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Needed to return to UK urgently and only available flight was to Gatwick. I turned up at Sixt with no reservation and the staff were great - friendly, helpful, efficient. In no time we were on our way North. I returned the car to Manchester airport the next day (where my originally scheduled flight was due and where I'd left my own car) and the staff were also very friendly - when I had to return because I'd left my spectacles in the vehicle they had them ready for me. Very good service and the six people I actually dealy with at Gatwick North, Gatwick South and Manchester could not have been frienlier or more helpful.

City/airport: Gatwick

Peter's rating of their experience of Sixt: (5/5) on 23 March 2019

Avoid at all cost. They charge fake cost at return

City/airport: Madrid Barajas T4

Jose R's rating of their experience of Sixt: (1/5) on 21 March 2019

Absolutely terrible. I'd booked a small van for a house move - I'm not comfortable driving vans, which is why I booked something smaller. When I arrived, I was given a much larger van that I did not want, as they didn't have any of the small ones left. There was no vehicle inspection and I was told not to worry about the damage on the vehicle, as they knew it was already there. After returning (out of hours), I later received an email saying that damage had been found, which I would be liable for. Very disappointed, as there were no incidents in the van which would have caused any damage. Poor service and now I'm looking at a bill for damage, which I have not caused. Will never use again.

City/airport: Manchester

Huntington88's rating of their experience of Sixt: (1/5) on 15 March 2019

Very quick and easy for paperwork and car collection

City/airport: Faro airport

josh's dad's rating of their experience of Sixt: (4/5) on 7 March 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Extremely rubbish service i would not recommend this branch to anybody absolutely no customer service am disgusted how they tret me .

City/airport: Sheffield

Jay's rating of their experience of Sixt: (1/5) on 6 March 2019

AVOID USING THIS COMPANY. Scam you for damage not caused. When picking up the car they tell you not to worry about any damaged seen and refuse to put it on the paper work then when you return they charge you for it saying you done it.

City/airport: Lisbon

S,,,'s rating of their experience of Sixt: (1/5) on 9 January 2019

This is by far the worst car rental company I have ever dealt with and hope ever will!!!! hired a minibus to take 13 of us to a charity event (including a 1 year old baby). I opted for the premium roadside assistance etc and paid the extra £100 or so.On our journey we had just left our hotel when an artic lorry ran into the rear of us ( no one was seriously injured ).this happened outside Crewe at 11am on a Saturday. After phoning the sixt support line, we were left with a smashed up vehicle at the side of the road in the wind and rain.1 hour passed we phoned again ! sixt were not able to get any dealers to answer the phone , but if we wanted we could try one ! 2 hours later we phoned them back again as they had not got back to us , we were told not much they can do ,I told them we were going to have to try and get taxis and there van would be unsecured due to lack of windows and I was told I would be in breach of t & cs and id be liable ! .another hour passed and we called back ,now they said they could not get us a 17 seater ,but we managed to find out they were sending someone to recover their van (no us just the van).we made our way back to our hotel. Now with no van. Due to us travelling from all over the uk I now only needed a 7 seater but this was not available either I asked for 2 cars but no to this. They said I could try traveling to Birmingham airport and rent another !after several more calls and stress they told us we would have to make out own way home and TRY and claim it back. so I picked the van up in Glasgow so I had to pay £700 on train tickets not to mention food hotels and taxis. I have submitted form and still nothing. Total disgrace to abandon its customers in wind and rain including a 1 year old baby miles from anywhere . "All services may only be ordered by a direct claim with Sixt 24-hour Roadside Assistance. They shall also determine the type and extent of service required to ensure the renter stays mobile." There words not mine

City/airport: glasgow

john's rating of their experience of Sixt: (1/5) on 18 September 2018

I gave them 3 chances and failed all 3 times. I had booked with them for a recent holiday to Gran Canaria, for a "luxury convertible" car, category, in which they stated 3 makes the BMW series 2, Audi A3 and Open Cascada. Then after booking online and confirming my preference (for either the BMW or Audi), I called directly their offices who confirmed to me that this would be no problem. In addition they advertise that by downloading their app and put in your credentials one is able to select their specific car directly in the app before the day of rental. Absolutely none of what I told you above was true, and it was all misleading. Registering on their app was an absolute nightmare and required more information than one needs to apply for a passport. Not only that, after finally managing to register, it emerged that one can only select the preferred car about 30 minutes before rental (which in my case meant while I was in the air flying into the airport). Now the best part, when arriving at their airport desk, I was told that they didn't have any of the cars advertised. They only had the VW Beetle conv.. That was not even a question of non-availability on the day, but they just do not have these anywhere on the Island. There was absolutely no recourse to escalate the situation. The agent was extremely unhelpful. Basically everything I was told was a lie. This was the third time I've come across this type of misrepresentation from this car rental company. NEVER AGAIN!!!

City/airport: Las Palmas

Chacho's rating of their experience of Sixt: (1/5) on 6 September 2018

Firstly we were 20 minutes late and they gave our car away. Secondly they had no other car to give us. Lastly the employee yelled at me to the point I felt unsafe and thought of calling the police.

City/airport: Athens Peristeri

JC's rating of their experience of Sixt: (1/5) on 1 August 2018

They caused me extreme mental health issues by charging me the full excess for damages I did not do. They will screw under 25s over because they know we can't pay for zero quid excess and exploit us to pay for non existent damages on the vehicle and cause you immense grief that it is your fault without proper evidence.

