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Awful experience. In spite of my RME policy, I was forced to pay £120 for Goldcar's insurance, or leave a deposit which they would cash, charging an exchange fee both into Euros and back again to Sterling for reimbursement and that amounted to £200. I had no choice but to spend £120. I hadn't hired from Goldcar for some time and will NEVER do so again. Shocking attitude to customers too.

City/airport: Bordeaux

Clara's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 13 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Impossible to find the actual rental place ( had to go back through security through an unsigned tunnel. car was fine.. bit of a queue to pick the car up but now they have only refunded me £70 of a £200 deposit... no mention of why this was.. trying to call them at the moment...

City/airport: Malaga

Dunk's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 12 June 2019

I had heard lots of bad reviews regarding Goldcar and was really worried about using them. I decided to go with them as they were on the airport and the price was really good. On arrival the desk couldn't be more helpful and explained all the charges and what I was signing for. Collection of the car was easy. We checked car over really well and took pictures. On the return, someone checked over the car and said there and then everything was fine and my deposit refund would be given back to my card. I was still worried however within 3 days my card was cleared of the amount. I would use Goldcar again and would recommend them to others. I thought they were very professional and were really helpful. Maybe this was just in Murcia.

City/airport: Murcia International

Teeny's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (4.5/5) on 12 June 2019

Thugs who will insist that your insurance isn’t valid and you must buy theirs. When I reply I have heard it all before was told to shut up and listen or they will not lend me a car. I will have to go elsewhere.

City/airport: Alicante

Jockey's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 11 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

We have hired a car here many times but never from gold car before although the sevice was quick we were not asked if wanted extra insurance (which we had through rentalcars) this was added, Having been shown no paperwork was asked to sign on a machine for the card(which expected) on return and enquiries of extra payment told as we had signed we couldn't complain , DO NOT US THIS COMPANY!!!! I will be going back to the long queue of recordgo as much as they take there time they haven't ripped me off.

City/airport: Palma mallorca

Dave's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 11 June 2019

Hiring was ok but missed a mark on the front which I didn’t do it cost E200 make sure you have a magnifying glass with you.

City/airport: Murcia

Valentino's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 9 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Good Price found online via a third party company, tried to sell me extra cover for €25 a day but my wife butted in with a resound NO and the guy gave up trying, we’d read reviews so knew what to expect he didn’t put up much of a fight to be honest but then I wouldn’t argue with her either ;) quick service returning the car deposit should be returned automatically in the next 3 days so as long as that is done I would recommend again

City/airport: Nice Côte de azur

97dlc's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (4/5) on 8 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

We did not take the extra insurance with the car hire company which meant we had the oldest car available. Scratches and dents everywhere, it seemed to me that you only had a decent car if you took out their insurance.

City/airport: FUNCHAL

LOUIE's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 7 June 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

It seems it's a scam. Goldcar took a fuel deposit on my debit card and have failed to return it two months later. Do not trust this company. I will never use them again.

City/airport: Murcia

Ray W's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 5 June 2019

please do not use goldcar, money take form card without my consent

City/airport: Palma Malloca

JOHN's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 30 May 2019

Totally ripped me off. They do not include collision damage waiver so forced to purchase their insurance. The fuel tank was just three quarters full. I returned it full and they charged me €61 without my knowledge for breach of their fuel return policy. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

City/airport: Alicante

Conned's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 28 May 2019

Never never again.we booked car in Ryanair web site and pay extra for premium car insurance.arrived in mallorca,reported to goldcar desk and we been told we have to pay 180€ for insurance, we showed a lady our paperwork with premium insurance and she said insurance from Ryanair not from goldcar and we need to buy another one otherwise if something happened we need to pay crazy charges. Be careful,never would recommend

City/airport: Palma de Mallorca

Juli's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 26 May 2019

Whatever you do DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY especially if you fly into Nice. Unlike normal systems i.e. you turn up and join a line of other customers, you have to be told that you need to take a ticket and wait your number to be called. Now that would work I guess BUT the staff are SO SLOW that you can be there for an hour and only one person has gone before you. Then you learn Goldcar have a scam where you can jump to the front if you PAY £40. A lot of very feed up people did this. So your wait time increases even more. If you don’t chose the EXPESS option lord knows how long you would have to wait. Oh and very rude staff as well. STAY AWAY FROM GOLDCAR.

City/airport: Nice Airport

SN Essex's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 26 May 2019

Courteous on pick up and drop off, not too pushy to sell additional insurance etc, very prompt, efficient service at drop off.

City/airport: Pisa Airport

Smithfamily's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (4.5/5) on 23 May 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

I particularly avoided Goldcar because of bad reviews. Rented through Rhodium whose cars are supplied by ACE rent a car and guess what, at the pick up desk the staff member had a Goldcar jacket on. I said " are you Goldcar?" he said no initially but then admitted it! Presumably there reviews and service are so bad that they operate under assumed names. DO NOT USE THEM. 3 day rental, 4 passengers. Some slight dust/grit on the carpets, no mud or mess. Told it needed a full clean internally at 60 euros. Found the supervisor who said, after an argument that it was clean enough. Looks like staff paid commission for any extras they can charge.

City/airport: bordeaux

Pete's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 22 May 2019

Never had to really use you, but as far as contact via email excellent.

City/airport: Murcia

Leeroy's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (4.5/5) on 22 May 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

All was ok until we returned the car. We left the car in their car park returned the keys,all fine. Then today’s later they e-mail saying that there was extra marks on the car . You could see that these marks were old marks and not newly done. When I replyed to their e-mail and pointed this out to them, they just flatly refused to admit to anything. So then charged us 400 Euro’s. so from being a regular customer ( 4- 5 times a year ) to never using them again.

