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Dont't touch this company with a barge pole. Scam company ever. Rented a car for 3 days returned it after 2 days because my sister had a car I used. Parked the car the whole time it was rented. when I returned the car they came over to check for damages, she checked the fuel gauge and then straight to the front left wheel rim cover and took pictures of an obscure scratches you wouldn't even know they existed unless you knew they were there and nothing else. you can tell she knew the scratches were there, they were old scratches which been there for months. you can obviously tell a new scratch from old, and they are charging me 360 Euro from my credit card deposit for an obscure scratches on a rim cover WHICH I KNEW 100% it wasn't done by me! I wonder how much a new a fiat rim cover cost? I wouldn't be writing this if I knew I did the scratches because I had a third party insurance to cover that, but the point is, if I hadn't had an insurance to cover that, they were going to rob me of my hard earn cash I sweat for for something THEY KNEW I didn't do. Scam company keep away!

City/airport: Venice

Sam's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 2 June 2019

Quick pick up and drop off. Tried to sell me Excess insurance although I showed them that I had it. Weren’t happy.

City/airport: Rimini

Cold & damp's rating of their experience of InterRent: (4/5) on 1 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Worst experience ever with car renting. They made me to take another insurence even though I had it while booking the car online. So many other things as well. Be aware of this rental company.

City/airport: Faro airport

Deep's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 10 May 2019

Awful from start to finish - and still paying it now I am back. Long wait at the hire desk. Long walk to the car park to collect the car. Another huge queue. Car seats provided but not fitted and no instructions given as to how to fit them in a very poorly lit car park where we could hardly see what we were doing. We flew from the UK to Malaga and collecting the car took longer than the flight itself. I have now checked my credit card bill and have been arbitrarily charged £211 now I am back - I have no idea what for. There was no formal check out or check in procedure so I took pictures of the car to prove there was no damage and have lodged a formal complaint.

City/airport: Malaga

Danny's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 16 April 2019

Avoid this company! I brought our car back in a completely fine condition which means no damage occured during our rental period of 9 days. Two days after we brought the car back I found an email in my spam box from them with accusations The car has two new damages in the paint. One in the front and one in the back. They sent photos with a lot of reflections from the light tubes in the parking garage, dust and a lot of lack of focus in the pictures. The pictures are showing nothing and with very much imagination you can see some traces in the dust wich they call damage. To my opinion these guys are real betrayers. First when we got to their counter desk I was forced to sign that I occupy 1200,- euro on my credit card as a deposit for them. I read a few lines of their general conditions which they didn’t want to give me a copy of. The content was like... if the car would have a break down due to lack of service from their side... I should come up for the tow away costs. And more things like that... Don’t make business with them. They are not ok at all.

City/airport: Las Palmas Gran Canaria

MichaelF's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 12 April 2019

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! They take your money and give you no car. Please read: we rented a car from this company through Expedia and everything was supposed to be ‘confirmed’ when we arrived late in the evening, apart from the fact that they were just plain rude, they told us that is was absolutely impossible to give us a car without a credit card. We then explained to them that when we booked on Expedia there was no mention of this and the money was deducted, the guy replied ‘its not the first time we have this problem with expedia.’ I have worked with Expedia and know that they only write online what the company tells them to, so the fact that they have not rectified this problem is already alarming and unprofessional. The man then told us to call expedia for a refund as he couldnt do anything (very useless at his job.) we then called Expedia who told us that interrent was supposed to refund us and that we needed to call them. We then called them and they basically refused to refund us saying we should call Expedia. This back and forth is absolutely time wasting and unprofessional. We then called Expedia AGAIN and wasted more time on hold as they called interrent. The conlusion to this story is that they gave us no car but took our money anyway. Refund refused. They dont even deserve 1 star!!!

City/airport: Catania

KD's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 2 April 2019

Car was 3 years old with 70,000km, lots of marks, windscreen water was empty, the controls had been changed to Hungarian and it took me ages to find out how to change it back, the st nav was useless as it hadn't been updated. Wrote a complaint E mail but received no reply

City/airport: Tenerife South

GordonDee's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 29 March 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

only company in my driving history who required 2 hady copies of utility bills before releasing the car

City/airport: glasgow airport

philco's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 21 March 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

I booked a car through the CarFlexi website but on arrival at the InterRent desk at Toulouse airport they refused to accept the voucher except on exorbitant terms and I ended up having to re-book by paying over Euro100 more than the CarFlexi voucher showed. InterRent completely uncooperative but did admit that the situation was not unusual. Both CarFlexi and InterRent are companies to avoid at all costs. You can't even complain via their website because it doesn't recognise the pick-up station and therefore you are unable to submit your complaint.

