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By , 08 October 2021

What is Key Cover?

In relation to car hire excess, key cover is the benefit of being reimbursed the amount charged by the hire company if you lose or have your car keys stolen meaning you are locked out of your car.

How Does it Work?

Key cover, like many other aspects of car hire excess insurance works on a reimbursement basis. You’ll be due back any costs incurred as a result of you or any additional drivers being locked out of your rental vehicle as well as costs due for replacing lost or stolen keys.

You will be able to reclaim this money once you’ve returned your rental vehicle and your hire period has finished. So make sure you keep any receipt or invoice that shows the amount you had to pay in order to gain access to your rental car.

What do I do if I Lose my Hire Car Keys?

Don’t panic! I know it can seem like a terrible and hopeless situation to be locked out of your car, potentially in a foreign country, where you don’t speak the local language, but it will get sorted.

The first thing to do is phone your car hire company as not only do you need their permission to have the car broken into by a locksmith, but they can also assist with arranging a locksmith for you.

All car hire companies have spare keys for their vehicles and so after your locksmith has been called and gained access, you should drive directly to where you collected the car from and acquire a spare key. You may be charged now for the spare key, or at the end of your rental contract.

Either way, make absolutely sure that you record every payment that you’ve been charged to claim it back from us afterwards.

Are There Any Exclusions?

The biggest exclusion is the maximum reimbursement amount which, for key cover, is £500. So unfortunately, if you are charged more than that for a locksmith or by the rental company you won’t be able to fully recoup your losses.

For additional drivers to also benefit from key cover they will need to be named on the car rental agreement and be between the ages of 21 and 84.

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