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In september my father rent a car from your company. He clearly pointed out that he wants a car in gasoline. Then he came to the airport service and when there was CLEARLY SAID that he wouldn't have to pay any extra cost, your employee, seeing that my father's english is not so good, started talking very fast, didn't want to slow down, and when my father wanted to put me on the phone to translator what's going on, your employee just told him that he won't talk to nie because of the Police. Excuse me, but which law determines that? So my father with unsufficient english was left alone forced to sign rental documents where you put your extra payments 1.for a car in DIESEL, that he clearly didn't want, and 2. for a tax that he had to pay because of making extra payment on the airport. Is this a joke? Then, after few days when I came to the airport with my parents to left the car I started talking with your emoloyee, and she told me that it is a frequent situation, nothing big and that we should write a complain and for sure you will return the money. That's what we did, and guess what! Your answer was that my father knew what he agreed for and that he should be HAPPY that he was given a car in diesel that he had to pay extra for, because diesel is cheaper. Your company is a joke. Your attitude towards your customers is grossly disrespectful. You feed on people disability to understand your terms, you pushed to my father something he didn't want, made him pay for that and then you insolently told him he should be happy. If a fuel is more expensive than a diesel and your customer wants a car in fuel it is not you to decide which car he should rent. I will give your company the worst reviews anywhere I can and I will advice against using your services to all my friends. I strongly recommend using your competition services, because I have never had any problems with them.

City/airport: Lisbon airport

Marta's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 20 November 2018

stay well away from Goldcar rental. They make you take out their insurance. we had to pay nearly €200 before picking up car or we were not able to collect our car. My husband had already payed them on line before we drparted u.k. but goldcar said it was not valid. They are crooks. do not use.

City/airport: alicante

Baileycakes's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 17 November 2018

I went on holiday to Majorca and wanted to hire the car for the week so that we could explore the island. I went on a comparison website and I got a quote from Gold Car at 130.18 Euros. This was for a 5 door hatchback. I checked the reviews of the company, which, were mixed. I also checked the reviews of the other car hire companies but they were all the same. I have had experience of hire car companies in Majorca before and the biggest complaint about them from my experience and from the reviews is the pushy sale on insurance. I knew that I would be faced with the big insurance sale when I got to the hire desk so to spare me from this pain and to give me peace of mind, I took out excess waiver insurance before I went away with the aptly named icarhireinsurance underwritten by Zurich insurance. This enabled me to go to the hire desk and say no to insurance with conviction and the knowledge that it wasn’t required. As an insurance broker, I read my excess waiver policy and knew exactly what it was covering me for. It would cover any accidental damage losses that fall below the car hire companies excess. The hire company excess in this case was 1,400.00 Euros. Whilst at the hire desk I could hear the discussion going on at the desk next to me. The man, like me had purchased excess waiver insurance and said with confidence “I do not need insurance as I have excess waiver cover”, the woman at the desk argued with absolute conviction that, what he had purchased, was not good enough, and that he didn’t know what he was talking about. He went from a man confident in knowing what he had purchased, to unsure and then to passing her his credit card and paying the additional £125.00, having believed what the woman was telling him. She made him feel stupid by telling him repeatedly, “sir, what you have purchased, is not good enough, you do not know what you are talking about”. I was bracing myself for the same argument and I knew that I wasn’t going to fall for the insurance scam. In fact, whilst at the hire desk, I read my document again and there is a paragraph in the schedule that states: ‘Some Car rental companies would prefer you to buy their own policy to remove the excess when you hire a vehicle from them and may try to undermine your confidence in our policy at the rental desk. If they try to tell you that your policy is “invalid” or that they “don’t recognise” it and that you should buy theirs its worth remembering that our policy is independent from any car hire company and our promise is to reimburse you for any excess or CD”/LDW claim is not affected by who you hire your vehicle from or what they tell you”. This reaffirmed what I knew so when the man at the hire desk asked me if I wanted insurance I was pleasantly surprised that he accepted my ‘no’ and advised me that I would need to pay a deposit for the insurance of 1400 Euros. As well as the 1400 Euro Insurance deposit, I was also advised I would need to put a deposit of 160 Euros for fuel and a 26 Euro payment for Airport tax. A total of 1,586 Euro’s. I handed my debit card and they advised me that they would not accept a debit card and that I would need to hand over a credit card. That wasn’t a problem and I did so. When I checked my card, it had actually been processed at £1,459.29 at a rate of .9164 cents to the pound. I went on holiday for 7 days and brought the car back 7 days later. There was no damage and the company were satisfied with the fuel and confirmed that I would be refunded the fuel and insurance deposit shortly. I waited a few weeks before looking and when checking my bank was surprised to note that there was a significant difference between the deposit taken and the refund. I noticed that this was due to the exchange rate. When taking my deposit the hire car company took the money at a rate of .9164 cents to the pound and when refunding, refunded an amount of £1,334.96 a rate of .8590 cents to the pound. Whilst away, there was no significant change in the interest rate and was very surprised at this disparity, which, strangely worked in Gold Cars favour by approximately 7%. I expected to receive a refund of £1,435.00 having taken off the airport tax so was surprised to receive a refund of £100 less. I called Gold Car customer services and they were not much help. They asked me to email their customer service address. Which I did. I received a response from Gold Car who advised as follows: Dear client Thank you for your email about the exchange rate relating to your recent Goldcar vehicle rental. Our records show that you paid with a debit card and there was no option but to complete the transaction at the prevailing exchange rate. We encourage customers to use a credit card for the deposit as the sum is simply blocked and unblocked without a charge actually being made. Our records show you accepted and signed for the charge so it cannot be refunded or calculated at a different exchange rate once the rental period has ended. I hope this clarifies matters but please do get back in contact if you require further information. Kind regards, Patricia H I was pleased with this response as I did pay by credit card and not debit card and I felt that they would therefore, agree that they would refund the difference. I wrote back to the company advising them that I had in fact paid by credit card and would therefore, like to receive a refund. I have emailed them a further 3 times since without a response. It would seem that Gold Car are not willing to discuss this further with me and that this is a way for them to make further money out of people who are not willing to fall for the insurance scam!

