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Van hire pickup
Van hire dropoff

What's included?

High excess limit

Standard cover limit of up to £10,000 for excess reimbursement (including admin fees) and up to £1,000 for towing costs.

Additional Drivers

Up to 8 additional drivers named on the car rental agreement are covered automatically provided they are between 21-84 years of age and hold a valid driving licence.


Covers up to £1,000 towards costs if you put the wrong fuel into the rental vehicle.

Tyres, windscreen & undercarriage

The cover includes damage to the tyres, windscreens, all auto glass, undercarriage, misfuelling and towing costs of the rental vehicle.

Loss of use

Covers for the loss of use of the rental vehicle, whilst its not available to hire, due to damage.

Lockout/key cover

If you misplace your keys or have them stolen, you’ll be covered up to £500 for any replacements or callouts to gain access to the car.

Curtailment of rental

If you have to return your vehicle early due to illness or another emergency, then you’ll be reimbursed up to £300 for the days you lose.

Drop-off charges

If, due to an accident or illness resulting in your hospitalisation, you need to return your car to a different branch to the one you picked it up from, you’ll be covered up to £300 towards the charges incurred from this.

Road Rage & Car Jacking

For those situations that become out of your control, you’ll be covered for third party road rage and carjacking up to £1,000.

What’s excluded?

For other applicable exclusions please refer to the Policy Wording and Product Information Document.

  • Use of the rental vehicle for business purposes, including the carriage and transportation of goods
  • Any rentals from Green Motion (all other rental companies are accepted)
  • Any Vehicle that is not a van.
  • Any van over 3.5 tons.
  • Vehicles with a purchase value of over £65,000
  • Vehicles that are over 10 years old
  • Driving off the Public Highway, including off-roading & Safaris
  • Loss, damage or injury to third parties or their property
  • Drivers aged under 21 or over 84
  • Non-UK Residents (Channel Islands and Isle of Man residents also excluded).
Where am I covered?
United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)