City/airport: Toulouse airport

PrueVictoria's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 17 March 2019

Dreadful hard sell and threats as we did not take there insurance. Then stung on credit card we did not request or discuss. Plus over 100 euros for petrol when we took back with full tank as agreed. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

City/airport: Ibiza airport

John G's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 6 March 2019

First things first. Interrent, Rhodium & Goldcar are one and the same nowadays and it seems that all the old Goldcar tricks and scams have been adopted. Long queue at airport....almost an hour to collect car...was ridiculous however it was the usual damage charges that became the relevance. €700 charges due to microscopic scratches.....good job I had taken excess insurance privately. Avoid at all costs. Same with Goldcar & Rhodium

City/airport: Alicante

ktckfcpik's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 19 February 2019

I have rented 3 times from this company at Verona airport.It is a one person booth so can only deal with one person at a time.Return or collect. They do try to get you to take out their own insurance.(As do all the others) Each time got a fairly new car. Damage if any was recorded before taking away. Good cars. Return was straightforward.The agents were all pleasant and helpful. Rate was reasonable.

City/airport: Verona

Keen skier's rating of their experience of InterRent: (4.5/5) on 15 February 2019

Terrible experience with interrent at Tenerife South Airport. I would never rent a car through Interrent again Very long queue for the car despite there not being many customers, we waited over 1hr and 30 minutes. The staff at the Interrent desk were extremely rude to the point of aggressive. A truly awful experience

City/airport: Tenerife South

Maggie's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 11 February 2019

Is a total scam and as i made the booking true Ryanair they seem to be also part, almost 59 euro extra charge for border crossing, in a European Community where borders where removed long ago. They should be investigated and possibly prosecuted.

City/airport: brussels charleroy airport

bambino's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 28 January 2019

Is a total scam and as i made the booking true Ryanair they seem to be also part, almost 59 euro extra charge for border crossing, in a European Community where borders where removed long ago. They should be investigated and possibly prosecuted.

City/airport: brussels charleroy airport

bambino's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 28 January 2019

One car had flat tire, another car had smell of petrol inside, and then they charged me for late car return while i returned it actually one hour earlier than agreed

City/airport: Gran Canaria Airport

Mikhail's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 21 January 2019

First time to use them, had a uneasy feeling from the start. Hired cars in the canaries for 25 years with no problems. Wanted extra insurance, and when we picked car up there were more scratches and dents than they said so pointed these out and the form was changed but 3 days later after arriving home 600 euros taken off our card.

City/airport: Alicante

Bus's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 31 December 2018

InterRent are quite appalling. It's all been said in many other reviews already. Firstly the dreadful state of the car (numerous dents and scratches and very dirty on collection). But worst was that the modest saving made by choosing their cheap rates was erased many times over by the "hidden" extras. Yes, my fault for not reading the small print, but having hired many cars over 30 years I have never experienced such a devious, snide and blatantly exploitative company.

City/airport: Fuerteventura

Simon's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 17 December 2018

Just got back from Tenerife..We rented a car through RYANAIR's website.SHAME on you RYANAIR for having your name linked to these thieves!!AVOID INTERRENT,GOLD CARS,EUROPCAR.!! (Same companies ,off-shoot of Europcar)Their desks are next to each other at Tenerife South airport..Guess why.. We lost the first day waiting for 3.30 hours to get the car.All customers were complaining and arguing with their very rude staff.They treat all us customers ,like we are stupid..!Is this the "Welcome to Tenerife" way? They first tried to sell us their insurance for €150.When we refused,they offered it for €129,then for €109.They do not accept Ryanair's insurance..Finally, they charged my credit card €800 for insurance deposit and €107 for fuel(after waiting for 3 hours,you just feel like accepting anything, so you can to go and start your holiday),telling me that IF something will happen to the car ,I will be fully responsible.I left feeling that something bad will happen... Well,it did on the 3rd day..! We parked the car for 3 min,just going cross the street to buy something.When we got back ,one of the windows was in pieces..An English couple who just parked next to us and show what had happened,they told us that they have been robbed in a CATHEDRAL, £500.! They just wanted to go back home..We lost an another day at the police station and their desk at the airport to return the car... They finally charged us £400 for the broken glass(fiat 500),they refused to replace the car,but they kept the money for rest of the rental period !!(another 3 days).They also asked me to pay for some scratches on the car,but thank God I already had photos and videos, showing that those scratches were there ,before I got the car..!! AVOID,AVOID,AVOID...!!!! THEY RUINED OUR HOLIDAYS AND READING THEIR REVIEWS IT KEEPS HAPPENING..! Maybe the Police could do something about it? And of course RYANAIR ????