City/airport: Palma, Majorca

DanHillier's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 5 November 2018

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY They have taken £180 from my deposit for alleged damage that I did not cause and was only visible when they go a torch out to inspect a light scuff on the front bumper which you could not even see without the torch and this was the only spot they inspected with the torch!! they tried to blame me for 2 other scratches but fortunately I had photographs of these from when I collected the car. After asking several times I have still not received proof of damage and therefore unable to claim on my excess insurance taken out with Reduce my Excess and my credit card seems to be unable to help. They also charged us for a new car £50 even though we did not book or request a new car CHECK YOUR PICK UP PAPERWORK CAREFULLY.

City/airport: Valencia

shas123's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 2 November 2018

Scammers- took money off my credit card for alleged damage after I returned it out of hours. When I queried it I was eventually told there was a problem with their internal processes so after a few weeks I was refunded. I have never received details of what the alleged damage was

City/airport: Verona

Richard H's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 2 November 2018

If you don't take their excess insurance they will blame you for damage you didn't do and take substantial money from your CC account without notice! They have several other scams to get money from you so unless you're entertained by someone trying to steal from you, it's probably best not to use them.

City/airport: Murcia

Don Falcon's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 22 October 2018

AVOID GOLDCAR - I GOT A 920 EURO BILL FROM THEM... Their cars are cheap for a reason. If you dont pay the additional insurance which costs more than the rental charge, you will end up with a large bill - FACT. I wasnt even told about the additional insursnce but I know others have been affected by this. I rented a car in valencia last week that was riddled in scratches (not supprising because the Reg is KKK). I returned the car with no more scratches than was already on it and the day after I was sent photos of all sorts of scratches that I can garentee you were not on when I dropped it off. They took 1500 euros off my credit card when I picked it up without my say... I was told the credit card charge was for fuel and now they have refunded some back but minus 920 euros for the scratches already there and more that they must have done after I returned the car. There are many forums about Goldcar, and even Facebook had a Goldcar Victims Page who are helping me claim my money back. They are owned by Europcar so avoid them too. I had a had a great holiday with my wife and 9 month old baby, but this has really angered me, I don't know how their staff sleep at night knowing how they rip people off. Do not use Goldcar and spread the word. How they are still allowed to be in business is beyond me.

