private Hire/Taxi services

We won't cover any damage to a rental you're using to charge fares (whether for business or from just one friend to another.

Travelling to Iceland

We get asked quite often about this.

We do cover dust and ash damage providing you were driving on a public highway. We don't cover off-roading though. Whilst some of the roads in Iceland are 'unmade' they are still signposted, and you are expected to ensure that you stay on these roads.

Does my ReduceMyExcess policy cover breakdown?

ReduceMyExcess does not cover you for charges relating to breakdown of your rental car, and we don't provide breakdown as part of this policy. This is because we expect the rental company to maintain their cars and make sure they're roadworthy.

What other things are covered apart from damage to the hire car?

In addition to the damage that you cause to your rental vehicle, our excess policy will also cover you for the following costs:

  • Up to £1,000 Towing Costs
  • Up to £7,000 Administration Charges
  • Up to £300 Baggage Cover
  • Up to £500 Key Cover
  • Up to £500 Misfueling
  • Up to £300 Curtailment of Rental
  • Up to £300 Drop Off Charges
  • Up to £1,000 Road Rage & Car Jacking Cover

What's the most expensive car I can hire?

We'll provide excess reimbursement insurance for vehicles you rent that are worth up to £65,000 when new. No hiring Ferraris and Lamborghini's now!

What's the longest single trip policy I can buy?

We sell single trip policies for those who aren't looking for year round cover. Whilst it's worth noting that Annual policies can be cheaper if you're hiring for more than 14 days, we sell single trip cover for rentals up to 180 days.

Am I covered for driving on unsealed and/or private roads?

Various hire car companies will apply restrictions for where you can drive their rental vehicles. Many car hire companies have stipulated that their rental vehicles are not to be driven on unsealed roads. If this is the case and you drive the rental vehicle on an unsealed road, then our policy will be invalidated. However, provided the car hire company agrees that you may drive on unsealed roads and they are a public highway then the excess is covered by our policy.

Our policy will only cover you for driving on public highways. Therefore, all roads not intended for normal public use are not covered by our policy. Driveways to accommodation, such as hotels, where you are staying are intended for normal public use and so are covered.

Does this insurance cover Fly-Drive?

Yes, if the rental vehicle comes from a bona fide car rental company.

Are lost keys covered?

Yes, in the event that you are charged a fee for loss of keys we will reimburse you up to £500  (Maximum £100 for Locksmith Charges). 

Does the policy cover for windscreen damage, tyres or underbody?

Yes, we specifically refer to damage to auto glass, as well as damage to the roof, tyres and underbody of the Rental Vehicle in our Policy Wording as these are usually specifically excluded by the rental companies. It's under section 1. Excess Reimbursement & Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Please see a screenshot below:





What's excluded (not covered)?
Do you cover Drop Off Charges for one-way rentals?

No, our policies cannot cover any drop off charge relating to one way rentals: i.e: the pick-up and drop-off are in different locations.

Does this policy cover me if I go on Safari?

No, our policies will not cover your whilst on Safari (meaning an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat). 

Are fuel charges covered by the ReduceMyExcess policy?

No, these are not something that be claimed back through your policy with us.

We are unable to reimburse any costs relating to transaction fees, postal or carriage fees, fuel charges or similar.

Are late pick-up fees covered under the policy?

No, this is something the policy does not cover. 



Do you cover hires through Drivy or Evezy?

No, we cannot provide a policy because these are not rentals and don't carry the same rental agreements that we require for our cover. 

Do you cover van rentals?

No, we don't cover anything other than cars.

Can I get cover if I've already picked up my rental car?

Unfortunately not.

It's important that you have your insurance policy with us before you collect your rental car because it's the only way that we can be sure that you didn't damage the car and then decide to buy insurance to cover the cost. 

As a result, in the event that you make a claim, we'll ask for documents that show the policy was in force before you collected the car (usually the rental agreement and your ReduceMyExcess certificate of insurance).

Do you provide legal cover or advice?

ReduceMyExcess doesn't provide legal cover or advice.

