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AVOID THIS PLACE FOR ANY COST!!!! They are thieves they are specialists to find scratches that you didn't make are doesn't exist, and not only that the amount they are stealing for the scratches you didn't make. And they are giving you car you didn't book.

City/airport: london

dav's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 1 March 2020

Always have good cars and have not been stung for any pre-existing damage at this branch, but the last time I went I didn't have my passport with me and had to take out their own insurance, otherwise they would refuse to rent the car to me. Terms were not highlighted in pre-pickup emails although they were there if I looked hard. As a result, felt ripped off. Have since rented from Europcar.

City/airport: Bristol

Colin_Thames's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (2/5) on 18 January 2020

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Easy to find at the airport. The car they initially gave us was a wreck.,but given the roads on Corfu I wasn't too bothered. However, I was rather annoyed when the car broke down whilst driving in the mountains. Green motion were very quick to bring us a replacement car which was much newer and we kept this for our holiday. I would have given them a 10 if we had not been given such a dog of a car initially.

City/airport: Corfu

Essexexpat's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (3.5/5) on 25 September 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Service OK and staff friendly as well as great price. Location and pick up not that great and long wait to collect and drop off to airport. That said great if you are on a budget

City/airport: Manchester

Richard C's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (2.5/5) on 11 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Booked a van on 6 days earlier online to collect from Heathrow branch. Used the express check in service, which sounded great.. Uploaded all my documents, proof etc and prepaid. Expected an express experience today when I went to collect my rental. However I Was told to join the lengthy queue. An hour later I got to the counter and am told they don't have any vehicle to give me. At least two other people were having a similar experience whilst I was there. They had my email and mobile number, yet their only communication was a reminder yesterday that my rental was coming up. Comedy show. Completely clueless. Booking Confirmation Number: WOS-2167303-2143490 Start date: 2019-06-21 Start time: 16:00:00 End date: 2019-06-22 End time: 16:00:00 Vehicle: V2 - Ford Transit Van MWB - VW Transporter MWB, air-con or similar model Product: Plus Deposit: £800.00 Excess: £800.00 Fuel Policy: Like for Like Mileage: 95 miles 1 x Additional Driver - 10.00 (PREPAID)

City/airport: Heathrow

Balbir's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 22 June 2019

Be cautious when booking with green motion, they don’t seem to be trustworthy. When I made my reservation I was charged twice, they managed to have a double booking on my name and thus charging me twice the price. I don’t know how they manage to do so but they can do it... And if you don’t notice by yourself, they will obviously not highlight it to you and keep the cash. I have never experienced this with any other websites (any type of goods or services). Advice: Keep away of this company.

City/airport: Chania - Crete

Green's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 19 June 2019

Good value and cars in good condition, available at the airport with no transfers. Did not try to hard sell extras

City/airport: Preveza

Mikey's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (3/5) on 17 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Really nasty experience. Aggressive staff, hidden charges and an unresponsive complaints department. Avoid at all costs.

City/airport: Glasgow Airport

TD's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 6 June 2019

There business model is to advertise cheap rates to lure you in. Provide you with a car with dents/defects in the dark and then if you don’t take their very expensive excess cover, they scam you for every scratch on your return. We had a car burnt out in a wild fire and a second with faults and they tried to take both excess deposits. We called the police and had a two hour argument before coming to a compromise. They thought we would miss our flight and give in!! NEVER USE GREEN MOTION!!!!

