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Good service with no problems. Car had a number of scratches and dents but these were noted and didn’t affect us

City/airport: Verona

Jimmy's rating of their experience of InterRent: (3.5/5) on 18 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

A little bit confusing as they don’t appear to have any obvious signs in the airport’s car hire section. Once I’d found their place they were very welcoming and professional. Now I know where they are, I’d use them again.

City/airport: Salzburg

David's rating of their experience of InterRent: (5/5) on 10 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Awful company and avoid like a plague I prepaid for my hire car and when I arrived 40 minutes late, after my flight being delayed the agressive woman at Interrent tried to charge me an additional 400 euros ontop of the 460 euros I had already paid. The woman said that the car had been sent back (lie). When I looked at my contract it said that I had a three hour window in case of delays. The awful woman deliberately kept me and my children waiting 2.5 hours before providing me with the keys. The only reason she finally released the keys and didnt charge me anymore money was because I had booked with Do You Spain and they told her she couldnt charge me an additional fee During my 2.5 hour wait, I noticed that she was trying to over charge every customer in the queue. They are thieves Furthermore, when I finally got the car, it was battered and needed a service Ive used loads of hire car companies in Ibiza and Ive been coming to the island for over 20 years. Please dont book with Interrent, you will end up out of pocket, stressed and annoyed at the start of your holiday

City/airport: Ibiza

Sb124's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 9 August 2019

Após efectuar uma reserva de um veículo da categoria F com a vossa empresa, entrei em contacto com a interrent através de o número de telefone 211450747, para obter informação de como reservar um veículo a diesel. No primeiro contacto telefônico, foi-me dito que precisaria de efectuar o pagamento de 2,5 euros diários, durante o período da reserva, para obter um veículo a diesel. No segundo contacto telefônico, quando quis proceder a reserva do veículo a diesel e efectuar o pagamento adicional, foi-me dito que a minha reserva incluía o veículo a diesel sem custo adicional. Ao dirigir ao balcão da interrent em Lisboa, para efectuar o levantamento do veículo, fui inicialmente atendido por uma das vossas funcionárias, que com o número do contracto acedeu ao sistema informático da interrent e instantaneamente informou-me que tinha uma reserva de um carro da categoria F a diesel. Esta funcionária, disse ter uma nota no sistema informático a dizer que tinha uma reserva de um veículo a diesel. Como o sistema “key’n’go” não estava funcionar no momento da minha chegada, essa funcionaria informa a sua colega que se encontrava junto a máquina “key’n’go” a categoria do veículo reservado e o tipo de combustível pretendido. Em conjunto com alguém que parecia ter um cargo de gerência da agência, a funcionária que se encontrava junto a máquina “key’n’go” retira um conjunto de chaves e dirige-se a parte lateral da máquina e processa a minha reserva. Vendo que não dispunha de um veículo da categoria F a diesel, a funcionária simplesmente entrega-me a chave de um veículo a gasolina. Depois de explicar o que acabo de descrever a esta funcionária e de pedir um veículo a diesel, esta funcionária informa-me da indisponibilidade de veículos a diesel na categoria F e apresenta como solução os cartões de abastecimento Galp e Bp que oferecem 6 cêntimos de desconto por litro! Estupefacto com o que tinha acabado ouvir (verifiquei que grande parte se não todas as chaves presentes nessa agência possuíam os cartões de abastecimento, portanto isto não era uma solução mas algo automaticamente oferecido pela empresa), para além de voltar a explicar o que descrevi nos parágrafos anteriores, comunico a funcionária a minha insatisfação com a “solução” apresentada. Esta última funcionária ao não ser capaz de solucionar a presente questão, pede auxílio de um outro funcionário, a quem tive de explicar tudo aquilo que foi descrito até este momento. Este funcionário, teimosamente insistiu que eu tinha efectuado uma reserva de um veículo de uma categoria, o que eu nunca contradisse e pelo qual tinha de aceitar o carro a gasolina. Ao que pacientemente, por várias vezes, tentei explicar a este funcionário que a minha reserva tinha sido de facto efectuada para um veículo da categoria F mas como tinha solicitado um veículo a diesel, queria um veículo a diesel. Após insistir no desejo pelo veículo a diesel, o funcionário dirige-se para o interior da agência para falar com alguém que penso ser o seu superior (após duas horas e meia a tentar resolver esta situação, ninguém da gerência dignou-se a falar comigo) e volta com a informação de que havendo o veículo da categoria F a gasolina, teria que o aceitar. Não satisfeito com a solução apresentada e depois de realçar por várias vezes que erro não vinha da minha parte e pelo qual não deveria ser prejudicado pelo mesmo, foram apresentadas duas soluções: 1 - como mencionei que a minha viagem tinha como destino o Algarve, a primeira solução apresentada foi de dirigir à agência de Faro para receber um veículo da mesma categoria a diesel (representava uma hora e meia de desvio do meu destino e o funcionário não tinha a certeza se havia veículos disponíveis) 2 - esperar entre três a oito horas em Lisboa por um veículo da categoria F a diesel. Mais uma vez, supreendido pelas soluções apresentadas pelos vossos funcionários, perguntei se haveria a possibilidade de levantar um veículo da categoria superior a diesel, o que me foi automaticamente negado. Após cerca de duas horas e meia a tentar resolver esta situação e sem perspectivas de chegar a uma solução, efectuei uma reclamação escrita no livro de reclamações, pedi o contacto do apoio ao cliente da interrent para efectuar uma reclamação telefônica e tive de sujeitar a trazer o veículo a gasolina.

