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Eversure Car Hire Excess Insurance is excess reimbursement insurance for damage caused to the hire car and not a compulsory car insurance policy. Bodily injury and property damage to a third party is covered by Supplemental Liability Insurance (‘SLI’) and needs to be purchased from the hire company if it is not already included. SLI is sometimes referred to as Additional Liability Insurance (‘ALI’).

Our policy will re-imburse you for the cost of any damage to the rental vehicle that you are responsible for, even if you don't purchase the additional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) cover from the hire company.

Rental companies will normally offer bands of CDW cover, starting with full cost of any damage, then a daily CDW charge to reduce that cost to a fixed value (the excess) then a further daily rate to reduce that cost to zero. Our policy is intended to replace these additional daily charges.

We also offer optional increased cover under our worldwide policy for rentals in USA & Canada.

Our FAQs are intended as a guide and are not exhaustive, you should not rely on these in their entirety and should read the Policy Wording for all policy Terms, Conditions and Exclusions. If you have any additional queries regarding our insurance please use our Contact Us section to call us during normal office hours or contact us by email. We will endeavour to respond to any queries within 24 business hours.

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Q.       What Is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

When you hire a car in the UK, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and most of the Middle and Far East, Theft, Third Party Liability, and Collision Damage Waiver are normally included in the car rental price.

There is usually an Excess on the Collision Damage Waiver and Theft portion of the rental. This Excess can be anything from €100 to over €2,000!

This means that in the event of theft or damage to the rental vehicle, you must pay the first portion of the cost, i.e. the Excess, to the car rental company.

It is this excess that is covered by

Q.       How Does It Work?
A. If you have an accident or a loss whilst hiring a rental car, the rental company will normally claim the excess directly from the credit/debit card details you will have provided at the time of rental. It is this amount that will reimburse to you.
Q.       Can I cover other drivers?

As the policyholder, you will covered for car rental agreements taken out in your name, as shown on the certificate of insurance.

However as an additional benefit you may nominate up to up to four members of your immediate family who reside at the same address as yourself who could take out a car rental agreement in their name, i.e. they would be the lead driver who signs the car rental agreement.

This is useful when members of the same household travel independently at different times and require cover.

Additionally, this policy will also automatically cover all additional drivers aged between 21 and 84 years (inclusive), providing they hold a valid and internationally recognised driving licence and are named on the car rental agreement.

Q.       Is There An Excess On This Policy?
A. There is no excess on this policy, the amount deducted from your card by the rental company will be the amount returned to you by, up to the limit specified in your policy documents.
Q.       Are There Any Age Limits?

Yes: You must be aged between 21-84 at the start date of your policy for cover to apply.

Q.       What types of vehicles are not covered?
  • The vehicle must not be a motor home, trailer, caravan, van, truck, non-passenger carrying vehicle, vehicle that carries more than 9 people including the driver, motorcycle, moped, motorbike, off-road* or recreational vehicle.
  • The vehicle must not have a retail price in excess of £65,000 (or currency equivalent), and not be more than 10 years old.
* 4x4 vehicles are not excluded if they are being driven on public highways and not going off-road.
Q.       Am I Covered for hiring a vehicle in the Channel Islands?
A. The Channel Islands (and the Isle of Mann) are covered under all our policies. But you must be a UK resident to purchase our policy. Residents of the Isle of Mann and Channel Islands may NOT purchase our policy.
Q.       Can you Cover Courtesy Cars or Car Club Cars?
A. This policy can also cover Car Clubs, but does not cover courtesy cars.
Q.       Can you cover vehicles such as Mercedes Vito luxury 9 seater vans?
A. Yes, these vehicles are covered under our ReduceMyExcess policy. 9 seats including the driver is the maximum we can provide for. Please note that we cannot cover minibusses or commercial vehicles though.
Q.       Does the policy cover for Windscreen damage, Tyres or Under body?
A. Our policy is designed as an Excess Reimbursement Insurance (ERI). If your hire vehicle is damaged during the rental period, you may be charged an excess by the hire company. Under this insurance excess is defined as the amount for which the insured person is held responsible under the terms of the car rental agreement as a result of the physical loss of or damage to the rental vehicle, including fire, vandalism, theft and loss of use. Even if there are certain elements that are specifically excluded under the car rental agreement such as windscreen, tyres or the under body this policy will pay for the amount for which the insured person is held responsible up to the limits shown in the policy.
Q.       I have taken out CDW with my car hire agreement, but it comes with a £5,000 excess. Is this covered by the ReduceMyExcess policy?
A. Yes, the ReduceMyExcess policy covers the amount for which you are held responsible under the terms of the car rental agreement as a result of physical loss of or damage to the rental vehicle including fire, theft, damage or loss of use. This includes the amount you remain responsible for under any CDW arrangement provided by the rental company.
Q.       I have not taken out CDW with my car hire agreement and in the event of an accident I will be responsible for the full value of the car. Is this covered by the ReduceMyExcess policy?
A. Yes, our policy covers all amounts that you are responsible under the terms of the car rental agreement up to a limit of £7,000 or USD 50,000 if you select our Worldwide Cover with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Generally, some CDW cover is included in a rental agreement, limiting the amount you need to pay (i.e. the Excess) as a result of damage to the vehicle. Some rental agreements do not come with CDW as standard, such as in the USA or Canada, leaving you responsible for the entire cost of any damage. Please bear in mind that if you do not take out any CDW cover under your car rental agreement or our policy, our policy will still cover you, but any amounts due as a result of damage to the vehicle will need to be paid in full by you first and then reclaimed from our Policy. You need to ensure that you have the means to pay this, especially if you are responsible for the full vehicle value. Note that our policy will only cover a maximum of £7,000 if you do not select our CDW cover option.
Q.       Who are Eversure Insurance?
A. ReduceMyExcess and Eversure Insurance are trading names of Eversure Limited, a company based in Guildford, Surrey. We're a specialist company that has been trading since 2008 and sold tens of thousands of insurance policies.