City/airport: Valencia

Frank's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 21 October 2018

Got an online deal for the rental but then was strong-armed at the airport into purchasing their insurance (said they would hold $1200 on my credit card for a month if we didn't purchase through them). Car worked fine for 2 days and on the 3rd it stopped going into reverse. We called the company and they sent a tow truck out within a few hours. (Tow truck guy also couldn't get it in reverse - we had to push it out of the parking lot to get it to the truck). Took them a day to find us a replacement and we had to go over an hour away to pick it up. I expected they would refund us for the day that we were without a car, but not only did they not compensate us (after having purchased their full insurance) they then charged us because the tank wasn't full when it was towed away. The guys there claimed the car worked fine and so wouldn't do anything for us. We ended up paying double what we anticipated, when a day without a car (at a farm stay with nothing around us) and were treated like crap. Avoid this company!

City/airport: Rome airport

Singapore Weiss's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 20 October 2018

Mis-sold insurance and not offered any refund, Customer service is terrible and i advise anyone thinking of using this company to please search around and try elsewhere,you will regret it otherwise.

City/airport: Crete

Si79's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 18 October 2018

Good to see I can rate them Zero star . Just been scammed by them out of 250 euros for the faintest mark on the rear drivers side door. The mark was so faint I had to put my reading glasses on to even see it. The staff follow a well rehearsed script. If you are silly enough to rent from them make sure that you both video and photograph all aspects of the car before you leave both when you collect and when you return the car. While we were delivering back the car 3 others were being scammed. If we failed to pay they threatened to call the police and would refuse to drive us to the airport (maybe 1km) I guess we could have called a taxi but we were running late for our plane after spending so long disputing the charge.

City/airport: Rhodes

Neilmo's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 16 October 2018

Poor service on arrival just wanted sell you extra CDW insuranace, which i already had with another company. Got charged fuel surcharge and airport tax. Highlighted by operator to return car fuel empty and now been charged 82 euros for returning empty. A joke of a company and be warned do not use Gold Car they will spoil your holiday

City/airport: Seville Airport

Pedro's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 15 October 2018

Staff is fully aware of cars condition, but when it comes to tick the damages on the form, they are not helpful at all, even if you are asking to help, and if you miss even smallest scratch even from beneath the car, when you will return your car, they will go straight forward to the place you have missed - where you didn't noticed the scratch and will charge you for the damage even you are 100% sure, it was before you took the car. I will never ever again use this company and wouldn't recommend to use to anybody - they renting cars cheap, but then charging for hidden damages. I'm lucky, I did have a full insurance cover and been paid back. But why I should lie to the insurance company about damage I didn't made and deal with them for couple of weeks with the correspondence?

City/airport: Rhodes

Thomas's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 13 October 2018

IT IS A TOTAL SCAM: NEVER RENT WITH THIS COMPANY. They fined us for damaged done previous to our rent. Proved with photos and the ignored us. They make a first inspection with the car where they mark just a few things, when you take the car back. Their inspection lasted 30 seconds, and they fined us. They totally knew what they were doing.

City/airport: Malta international airport

Moisés Garcia's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 9 October 2018

Don’t rent from them. Scam insurance charges once I arrived back.