City/airport: Lisbon

Danilo's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 9 August 2019

INTER RENT / GOLDCAR (they also call themselves GOLDCAR on some websites so be aware) they are the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with extremely rude staff. Very stressful experience. I wish I reviewed them before using them. They are a con artist company. We paid online what seems to be complete and the total amount to pay to hire a car in Maderia. There was also an option to pay an extra £7 a day to take out insurance through the broker which we paid for. On arrival of picking up the car it seemed that the insurance is completely invalid according to Interent/ Goldcar hire. They charged us a further €40 for giving us a full tank of petrol which is non refundable regardless of whether you bring back a full tank or not, a further €70 deposit for the petrol in the tank, which will be refunded if you bring back a full tank (the car was a 1.2 litre there is no way a full tank cost €70). We used 3/4 of the tank and filled it back up just before giving it back as we did not want to give this company a single penny more. The cost of 3/4 was €42 so no where near €70. And they wanted a further €186 for their insurance policy or a €1200 deposit on a credit card. Which they rudely stated if you do not wish to pay the €186 for the insurance policy then out of the €1200 deposit 1 scratch on the car will cost €600. The car had several bumps and scratches from previous customers that clearly shows they are not using the money to repair the cars. She also said that the credit card company will charge us interested fees as they hold the deposit for 30 days which will incur fees with the bank I couldn’t believe how rude she was being, it was like she was suggesting that they purposely hold your deposit for a long time so that we incur interest charges just so that we would pay the €186. We just wanted to cancel the car hire but was completely trapped and had no choice but to continue with them. The staff are extremely rude about it all, they really want to up sell their insurance policy which clearly doesn’t get used to fix their cars. The cost of hiring this car in total WAS NOT cheaper than hiring from a more reputable company in the end. I regret using them and will never again use them STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. I will be spreading this comment where ever I can. They also have 7.4 trustpilot rating on their website this is a complete lie I’m not sure how they get away with that in fact I’m not sure how they are allowed to get away with any of this.

City/airport: Funchal/Maderia airport

TM's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 3 August 2019

Dirty unwashed car with 17 marked damages and fuel tank was nor really full. Found further damage on checking the vehicle. Was charged Euros 200 for existing damage on return of the car and the money was taken from my credit card without my agreement. My complaints that the damage was already on the car before I hired the vehicle was completely ignored by Goldcar/Interrent . DoYouSpain the company I used to hire the car also ignored my correspondence and clearly unable or willing to assist. I am absolutely discussed by all this and cannot warn people enough to stay away from Goldcar/Interent. You will get mugged! and DoYouSpain does not seem to be much better

City/airport: murcia

Lambert's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 30 July 2019

Great to deal with. Easy process. Trustworthy. Deposits unblocked within a day.

City/airport: Palma

Max's rating of their experience of InterRent: (5/5) on 29 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

I booked the car through the Ryanair website and bought the insurance at the same time. Arriving at the Barcelona airport, the guy immediately submitted me a payment of 217 euros. I asked for explanations and he told me that 127 euros were for bail for petrol and the other 100 for airport charges and insurance. I replied that I already had the insurance and then, annoyed, told me that I should have blocked a deposit of 1100 euros on my card for a month. In addition, for this operation the PIN of the card was required, which I did not remember. After a bit of bickering I realized I could find the PIN on the site of my card and it did. At this point the guy told me that by inserting the card the PIN request was not displayed and therefore it was not possible to proceed. Moral of the story I had to buy insurance spending much more than what I would have spent with leading rental companies. I marvel at Ryanair, which has among its partners these commercially incorrect operators.