City/airport: London

Anonymous's rating of their experience of Sixt: (1/5) on 27 July 2018

I am afraid that we had a very bad experience with Sixt rental. On returning the car we were told, AFTER ONLY A GLANCE, that there was a new scratch on the bodywork; however this was not visible to us even with a close inspection, not until they got right down and shone a torch at the paintwork showing up a slight scuff. Though we inspected the car beforehand, I would not expect to have noticed this, though I assume it was already there. We lost our Euro 200 excess and would certainly not trust this company in the future.

City/airport: Ljubjana

Filip's rating of their experience of Sixt: (1/5) on 26 July 2018

Good service, easy pick up and drop back process. Great staff with local knowledge, willing to advise. As usual not very happy with us bringing our own excess protection policy - they always advise it won’t cover you and try to pressure you in to buying the company policy but apart from that I couldn’t fault them.

City/airport: Split

Teenbean's rating of their experience of Sixt: (5/5) on 11 June 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Efficient and helpful on arrival and when car was returned ( nice clean little car ) but emailed invoice received at home on day of return looks really dodgy!! A couple of unexpected charges and worst of all a charge for 7 day car hire despite the full charge having been prepaid nearly two months ago

City/airport: Faro airport

Jcdurham's rating of their experience of Sixt: (1.5/5) on 1 June 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Nice little car and hire and depart process quick and efficient. On return however too many cars returning and reception yard overflowing backwards onto access road...dangerous. Also on returning home find pretty quick email indicating some unexpected charges and email entirely in Portuguese so difficult to decipher. Await credit card bill with interest

City/airport: Faro airport

Jcdurham's rating of their experience of Sixt: (3/5) on 1 June 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Got a great upgrade of car which was gratefully received. The drop-off was painless. My only gripe iss the great deal we originally got almost doubled in price once I added another named driver which was quite a shock, hence lowering the review score.

City/airport: Dublin

Smashie's rating of their experience of Sixt: (3.5/5) on 9 April 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

We had no problem with the hire company or the vehicle itself. Renting a car from Geneva and driving in France is not the easiest to sort.

City/airport: Geneva

Wipeout's rating of their experience of Sixt: (5/5) on 22 March 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Very quick and efficient pick up. Got a VW Up. Really great value for money, so economical and easy to drive

City/airport: Cork airport

Moons's rating of their experience of Sixt: (5/5) on 3 March 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Let me start by saying that if you don’t have car hire excess insurance then you need your head investigating. I used to rock up all over the world hiring cars with only the collision waiver insurance. UNTIL I read the small print.....any damage and you face GREAT BIG charges. Reduce my excess was not the first company I have used but when I checked on the feedback of my first insurer I was disappointed, they were based in Ireland and seemed to have a reputation for not paying out. Reduce My Excess have a great reputation and also great competitive prices. I find that their annual charges are less than some foreign car hire companies charge for a single trip. My son has taken my advice and also has annual excess cover with this company. Please.....for the sake of under about £40 get this cover because without it you could end up in tears.

City/airport: Paphos

ChrisAdams.'s rating of their experience of Sixt: (5/5) on 21 February 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Excellent service. No waiting at pickup or return. New vehicle 8km on clock. No pressure to buy extras especially waiver insurance

City/airport: Barcelona airport

Thurbie's rating of their experience of Sixt: (5/5) on 31 January 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Everything was nice and straightforward apart from trying to find out more about Fully Comp insurance on the website - it seems that Third Party insurance comes as standard. So we had to deal with the insurance upgrade at the airport - done with the utmost efficiency there though.

City/airport: Munich

Kesmerelda's rating of their experience of Sixt: (4.5/5) on 22 January 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Their website said I was booking Mini Convertible (or similar) and they provided a Mini Convertible. I (and, more importantly, my 8-year-old daughter) was very happy with this. The reasons for giving a low score is that they said if I take the car with full tank, instead of returning it full they said they will charge me £33.77 euros, which is less than the price of a tank of fuel, and I return the tank empty. However, in the week that I used the car I did not use anywhere near full tank, and I calculated afterwards (the car tells me my average fuel consumption and how far I have driven, the petrol stations tell me the local price of fuel, that I only used about £21 euros of fuel, so I would have been much better off refilling the tank, but this was not explained to me when starting the rental. I was also a bit concerned that, despite them writing down the damage before I took the car, they did not want to check it with me when I returned it. I only returned it a few hours ago, I hope they don't try to charge me for any damage.

City/airport: Tenerife South Airport

Philip from Stanmore's rating of their experience of Sixt: (3/5) on 3 January 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Excellent service

City/airport: London

Apps's rating of their experience of Sixt: (5/5) on 8 December 2017

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

twenty quid a day? result. new car, simple online process. did what it said on the tin.

City/airport: Gateshead

El_Schiz's rating of their experience of Sixt: (4/5) on 7 December 2017

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Always great cars, last few have been almost brand new, great service and easy to deal with.

City/airport: Copenhagen

NB2017's rating of their experience of Sixt: (4.5/5) on 4 December 2017

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Good service, no force for anything unusual.

City/airport: Cork airport

Parg's rating of their experience of Sixt: (3.5/5) on 3 December 2017

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

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