City/airport: Bordeaux

Chris's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 8 October 2018

I opted not to insure the excess when I hired the car through Ryanair. GOLDCAR's staff at Malta Airport (for the record I think the most unfriendly/hostile service staff I've experienced anywhere in the world, which says a lot about their staff training) tried to persuade me to pay an additional 220 Euro (around £193) to insure the excess. Ryanair had offered the same insurance of the excess for £57 for the 10 days. The total charge for car hire and insurance charged by Ryanair was £122.24. I was incredulous that they were seriously trying to charge me more than 150% of the hire and insurance charge just to insure the excess, and nearly four times what Ryanair would have charged. Furthermore the woman kept insisting that I would be completely liable for the total of any damage to the car unless I paid this additional premium, handing me an almost illiterate explanation of my options on GOLDCAR headed paper that said "With this option you are fully responsible in case of any damages to the car, even if it is NOT your fault" It was only when I spoke to the equally unfriendly manager and pointed out to him that it would be illegal to hire a car without any insurance that he begrudgingly agreed that it was only the excess that was in question. Given the hard sell and their clear annoyance when I refused to pay the extra charge I can only assume GOLDCAR incentivise their staff to sell this insurance. It felt like an attempt at extortion. I remain genuinely shocked that this is GOLDCAR's tactic/company policy, and at the way they train/incentivise their staff. So I will never hire a car from GOLDCAR again, and would not recommend them to anyone.

City/airport: Malta

Hugh's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 7 October 2018

On returning the car the I was accused of causing damage to it (which I had not done). The staff practically had to crawl on the ground to point it out and they seemed to know exactly where to look. They then took £377 off my credit without sending me any documentation explaining what the charge was for. The staff were completely dismissive of me at the time. In 20 years of hiring cars without a problem I have never come across another company that operates in this dubious manner. Do not use Goldcar.

City/airport: Venice

Wayne's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 5 October 2018

Avoid at all costs. Car booked in April for a ‘crazy smart rate’ of €38. Little did I know how many additional costs I would be charged at the airport which I was told ‘are all written in the terms and conditions’ charging me an ADDITIONAL €238!!!! Totally ruined our holiday. Never ever ever will I use these thieves again!!!!!

City/airport: Malaga

Scammedbygoldcar's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 3 October 2018

** ANOTHER SCAMMED PERSON ** I should have read these reviews before booking with Goldcar. I had a Full Protection cover from the third-party company I made the booking with and when I collected the car, I was charged for extra insurance and plenty other extras whilst all I wanted was to add a second driver. Their clever trick is to avoid mentioning all the extras, take the payment from you and then make you sign the rental contract where all the extras are listed.

City/airport: Malaga

Chris's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 3 October 2018

We have booked Goldcar twice a year for around 8 years paying around £500 to £700 per hire period, and have always been pleased with the service we have received, up until out latest booking. I am a disabled driver (paraplegic) and I use a set of universal push/pull hand controls which fit temporarily into the hire car. I booked a Ford Focus Automatic (which we had hired from them before) with this company for the period 2nd September to 30th September 2018 (28 days), with the fully inclusive insurance package. We had originally booked a car with another rental company - due to the ever rising costs of booking a car with Goldcar. However, around one week before we were due to fly, we were offered a substantial (45%) discount off a similar car, so we cancelled the other rental company and rented a car with you. On our arrival at your rentals desk in Malaga airport, we were offered an 'free upgrade' to a Toyota Auris, which we accepted. We completed the rental paperwork and proceeded to the parking garage to collect our keys. When we arrived at the office in the parking garage it was utter chaos. The rentals desk inside the terminal had 10 rental agents working, but in the garage there were only 2. It appeared that not only were they dealing with booked rentals, but also 'walk in' rentals, returns and complaints. After around 45 minutes of waiting we finally got our car keys. We located our car, a considerable distance from the garage office, but then couldn't work out how to start it - we have never driven a Hybrid (we did not know that the Toyota Auris was a Hybrid) so I searched for a Goldcar employee for help. Eventually and luckily we found one of their employees, and he showed us how to start the car. We then tried to fit my hand controls into the Toyota Auris, but couldn't get them to fit, so we returned to the garage office and explained the problem and asked for the Ford Focus that we had originally booked. The representative said that no Ford Focus was available and it was "the Auris or nothing", very unhelpful. Finally, we were allocated a far smaller car, a VW Polo, and when we asked if it was a cheaper class and would we have a partial refund, the representatives just said, "no". Both staff in the 'booth' were unhelpful and extremely rude! In fact the VW Polo is generally classed as an 'Economy' model and the Ford Focus a 'Compact' model, so there should have been some price difference for the hire, fully inclusive insurance, as well as the fuel charge which is lower, all for which I should have been refunded. When my wife asked for a customer complaint form (an EU legal requirement), it was refused and instead she was given a normal business card with the customer services telephone number on. The smaller car marred our four weeks in Spain. My wife (who is of small stature) had to struggle to fit my wheelchair and our luggage into the car from and back to the airport, and struggled throughout our stay getting my wheelchair in and out of the tiny boot space. We will NEVER book with this car rental company EVER again, and urge anyone thinking of doing so to use a different rental company!!

