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By , 08 October 2021

What is Personal Possessions Cover?

Simply put, personal possessions cover allows you to be reimbursed up to a certain amount for items that belong to you if they have been stolen from your locked rental vehicle. Because this aspect of car hire excess insurance usually means a crime has been committed, the claims process can be a bit more detailed and confusing, but this policy benefit is really helpful, especially for people hiring in a foreign country when you can often feel even more helpless when you’re the victim of a crime.

Items you can claim for are generally any luggage, personal effects that you normally wear and clothing, but you can find out more about what exactly you’re covered for in the exclusions section below.

How Does it Work?

Personal possessions cover works through a reimbursement process, once you submit your claim with all the relevant documents you need (check out our claims section for more details) then our claims handlers will go about calculating how much you’ll be given.

For a ReduceMyExcess policy, you’ll be reimbursed up to £75 per item, up to a total of £300 for the length of your policy. (So, for example you will only ever receive £300 reimbursement per year for an annual policy.)

What About My Family's Possessions?

You will only be reimbursed for items either you, the policy holder own, or ones you are legally responsible for, so friends and family possessions may not be covered in the event that your hire car is broken into.

Are There Any Exclusions?

There are some important exclusions when it comes to personal possession cover, the most obvious being that there has to be evidence that your rental car was forcibly opened, so always make sure you lock your hire car as soon as you leave it anywhere. You also need to report the crime to the police and get a statement form them showing the crime took place, you’ll need this for your claim.

There are also some key exclusions when it comes to specific items we cannot reimburse you for if they are stolen. These are all listed in our policy wording (along with a few other exclusions), which you can read before you purchase – remember it’s really important to always have a look through any policy wording before you buy insurance so you know exactly what can be covered and what to expect in the event of a claim.

I Have More Questions...

If you have a thirst for knowledge and are looking for more answers then head to our FAQs page for all the answers.

Equally you could reach out to our fantastic customer service team by using our contact us form.

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