Put really simply, we're not qualified to offer you legal advice on your rental or any dispute you may have with your rental company. In Addition, we don't provide reimbursement for legal fees or advice you take from a legal body. 

If this is something you need and you have travel insurance, it may be worth checking your policy with them as this is quite often part of that service.

Am I covered in the Ukraine?

We don't cover rentals in the Ukraine or Crimea at this time.

I'm not from the UK, can I buy your cover?

Afraid not, we're not authorised to sell insurance to non-uk residents (and this includes Channel Island residents). If you're in the UK on a visa, you'll need to be able to show that your visa afforded you the right to be in the UK for the full duration of your policy.

You'll also need a UK bank account and UK address that you can show evidence of living at. As an extra check, our website will only accept payments from UK bank/credit accounts.

Do you cover Vans/Motorhomes/Trucks?

We don't cover any vehicle that isn't a car. To be really clear, that means we exclude:







Modified vehicles

Mini buses



(that said, if you want cover for your spaceship, why not give us a call?)

Are there any rental companies you don't cover?

Our excess insurance covers all rental companies apart from one. We don't provide excess reimbursement for claims made as a result of rentals from GreenMotion. This is because we did some research and found that there was a much higher chance of being charged for damage (and a higher amount) by GreenMotion than with other rental companies.

We ask our customers to rate the rental company they've used, and we share this information with you on this page: car hire reviews

Which countries are covered?

European cover will cover you in:

  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • San Marino
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Channel Islands
  • Isle of Mann
  • The Azores
  • The Canary Islands
  • Islands in the Mediterranean
  • Madeira

For all other countries, you will need to purchase Worldwide cover, this includes the Faroe Islands and Turkey.

We will not cover trip to:

  • Trips in, to or through Afghanistan, Belarus, Congo, Crimea/Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan and Zimbabwe.
  • Any claim relating to travel to any country, or region thereof, in the world where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a Travel Advisory against all travel, or all but essential travel, to such country or region.

(A list of these countries can be seen on their website

Please also refer to the general policy conditions and exclusions applying to all sections.


Am I covered with the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis occurring?

One of the policy exclusions refers to trips to countries where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have advised against all travel, or all but essential travel.

 Ordinarily this would be fully upheld but if the travel advice is a direct result of Covid-19 this exclusion will not be enforced.  This is the case whether you are already in an affected country or planning on travelling to one.  Your excess will be covered in line with all other terms of the policy. i.e. Claims in Italy will be paid regardless of the change in FCO advice

Please visit for a full list of the FCO’s advice.  

Does the European policy cover me for hiring in Israel?

No, Israel is not included in the European policy and a Worldwide policy will be required if you are hiring there.

I'm going to Barbados, do I need a Worldwide policy or a Worldwide+ policy?

When hiring in Barbados, our standard Worldwide policy will apply.

The Worldwide+ policy covers the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and Canada. 

I have an annual policy, do I need to notify you when I hire a car?

No, we do not need to be notified every time you hire a car.  In the event of a claim your rental agreement will confirm your dates of hire which is adequate information.

I'm going to Cyprus, is my rental covered there?

In short, yes!

Whilst the North and South of Cyprus are independently governed, assuming you have the full authorisation from the rental company to take your car over the 'border', your ReduceMyExcess policy will cover you.

Does the policy cover car rental in the UK?

Yes, all our policies cover rentals in the UK, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Mann.  But you must be a UK resident to purchase our policy.  Residents of the Isle of Mann and Channel Islands may NOT purchase our policy.

Am I covered for hiring a vehicle in the Channel Islands?

Rentals in The Channel Islands (and the Isle of Mann) are covered under all our policies. But you must be a UK resident to purchase our policy. Residents of the Isle of Mann and Channel Islands may NOT purchase our policy.

Are there any countries you don't cover?

We do not provide cover for any trips in, to or through Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma, Congo,

Crimea/Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Neither do we provide cover for any trip to any country, or region thereof, in the world where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a Travel Advisory against all travel, or all but essential travel, to such country or region. A list of these countries can be seen on their website.

Claims Process
I've been charged for damage I didn't cause, what do i do?

