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By , 08 October 2021

What is Worldwide Cover?

Worldwide car hire excess cover is exactly how it sounds. Unlike our UK & Europe cover options, there are fewer restrictions on where you can hire a car and still be protected whilst driving it. That’s not to say that worldwide cover is without its restrictions, there are a few exceptions that we’ll explain below.

Where Exactly Will I Be Covered?

You might think that worldwide cover means that anywhere in the world you choose to hire a car, you’ll be covered for, but unfortunately we can’t provide protection in every single country. First of all, if there is a Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advisory against all but essential travel to a country, then we won’t be able to cover you there.

You will of course be covered for every country mentioned in our UK &Europe cover and any other country worldwide with the following exceptions:

Afghanistan, Belarus, Crimea/Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Myanmar, Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

What’s the Difference Between Worldwide and Worldwide Plus?

Worldwide and worldwide plus are almost identical in every way, apart from one crucial aspect. With worldwide cover you won’t be entitled to our USA and Canada-specific cover level, which is only available through our Worldwide-Plus policy, that includes increased excess reimbursement up to $50,000.

This is an optional add-on to our cover for North American car hire companies to give you extra peace of mind whilst travelling across the pond.

Can't I Just Use a European Policy?

Only if you don’t want your cover to work! If you were to make a claim in a country not in Europe and you had a European policy with us then I’m afraid your claim won’t be processed.

Can I Change my Geographical Cover Level After I’ve Purchased?

Unfortunately we can’t make additional geographical changes to your policy after you’ve purchased it. That’s why it’s really important you know exactly what policy you need before you buy.

Problems Choosing a Car Hire Company?

We feel your pain, that’s why we put together a car hire company comparison chart where all our customers can provide their feedback on their latest car hire experience. To find out more, head to our car hire company review page.

You can leave your own review once you purchase a policy from us, this way we know all reviews come from 100% authentic experiences.

I Have More Questions...

If you have a thirst for knowledge and are looking for more answers then head to our FAQs page for all the answers.

Equally you could reach out to our fantastic customer service team by using our contact us form.

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