City/airport: Palermo

Scammed's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 6 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

On Tuesday  14th May we arrived at Edinburgh Airport to collect our hire car. The car had been rented via Holiday Autos(hire car broker) ref. GB566 743 510 the hire company was Green Motion Edinburgh. When we arrived at the office it was extremely busy and there seemed to be a lot of confusion over the new car hire polices. After over an hour and a half of waiting we were rushed out to a car ( Citroen C3 LF19ZVU) with the paperwork handed to another young man who did not really appear to know what he was doing, it was a new car and very rushed we looked over the car checking all the normal places you have damage on a rental car, NONE of us checked the roof of the car. After one week returned the car to Green Motion and with in seconds of the gentleman checking the car, he never checked any of the usual places, he went straight to a very small dent on the roof of the car just above the the door, as if he knew it was already there. We told then the damage must have been there when we got the car but of course they went through there damage process. They took the full amount of our deposit £1205, at this time gave us a Ref. RED 62647 and we were told they would refund us the difference once the car had been sent to the garage to be assessed this would take no more than one week, we e-mailed a number of times after a week had passed to find out what was happening and were told that there was a delay, the last e-mail we received was on the 29th of May at 10am and they said they still did not know how much it was going to be. On the same day we received a very small refund (£266.78) to the card which was strange when according to them, they did not have a damage assessment yet, charging us £938.22 for the damage , without any proof from a reputable garage or notification of the amount they were going to charge. After contacting my credit card company (TSB) I was informed that the refund had been sent to our account before the 27th of May to appear on my statement on the 29th. This proves that this company is running a very profitable scam.  When we contacted our insurance company they said that the cover for roof damage is £500 as this is enough for roof damage claims.

City/airport: Edinburgh

Zico's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 3 June 2019

Really bad service. They charge you extra . Also cars not ready on time. Manager Asif and Rana both took my money away. Scammers

City/airport: Leicester

Mark's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 22 May 2019

Today returned a car . Told there was a small scuff mark on the alloy wheel . I am not sure whether it was there before I hired or not . Charged 160 quid . Highly excessive

City/airport: Birmingham

Burkie's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 21 May 2019

1 hour wait for shuttle Despite 2 calls End up getting taxi Almost 2 hour wait in cubicle ( office) refused my credit card world wide ins, treated like dirt

City/airport: Glasgow

Scotty's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 18 May 2019

Rented in Vilnius. Worst experience ever! Was given different car, not the one I've booked with warranteed make and model. Collection took half an hour, was charged 73 Euro "administration fee" for forwarding to me parking penalty charge €15 which I paid immediately via email 2 weeks after returning the car. At the end it cost me more then any best car rental company would charge.

City/airport: Vilnius

Valeriy's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 9 May 2019

Is this the worse hire company in Iceland - green motion Having just returned from Iceland I feel compelled to write this email and provide feedback on our experiences. We hired a Jeep from green motion at the airport. The Jeep had a few issues e.g. door wouldn’t close properly and fuel cap broken but as we were keen to start our holiday we left the airport. After 100 miles the front tyre burst causing us to have to make an emergency stop - really quite traumatic. When we took the tyre off it had very little tread. The tyre was illegal and dangerous. Also the car had no warning triangle to put onto the road so we had to change the wheel watching out for oncoming traffic. When we called the company we were told to go to a garage and get it replaced and they would pay if indeed it was illegal. The garage confirmed the tyre was illegal and dangerous and also that another tyre was illegal on the car which they replaced. They also mentioned the cars tracking was completely wrong. I called the car hire company asking for the car to be replaced and was told to come back the following day to get another car. We returned the car the following day and after much discussion they found another car which they gave us. The replacement car on starting had an alert warning saying it needed a service - we asked the hire company about this and were told the computer hadn’t been reset in the engine management system. So we set off and after a few minutes we then noticed the tyre pressure warning light had come on so we returned to the hire company. We were told they had no other cars so we had to have that car or nothing. So as our holiday was already delayed we had to accept this. Later on in the day we noticed that one of the tyres was deflating so we went to a garage to inflate it to the correct pressure. Having now lost a day returning the car we decided to live with the tyre deflating and to pump it up each day. When we returned the replacement car at the end of the holiday we asked to speak to the supervisor whose attitude was one of “I don’t really care” about your issues and the fact that we were given not one car that was dangerous and illegal but two. When asked for compensation she was unable to offer a realistic figure that could make up for the lost holiday time, lost bookings for trips etc. So in summary .... We lost a day changing vehicles and missed booked events. BUT the real issue we have is that green motion knowingly gave us 2 vehicles one of which had illegal tyres on it and that both cars were dangerous to drive. If you use this company please check the vehicle thoroughly and please stay safe