If you've been charged for damage you didn't cause, the circumstances are really important:


The damage was caused whilst you weren't with the car:

Usually, if damage is caused to the car, even if you weren't there when it happened and it wasn't your fault, you'll be held responsible for the repair costs. Examples might be where the car was hit by another in a car park, or when a tyre deflates whilst it's been parked outside your hotel. In these circumstances, you will usually pay for the damage and reclaim this from us. 


The damage was already on the car when  I collected it:

Under the terms of almost all rental agreements, you are responsible for any damage caused to the rental vehicle that wasn't there when you collected it. The way that this is proven is by checking the 'check out' document (the paperwork given to you when you collected the car). If the damage isn't listed on here, or drawn on to the diagram of the car, you'll be responsible for the damage when you return the car.


I was hit by a 3rd party (another person)

If you were hit by a 3rd party, you should usually contact the Police to obtain a report that shows you were not at fault. You must always make sure you get the details of the 3rd party (providing it's safe to do so) and you must report this to the rental company as soon as possible. It's not uncommon for the rental company to charge you the full excess for the damage in these circumstances until they are able to recover their costs from the 3rd party's insurers. Usually we would not process a claim under these circumstances until you had proof from the rental company that they had not been able to do this.


There was no damage on the car, and nothing noted when I returned the car

When this happens, assuming you have a signed copy of the return document from the rental company that confirms there was no damage, you shouldn't have been charged. Under these circumstances, we would not be able to pay a claim and you would need to take this matter up with your credit card provider or local authorities.


I'm struggling with your online claim form, what can I do?

All claims do need to be submitted through our online form. This is so that we can make sure we've collected all the information we need from you before we start your claim in our system. It also provides you the opportunity to make sure you get the chance to tell us as much as you can about what happened.

For this reason, it's really important that you take some time to fill this in and don't rush it. There are documents that we must receive from you, so there is little point in submitting a form with any of the required documents missing.

Once we receive a completed claim, we usually get it turned around within 30 days. So it's worth taking the time to get your bit right.  If you require assistance, please call the number found in your policy wording or alternatively call 0330 094 5241.

What happens if my excess on the car rental is higher than your limit of £7,000?

Our policy can only pay out maximum excesses of £7,000 during the lifetime of the policy.

How do I make a claim?

You need to complete our online form and follow our Policy Wording or the guide that we have on our website.

It usually takes around 30 days from start to finish to process your claim, assuming we have all of the documentation we need and we don't need to conduct additional investigation.

You should be aware that we may well request the original documentation be sent to us if your claim is of high value (usually over £1000). In these circumstances, you should still complete the online form and wait for us to request these.

Remember that any documentation you send to us should always include your policy number for reference.

You can find the online claim form by clicking this link

The car rental company is making me pay for a scratch that I did not do?

Unfortunately this happens quite often especially in relation to minor scratches and bumps. You should challenge the claim, in the first instance you can do this through your credit card company disputes team. 

My credit card has travel insurance including Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)?

If you have CDW cover with your Credit Card you need to determine whether it includes excesses, if it does not you will either need the rental company’s Excess Waiver or Non-Waiver or our insurance.

I have not taken out CDW with my car rental firm so if I have an accident I am responsible for the full value of the car. Is this covered by the ReduceMyExcess policy?

Only if the car rental is in the USA or Canada and you have opted for our CDW Excess Plus which provides up to US $50,000 cover.

I have taken out CDW with my car rental firm. Is the excess covered by the ReduceMyExcess policy?

Yes, this is exactly what our Standard cover does. It insures the excess on the CDW.

What is CDW?

Collision Damage Waiver (‘CDW’) is usually, but not always provided by the rental company in Europe.

Without this cover, if damage to the rental vehicle exceeds the Excess, you would otherwise be responsible for the full amount. In other words, you may be responsible for the entire vehicle value.

Collision Damage Waiver (‘CDW’) may sometimes be referred to as Loss Damage Waiver (‘LDW’). Rentals in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and other countries may not include CDW, check your rental agreement.

Can you cover vehicles such as Mercedes Vito or a Ford Tourneo 9 seater vans/mini-buses?