City/airport: barcelona

vitt61's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 26 July 2019

Helpful and efficient in their dealings with us and a swift process of handover on our return

City/airport: Faro Airport

The Edge's rating of their experience of InterRent: (4/5) on 25 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

I have just returned back from Spain after renting a car for a week from InterRent, Alicante Airport, Spain. After checking my credit card bill I have found that I have been charged the following additional charges that I was not informed about, €20 euro for picking a diesel vehicle over a petrol (I was not even asked if I wanted a petrol vehicle). An out of hours opening fee of €40 (I picked that up at 11.30pm after waiting over 30 mins to pick it up). Within 15 mins of picking the car up an Adblue light came on so I was charged €30 for Adblue to be added (why should I pay for other people’s Adblue, shouldn’t this have been topped up by InterRent before I picked it up?) And finally I was charged €13.97 a Premium Office Fee, this is due to the office being in the airport it appears we have to pay extra for this privilege. I probably hire a minimum of 12 cars + pa and never before I have been hit with additional charges like InterRent have charged. I have tried to contact InterRent to raise my grievance but you can only email support and nobody comes back to you. The funny thing is that InterRent weren’t even the cheapest, I always go with a mid range company just so that I receive a good service. STAY WELL CLEAR of InterRent

City/airport: Alicante

John's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 19 July 2019

I was charged an extra 49 euros at the desk for no particular reason, despite having prepaid the car rental and being informed that I would only have £3.81 to pay (local charges). I have opened a dispute with the company. Staff were offhand on pick up and rude on drop off. Have used Inter Rent before but since being taken over by Goldcar they have lost any customer service skills. Very disappointed with it and would not use them again.

City/airport: Girona

Adrienne's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 17 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Frustrating that we were charged a cleaning fee despite cleaning the car prior to drop-off. As it was an automatic drop off without process by which to discuss the car/issues I had no choice to argue this point. I have not yet found a way to contest this extra charge as the receipt was emailed to me from a 'do not reply' email address.

City/airport: Brussels

HtotheD's rating of their experience of InterRent: (3/5) on 15 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

First of all, making people pay 1350€ as a fee if you don't get an insurance is not something "optional", because, as you might imagine, not a lot of people have that amount of money to just spare. Second, if a customer says the car's clutch is not working properly, you should replace the car immediately and not suggest to "push it a little harder". Third, since you're basically forcing people to buy insurance from you, you should at least have a good one: instead of making someone wait in the middle of the road for tow for an hour, and then another hour for a taxi, maybe just take a new car to the customer right away. And maybe don’t charge them for the tank not being full, you know the car not being able to work and all. I don’t think I was expected to drag it to the nearest gas station, was I? Overall super disappointed in the whole service, never using it again, never recommending it to any one. Specially not in Portugal. Aside from one employee, not only was everyone super unprofessional, they were rude and impolite as well.

City/airport: Lisbon

nassermendes's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 10 July 2019

Our experience of this company was dire. What a dreadful start to our holiday. Disgraceful customer service with a distinctly couldn't care less attitude. Arrived to collect car (booked through Auto Europe) to find large queue, wait time was a minimum of one and half hours.Some were told they could pay 50 Euros for express checkout (still they waited 1 and 1/2 plus hours). Main focus of reps is to scare customers in to taking out extra insurance cover (180 euros) by warning of risks if they don't. This is what took the time it seems. Told car must be returned clean, that we should return it as received or we pay 50 euros. During our long wait, we got to know some in the queue who warned us of a previous experience in Portugal with them: scratches and minor dents that were present at time of collection and which were claimed by InterRent to be caused by the customer on their return. So forewarned when finally picking up our car, we took photos of a number of minor scratches on the bodywork and a stain on the seat, insisting also that the rep. take photographs so we couldn't be blamed. Returned the car yesterday at 8.30 to find a large queue with glum faces yet again and no-one available to inspect our car, only a deposit letterbox with which to drop in the keys. Having lost all trust in them, we insisted they check it before we left to catch our flight and eventually found someone who (we hope) checked it off. We wait to see if they return our deposit. Their whole modus operandi is to get customers to pay over and above the rental hire cost. Far better to pay a little extra through a more reputable company for peace of mind.

City/airport: Marseille

Jannew's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 6 July 2019

Poor. Little instructions given, rude staff and trying to blag 120 euros for their own insurance. Car ok though.

City/airport: Faro airport

James's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 27 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Trouble free pick up and drop off, good car.