City/airport: Malaga

hazel7797's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 3 October 2018

We arrived in Nice late on Saturday night and didn't have to wait to be served. Nice Airport is always a pain for hire cars, and we have probably used every company there, with varying results. Goldcar asked for either a 199 Euro insurance fee or a 1500Euro deposit on a credit card. As we didn't want to pay the fee, we opted for the deposit, but felt that we were being blackmailed into it. Our Mastercard limit is slightly under 1500euro so it wouldn't go through. They would not accept any other card except the designated driver, and they wouldn't allow the fee to be split up into two parts. Their only suggestion was that we raised our credit card limit. At ten pm on a Saturday night! They were not helpful in the slightest. In the end we managed to transfer money from one account to another, but it took half an hour and a lot of stress, with two children, one who started to cry. Their terminal didn't function several times. The staff were polite but but totally unhelpful and not particularly sympathetic. Not exactly their fault, but a depressing experience and we will definitely not use them again and I would very strongly advise anyone else to steer clear of this company. We felt we had been swindled.

City/airport: Nice airport

jack's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 30 September 2018

Scammed! Please do not use. Charged €455 for damages that the company made up and were already on the car when we hired it. We checked the car over when we hired and the damages were recorded. But this paperwork was lost by them.

City/airport: Marseille

jr2717's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 26 September 2018

Scammed! Please do not use. Charged €455 for damages that the company made up and were already on the car when we hired it. We checked the car over when we hired and the damages were recorded. But this paperwork was lost by them.

City/airport: Marseille

jr2717's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 26 September 2018

Yet another scam from Goldcar in Italy (Linate Airport)... added scratches and claimed that a I did not return the car with a full tank. They actually dared to send a picture of the needle reader with a quarter full... problem is, we drove under 250 km and have the pics of the km... that's actually hilarious (sort of) that they don't even think of reconciling that - quite dumb. Also, on the picture of the quarter full tank of gas, it's 34 degrees C at 6pm (yesterday) so this pic has probably been used for other scams (have a check everyone). So the charge is €215 for an imaginary scratch, €40 penalty for not filling the tank and €66 for fuel. These guys are part of EUROPCAR now - I just can't believe that they don't police that. This is just robbery in broad daylight. X

City/airport: Linate

Xav's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 24 September 2018

This company is a total rip off DO NOT use. We were charged for a new car we did not ask for and when we returned the car he asked queried scuff on back, wheel and front. The marks in the wheel and the back I had photos off but the one on the front you could not see until the guy shine his touch in it. Interestingly this is the only place the guy got the touch out for !!! They have charged my credit card over £1000! Fortunately I have excess insurance so Hopefully I should get the alleged repair cost back but having to take up the €50 charge for a new car we did not ask for and was not explained to us.

City/airport: Valencia

Ripped off's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 22 September 2018

Scam! Horrified and experienced the worst car rental in split this week. Refused to acknowledge my own full insurance. Literally refused to give me the car without signing up to a ridiculously expensive insurance and then charging me £85 extra for going up the coast . Oh , and the car was filthy .. They tried to charge another £125 extra but told my bank to not accept the pending charge as they are literally CRIMINALS!!! Be aware !!!!

City/airport: Split

Appalled!!'s rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 20 September 2018

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