Eversure Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Details may be found at the foot of this page. We're also a proud a Member of the British Insurance Brokers' Association.

Q.       Who are feefo?
A. Feefo are an independent ratings and reviews provider. We employ them to independently gather reviews about Eversure Car Hire Excess Reimbursement Insurance and these are anonymously published in the Public Domain. They also obtain reviews for Eversure Camera Insurance and Eversure Cycle Insurance.

If you click Feefo's logo on our home page you may read about what our customers have to say about, Eversure Car Hire Excess Reimbursement Insurance and our Customer Service.

If you purchase, feefo will also send you a follow-up email and ask you to provide a Review for This takes less than a minute, your name will not appear in the Public Domain and we really appreciate all feedback.

Q.       When will my cover start and how do I get my documents?
A. Your cover may start in the future or as soon as you make payment. It is important to note that our cover MUST start before you collect the hire car.

Documents are sent by email, due to internal spam controls we do not recommend that you use your employer's email address and if your documents do not arrive within a few minutes please check your Junk or Spam folder first. If you still cannot locate your documents please send an email to We will reply during normal business hours. Sending us an email should add us to your 'safe' email list and your Internet Service Provider should now allow our email through. We are, of course, available during normal office hours if you need help. In the unlikely event that we cannot get an email through to you, we will post documents.

You do not need our documents before you collect your car, you simply need to purchase and arrange for our cover to start before you collect your car.

Q.       Is your policy protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?
A. Yes, we are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if we cannot meet our obligations. Most insurance contracts are covered for 90% of the claim. Please scroll back up to the top of the page and click the Policy Wording for further information.
Q.       Does the car hire company need to see my Certificate of Insurance?
A. No. Our policy, subject to the terms & conditions of the Policy Wording, reimburses you for the amounts that are taken by your car hire company from your debit or credit card. In the event of an excess deduction by your car hire company you need to ensure that you collect all of the documents and evidence as described in our Policy Wording. When you return home you reclaim the excess deductions from us.

They may still try and sell you their additional excess waiver policy, but you may simply decline.

Q.       Does the policy cover car rental in the UK?
A. Yes, all our policies include cover for the UK, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Mann rental Agreements. But you must be a UK resident to purchase our policy. Residents of the Isle of Mann and Channel Islands may NOT purchase our policy.
Q.       Do I need European or Worldwide cover?
A. European cover will cover you in Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We also include the Channel Islands and the Isle of Mann, the Azores, the Canary Islands, Islands in the Mediterranean and Madeira. For all other countries you will need to purchase Worldwide cover.
Q.       Are my credit or debit card details safe?
A. When it comes to making a payment you will be sent to a secure encrypted page which is operated by SagePay. Sage Pay was founded in 2001 and known as one of the most trusted payment companies in Europe.

We do not hold your credit or debit card details, only they do.

Q.       What Changes are coming into force on 8 June 2015?
A. The paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence will not be valid and will no longer be issued by DVLA after 8 June 2015. After this date the paper counterpart will no longer have any legal status.

If you want to hire a car abroad after 8 June you will need to take a special code from the DVLA website.

Anyone wanting to collect a hire a car 21 days after their arrival will need to generate a new code while they are abroad as the code is only valid for 21 days. Alternatively, if you do not have internet access, a phone number will also be made available.

The DVLA recommends destroying paper counterparts after 8 June. However there are organisations advising people to hang on to the counterpart. This is because some hire car companies may not be aware of the new arrangements. On every occasion the hire car company will ask to see your credit card sized plastic driving licence or old style paper driving licence if this was issued before the photocard was introduced in 1998.

Not all overseas hire car companies ask for the paper counterpart, therefore it is assumed that not all will ask for a code after 8 June 2015.

You may already view a record of your convictions by logging on to the View My Driving licence page of the DVLA website . When logging on the website you will need your driving licence number, your national insurance number and postcode.

Q.       I've extended my car rental and my Single Trip policy is due to expire and you're not open - what can I do?
A. If you have SINGLE TRIP cover, your cover needs extending and your cover is going to expire before we are next open, i.e. it is the weekend, a public holiday or before 09:00 or after 17:30 (outside of office hours), the only option available to you is to buy another policy from our website BEFORE your existing covers expires. In order to maintain continuous cover, this additional policy must start immediately after your existing cover expires and cannot come to an end until after the hire car has been returned. Please see our Terms of Business under 'Cover Information' for further details.
Q.       Am I covered for driving on unsealed and/or private roads?

Various hire car companies will apply restrictions for where you can drive their rental vehicles. Many car hire companies have stipulated that their rental vehicles are not to be driven on unsealed roads. If this is the case and you drive the rental vehicle on an unsealed road, then our policy will be invalidated. However, provided the car hire company agrees that you may drive on unsealed roads and they are a public highway then the excess is covered by our policy.

Our policy will only cover you for driving on public highways. Therefore all roads not intended for normal public use are not covered by our policy.