City/airport: Salzburg Airport

Joff's rating of their experience of InterRent: (3.5/5) on 24 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

On initial booking, I paid a deposit and opted for no excess insurance. When they took the balance of the rental a week before collection, they also took unwanted insurance payment. They did refund this later. On collection of the car, I showed my insurance certificate but two days later a charge appeared on my bank account for the insurance. To date they have refused to refund the insurance. I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY (Interrent/Goldcar) AGAIN

City/airport: Málaga airport

Tiffers's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 20 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

On initial booking, I paid a deposit and opted for no excess insurance. When they took the balance of the rental a week before collection, they also took unwanted insurance payment. They did refund this later. On collection of the car, I showed my insurance certificate but two days later a charge appeared on my bank account for the insurance. To date they have refused to refund the insurance. I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY (Interrent/Goldcar) AGAIN

City/airport: Málaga airport

Tiffers's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 20 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Dont't touch this company with a barge pole. Scam company ever. Rented a car for 3 days returned it after 2 days because my sister had a car I used. Parked the car the whole time it was rented. when I returned the car they came over to check for damages, she checked the fuel gauge and then straight to the front left wheel rim cover and took pictures of an obscure scratches you wouldn't even know they existed unless you knew they were there and nothing else. you can tell she knew the scratches were there, they were old scratches which been there for months. you can obviously tell a new scratch from old, and they are charging me 360 Euro from my credit card deposit for an obscure scratches on a rim cover WHICH I KNEW 100% it wasn't done by me! I wonder how much a new a fiat rim cover cost? I wouldn't be writing this if I knew I did the scratches because I had a third party insurance to cover that, but the point is, if I hadn't had an insurance to cover that, they were going to rob me of my hard earn cash I sweat for for something THEY KNEW I didn't do. Scam company keep away!

City/airport: Venice

Sam's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 2 June 2019

Quick pick up and drop off. Tried to sell me Excess insurance although I showed them that I had it. Weren’t happy.

City/airport: Rimini

Cold & damp's rating of their experience of InterRent: (4/5) on 1 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Worst experience ever with car renting. They made me to take another insurence even though I had it while booking the car online. So many other things as well. Be aware of this rental company.

City/airport: Faro airport

Deep's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 10 May 2019

Awful from start to finish - and still paying it now I am back. Long wait at the hire desk. Long walk to the car park to collect the car. Another huge queue. Car seats provided but not fitted and no instructions given as to how to fit them in a very poorly lit car park where we could hardly see what we were doing. We flew from the UK to Malaga and collecting the car took longer than the flight itself. I have now checked my credit card bill and have been arbitrarily charged £211 now I am back - I have no idea what for. There was no formal check out or check in procedure so I took pictures of the car to prove there was no damage and have lodged a formal complaint.

City/airport: Malaga

Danny's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 16 April 2019

Avoid this company! I brought our car back in a completely fine condition which means no damage occured during our rental period of 9 days. Two days after we brought the car back I found an email in my spam box from them with accusations The car has two new damages in the paint. One in the front and one in the back. They sent photos with a lot of reflections from the light tubes in the parking garage, dust and a lot of lack of focus in the pictures. The pictures are showing nothing and with very much imagination you can see some traces in the dust wich they call damage. To my opinion these guys are real betrayers. First when we got to their counter desk I was forced to sign that I occupy 1200,- euro on my credit card as a deposit for them. I read a few lines of their general conditions which they didn’t want to give me a copy of. The content was like... if the car would have a break down due to lack of service from their side... I should come up for the tow away costs. And more things like that... Don’t make business with them. They are not ok at all.

City/airport: Las Palmas Gran Canaria

MichaelF's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 12 April 2019

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! They take your money and give you no car. Please read: we rented a car from this company through Expedia and everything was supposed to be ‘confirmed’ when we arrived late in the evening, apart from the fact that they were just plain rude, they told us that is was absolutely impossible to give us a car without a credit card. We then explained to them that when we booked on Expedia there was no mention of this and the money was deducted, the guy replied ‘its not the first time we have this problem with expedia.’ I have worked with Expedia and know that they only write online what the company tells them to, so the fact that they have not rectified this problem is already alarming and unprofessional. The man then told us to call expedia for a refund as he couldnt do anything (very useless at his job.) we then called Expedia who told us that interrent was supposed to refund us and that we needed to call them. We then called them and they basically refused to refund us saying we should call Expedia. This back and forth is absolutely time wasting and unprofessional. We then called Expedia AGAIN and wasted more time on hold as they called interrent. The conlusion to this story is that they gave us no car but took our money anyway. Refund refused. They dont even deserve 1 star!!!

City/airport: Catania

KD's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 2 April 2019

Car was 3 years old with 70,000km, lots of marks, windscreen water was empty, the controls had been changed to Hungarian and it took me ages to find out how to change it back, the st nav was useless as it hadn't been updated. Wrote a complaint E mail but received no reply

City/airport: Tenerife South

GordonDee's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 29 March 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

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