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By , 08 October 2021

What is Family Cover?

One of the really great things about our car hire excess cover is the ability for our customers to add multiple people to their policy through family cover.

Family cover means that you can add people who live at your address to your insurance cover, meaning that during your vehicle hire, you can sit back and let someone else do the driving and still benefit from the full protection of our cover.

How Do I Add More People?

This is the best bit: You don’t need to tell us or change your policy with us in any way. All you need to do is make sure the people you’d like to be included are named on your rental agreement as drivers.

Just remember that the people you’d like to include need to live at your registered address, which means unfortunately, you can’t add friends to your policy.

How many People Can I Add?

You can cover up to four people on your policy, the perfect amount for the average sized family!

Are There Any Exclusions?

As long as the people you add to your rental agreement live at your address and are the required age to be able to drive a rental vehicle in the country in which you hire (this can vary depending on the hire company too) then you’ll be covered.

It’s always best to check the rules on car hire ages before you travel so you know exactly who out of your family could be added if you want them to be.

I Have More Questions...

If you have a thirst for knowledge and are looking for more answers then head to our FAQs page for all the answers.

Equally you could reach out to our fantastic customer service team by using our contact us form.

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