Yes, these vehicles are covered under our ReduceMyExcess policy.

9 seats including the driver is the maximum we can provide for. Please note that we cannot cover minibuses or commercial vehicles.

There are a lot of hire companies that will refer to 'mini-vans' and 'mini-buses' but our definition of a van is a vehicle that predominantly carries cargo, and our definition of a mini-bus is a vehicle that carries more than 9 people including the driver.

As long as the car you're hiring isn't a van and doesn't carry more than 9 people, it'll be covered.

Can you cover courtesy cars or car club cars?

The Car Club must be licensed in the United Kingdom to provide vehicles for hire and the vehicle must meet our definition of a 'Rental Vehicle'. The vehicle may NOT be privately owned. Please read the Policy Wording for further information. 

We do not cover courtesy cars.

In the event of a claim you must be able to provide a damage report from the Car Club including copy invoices, receipts or other documents confirming the amount you have paid in respect of the damage to the hired vehicle for which you are seeking reimbursement and, where possible, photographs of the damage. You must also be able to provide a copy of your membership Agreement and a copy of the repair invoice from the repairing garage. Please also see our Policy Wording for details of how to Claim.

What types of vehicles are not covered?

The vehicle must not be a motor home, trailer, caravan, van, truck, non-passenger carrying vehicle, vehicle that carries more than 9 people including the driver, motorcycle, moped, motorbike, off-road* or recreational vehicle.

The vehicle must not have a retail price in excess of £65,000 (or currency equivalent), and not be more than 10 years old.

* 4x4 vehicles are not excluded if they are being driven on public highways and not going off-road.

I'm listed as an additional driver on a rental agreement, can I take out a ReduceMyExcess policy?

Unfortunately not.

The Lead Driver on the rental agreement must be the Policyholder on the ReduceMyExcess policy.

Will my policy cover additional drivers who are not UK residents?

Yes, the policy will extend to cover additional international drivers providing they hold a valid and internationally recognised driving license and they are named as additional drivers on the rental agreement.

An Additional Driver cannot hire a Rental Vehicle independently from the Lead Named Driver but can drive the Rental Vehicle unaccompanied by the Lead Named Driver so long as they adhere to the terms of the Car Rental Agreement at all times.  At the time of rental, Additional Drivers must be aged between 21 and 84 years old (inclusive), hold a valid and internationally recognised driving licence and not be driving against the advice of a medical practitioner. 



Are there any age limits?

Yes: You must be aged between 21-84 at the start date of your policy for cover to apply.

Can I cover other drivers?

As the policyholder, you are covered for car rental agreements taken out in your name, as shown on the certificate of insurance.

Additional Drivers

This policy will also automatically cover all additional drivers aged between 21 and 84 years (inclusive), providing they hold a valid and internationally recognised driving licence and are named on the car rental agreement. The policy holder must be the lead driver on the rental agreement for cover to apply and the additional drivers do not need to be named on our policy. 

Family Cover

We offer an additional benefit for Annual Policy holders who may purchase cover for their immediate family that reside at the same address as the policy holder.  

Family members covered on this policy can rent a car in their own name, and you and the nominated family members may rent cars at the same time.  A Family Member is defined as your mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son, foster child, husband, wife, partner (including common law and civil partnerships and cohabiting couples), step-parent, step-child, step-sister or stepbrother or fiancé/fiancée.

You can add up to 4 Family Members who must be directly related to you, permanently live at the same address as you, be aged 21 – 84 inclusive and hold a valid internationally recognised driving licence.  For example;

  1. Roy and Lynn are boyfriend and girlfriend who live together.  Roy purchases an annual policy with ReduceMyExcess and adds Lynn as an additional lead named driver.
  2. Lynn decides to go on holiday with a friend. Roy needs to stay home to look after the dog.
  3. If Lynn rents a car and is the lead named driver on the rental agreement, she will also receive the same level of cover as Roy would have done if he was the person renting the vehicle.

This is useful when members of the same household travel independently.  You will need to ensure that you click the 'Family cover' option to add your family members to your policy.