City/airport: Kevlafik

Magdalena bujalska's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 9 May 2019

I am a loyal customer and despite this I had one of the worst treatment. I had booked the large van as the one that appears on the picture. When I got to the office to get the van I had prebooked one of the members of the staff realised that the only large van they had was grounded. The solution they offered me was to hire a much smaller van at the same price as the large one. To that offer I strictly answer no since I had booked a large van and also they were making me pay the same price as a large one. When they realised that they did not know what to do in this situation, the manager found his one solution. Trying to convince me that the van I had booked was not the large van. I'm other words they treat me as if I was stupid and did not know what I had booked. This went over for at least 30 minutes until I started shouting at them since I felt treated as a stupid. At the end, after fighting for almost an hour they decided to give the van that resulted as grounded. I believe that green motion should chose their staff more carefully since those people had not minimum customer service skills, especially the manager which found the only ridiculous solution which was lying to the customer.

City/airport: Glasgow

Gabriele's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 9 May 2019

They tried to charge a cdw of £1200 which is covered through the rentalcars insurance When I refused to pay the deposit they said I couldn't have the car refused to refund the car hire so I'm £270 out of pocket This is a scam operated by both companies

City/airport: London city airport

Jc's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 5 May 2019

Abosulte scammers. Fake info. Fake charges. Money hungry scam artists. Never trust this company! Watch the documentary on them on TV. Disgusted

City/airport: London

Anon's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 3 May 2019

I received a parking fine for my Green Motion rental car. This fine was issued in error by the parking authority and on the back of 1 phone call to their customer service the fine was quashed. I wish i could say the same about the £84 ADMIN fee imposed on my credit card by Green Motion. I have sent 3 emails to them explaining that the parking fine was a mistake and a week has passed with no response. My advice is to pay a few quid extra and go with a more reputable car rental company.

City/airport: Liverpool

Aiden's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 29 April 2019

OMG Don’t Do It. Scam artists.

City/airport: London

Green Mean's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 28 April 2019

Outrageous experience with this company - avoid at all costs. Waited two and a half hours to take the car on initial collection. On return, was charged a significant sum to replace a tyre due to a minor scuff. The scuff was absolutely not caused by our trip (it would have been caused by mounting a kerb, which I did not do). Upon initial inspection of the vehicle the customer service representative did not go over the wheels with me, only the bodywork, and the scuff was so minor I would not have initially spotted it anyway. This company has been flagged for scams of this nature - the cheap initial price is not worth the stress, hassle and sting in the tail.

City/airport: Edinburgh Airport

Claire's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 26 April 2019

New Car and a friendly staff

City/airport: marrakech

Gerard's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (5/5) on 25 April 2019

Charged £435 for a scuff that they found on the front bumper. They gave the car out dripping wet and this was not visible to me on the day. They will charge for the tiniest scratch so you better check like a hawk if you are using these gangsters. It could turn out very expensive indeed.

City/airport: City Airport

oconnke's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 15 April 2019

Having driven 300 miles the car had a film of dirt and it was raining when I returned it. The Green Motion representative walked around the car then looked really close at the rear wing. I was perfectly relaxed, there was nothing to see. The representative then went into his office and returned with a cloth. he rubbed the rain and dirt off the car to reveal a small scuff about 3cm long, the scuff was so faint i could hardly see it and my camera could barely pick capture it. I offered to get some polish to polish it out, he refused to let me. Green Motion charged me £207 I wish I had read the reviews before the hire. Their scams are well documented

City/airport: Newcastle

Green Motion Victim's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 10 April 2019

Awful. Avoid at all costs. Choose a reputable, well known firm - otherwise you may find yourself saddled with huge costs, for a example, a minor scratch.

City/airport: Newcastle

Rob the Customer's rating of their experience of Green Motion: (1/5) on 10 April 2019

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