City/airport: TENERIFE SOUTH

SPY's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 24 November 2018

I turned up late to pick up the hire car which wasn't there and was refused replacement, which meant I lost all my money £154.00, disgusting company, goldcar and interrent are the same company

City/airport: Standstead

Ants's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 3 November 2018

The fact that the office is a shed outside the main Car Village building should concern you. The staff refused official legally recognised documents as identification and pushed their "special" all inclusive very expensive offer (min 160 pounds) instead. Both I and the two clients in front of me walked away in disgust. Modern day highway robbery - I will seriously NEVER think of using them again

City/airport: Stansted

Furious's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 18 October 2018

1. The free shuttle has never arrived. We waited 50 minutes in the heat, ordered the shuttle several times during this time. 2. Had to take a taxi that cost us 14.60 euro 3. Customer service informed us that they won't take my bank card. Even though in France there is no such a thing as credit or debit card. We had enough on the card to make the deposit 'pending' this has always worked. 4. We ended up paying 267euro instead of 70 as we had to take the full insurance (no choice there) 5. Avoid this company! Rude customer service, very expensive, outside of the airport, free shuttle may come may not 6. We were told to e-mail our taxi receipt to customer service, here is the reply from Interrent: 'According to our records, our services were fully functional at your arrival time. We regret to inform you that the charges with your rental will be kept as per our terms and conditions and the previously sent rental documents. ' Overall I'm surprised that this place is still running.

City/airport: Florence

Evi's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 17 October 2018

Horrible and Lying company. We were charged an extra insurance without our knowledge at the service desk in Rome Fiumicino, which we didn't need and want, since we already purchased when booking online. The employee told us that all is fine, we do not need to pay anything and that that money on the document is the deposit, which will be refunded back to us. Of course, they never did. Yes, we should have been more careful and attentive, but you don't expect a reputable car rental company to LIE to you in that way. NEVER NEVER CHOOSE INTER RENT! And please, help me spread the word.

City/airport: Rome Fiumicino

Khachatur's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 5 October 2018

Not sure how to start, really. I rented a economic car with Axa insurance, in Faro airport, for 1 week. On the day of the arrival, terminal desk took me almost more time to get the car than the actually flight from Bristol. Unbelievable. Afterwards I decided to take the company full insurance. Well, if you rent car on any company PLEASE consider pay extra for full insurance or you can have so much hassle. Now... The nightmare. Drove from Faro to Viseu (560km). Thought the 6 months Seat Ibiza with 9000km on the clock would be nice, but after 100km it broke. Engine ko. Luckily I managed to drive it to nearest petrol station, on the A2 motorway, near Aljustrel. I rang Inter Rent and promptly they arrange assistance and because car could not been fixed they sent a taxi which took us to Lisbon, to Europcar. Yes, Europcar, the "opponent". Questioned why, and answer was that no other rental company was open at that time. 00:00. In there, I've been told that no car was available. So rang them back and another solution was being studied. Finally at almost 4AM another taxi arrived to take us to Rent a Star company so we could have a car to keep our trip to our destination. Mercedes C180 completely new. But just for 24hrs. It needed to be taken back to Porto airport Rent a Star within next 24hrs. And then go to Inter Rent to pick up another car. Absolutely nightmare. All this and maybe more than 20 phone calls to try sort out this problem. Needed to cancel plans because of this. Needed to pay petrol from Viseu to Porto (150km), and then back. Adding the cost of the tolls. I will try to get this amount refunded. But nothing pays me the hassle and the poor service of the company. No one from the approximately 20 phone operators deserve any credit. Not even an effort to help. Common. Wouldn't be nice to a client to be treated as that? Car broken down. Taxi to Lisbon, fair enough. Courtesy car, fair enough. But then, making me drive to Porto to exchange car? Wouldn't have been better for someone from Inter Rent to come to the client with a car and take the other back? What the heck??? Absolutely miserable service. Think twice before you hire!!! It only could have been worst if I had a baby or a disable person with me. Other than that, it was an absolutely nightmare!!!

City/airport: Faro airport

Fernando Cardoso's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 1 October 2018

A real scam, rented a car in Menorca and it was never explicit the full to empty fuel, and they charged €30 to give you the full tank + €50 for the petrol, which the second should have been refunded to me as I brought back full thank, it has been 2 months and I still haven’t got my refund back, many unsuccessful emails and calls to customer service. I WILL NEVER use this company again and don’t recommend, the cheap will end up expensive and give you lots of headaches.

City/airport: Menorca

Mari's rating of their experience of InterRent: (1/5) on 24 September 2018

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