City/airport: Alicante

Jonny's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 21 May 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

The staff at the desk was extremely rude and impolite at me, it was like a horror. I was shaking a long time after. He refused to find a solution with my own insurance and urged to sign and buy an extra one. He threatened me with canceling my booking and losing money if I do not sign immediately, more problem come. I and my friend tried to find a solution but he refused to even try. We wanted to show a voucher with our insurance and he refused again and again threatened. He also refused my debet card when I tried to solve the problem with the limit at my credit card and again threatened and urged to sign the full insurance or GO AWAY. So we under pressure agreed to take extra insurance - he said - insurance is 120 euro. However, He wanted 270 euro. We asked what that it mean 270 is not 120. And he almost aggressively answered that the rest is the deposit for fuel (he said only fuel! NOTHING else). So we expected 150 euro will come back if we drop off the car with fuel full. I asked again if the amount 150 euro is truly the deposit that will come back and he answered yes. So I finally under the pressure and threating of canceling our voucher signed the deposit and insurance. However, when we returned the car we go to the desk and asked for our deposit. We expected the 150 euro back but they said that the fuel deposit is only 60 euro. The rest were some extra services that we do not wanted or used. (e.g. a fee for a diesel car!! He said nothing about the diesel car choice! I know it is voluntary but he added it with no word!) We found out that almost everything he told us was a lie. Jan Krivosej

City/airport: Malaga

Fresqik's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 21 May 2019

- Rude and arrogant staff. - Trying to scare me into taking out insurance when i already had taken out some elsewhere. - Being charged 40EUR for returning a car 1 hour late, due to being stuck in traffic, and taking 15 mins to get my disabled mother out of the car!!!

City/airport: Palermo

Joe's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 21 May 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

In summary I have had the most unreasonable, vindictive and traumatic experience with GOLD CAR / INTERCAR and highly recommend NO ONE RENT FROM THESE GUYS UNLESS YOU WANT TO GO THROUGH HELL!!!! We walked out of terminal 4 at 4:45pm and eventually drove out of the car here place 8:30pm at night!!! ALMOST 4 HOURS!!! For those interested here’s what happened... 1. Rating on falsely showed rating as ‘Good’... after reading other review sites in hindsight I now see ratings are POOR. 2.Terminal 4 Heathrow: While all other hire companies pick up buses streamed past it took more than an hour for GOLDCAR / INTERCAR shuttle to turn up. 3. After arriving at a small cold office with zero waiting space (when compared with other hire company pick up places) I met a long queue. Surprisingly ALL (more than 12) customers before me were having issues with the two inflexible company check-in representatives. 4. When it got to my turn it took them ages to register me in their system. After checking documents I was told a bigger car was available for a minor upgrade price - I thanked the guy but maintained I didn’t want to pay more and was happy with the class I rented. He then, even though I showed I’d paid for full excess cover through, aggressively coerced me into buying additional insurance - I politely maintained I had enough cover and to please proceed. 5. Just as I was putting the credit card in to pay my boy came alongside. He immediately jumped on this fact and insisted I purchase two booster seats for £463 for the £376 rental!!! I explained that I had friends close-by and would collect two boosters from them before returning and collecting the family for onward journey. With a vindictive smirk on his face he refused to release the rental to me and said he must see the seats!! I again explained the family would remain in the office and I could show him the seats on my return before taking the family. In full knowledge that by now my family had been waiting in the cold for over 2 hours!! They even rejected my wife’s proposal that we rent boosters from them for a day and they insisted we rent the full period. 6. I appealed in disbelief to the audience of customers waiting and all were nodding in agreement with me or shaking their heads in sympathetic despair. Luckily for me my guardian angel in the form of another customer was there. He said he had two ‘spare’ seats I could use and produced them to the company representative. At this point seeing there was a body of discontentment from the crowd he proceeded with processing the rental. 7. I LEFT INSULTED AND PHYSICALLY SHAKEN. To be clear their were sooo many people having issues with the nasty tricks unreputable hire companies can play... Accused of scratches that preexisted. One lady with a three month old in her arms for over an hour was pleading so patiently and being told she could not have a spare tyre!! A old man being told he needed 2 forms of proof of address was being wound up and stressed and then out of the blue the company representative changed their mind and agreed for no reason at all that it was ok. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE GOLDCAR or INTERCAR!!!!

City/airport: Heathrow

Rich's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 18 May 2019

Just avoid this company, you dont have to believe what I say but please avoid them,they charged me excess fees of a hundred euro's that they accepted, but I now have to get back somehow, they charged me 250 euro's for a small scratch that I don't believe I done, honestly it was in a place that you wouldn't notice and it was very small, a poor service and I would say extortionate

City/airport: Marco Polo airport italy

Marco's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 15 May 2019

Not a nice company to deal with. They just want to make money from you by not identifying all minor damage on the vehicle saying its alright and isn't worth recording then giving you a big bill for repairs when you return the vehicle.

City/airport: Valetta

Steve's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 15 May 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Do not hire from here 90 minutes in a queue a ridiculous ticketing system that people who have just arrived get to jump the queue. Inempt staff who wouldn’t change the system to a line to make it fair.

City/airport: Bordeaux

Dont hire from here's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 11 May 2019

Awful. On returning the car they said it was ok. Only to be billed 300 euros for a mark they claim was on the roof. Eventually got photos of the mark , it wasn't there when I returned the car. Avoid this company

City/airport: Santiago de Compesta

Riley's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 10 May 2019

They try to scam you on additional insurances and won't refund deposits, aweful company do not use them!

City/airport: Malaga

Paul's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 10 May 2019

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