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I can just warn everyone about the financial strategy of this rental car company, called Goldcar. It relies on hiding costs as best as they can to appear cheaper than others. But the moment you rent a car, you will end up paying more than with any of the more serious companies. At Nice airport a female staff used attempted intimidation against me as a female driver in order to manipulate me into buying more extras. She, for instance, asked me if I’m sure that I want to drive this vehicle without having any second driver registered (pointing to my male partner). When I said no, she claimed that my driving license is less than a year old. After I corrected this very obvious mistake, she didn’t even apologize but started the next try on selling me another package (side note: a second driver costs extra). This woman looks at a large number of driving licenses every day. Mine is a standard EU driving license. No one can tell me that this wasn’t by intention. Another example is that she asked if I’d know how to refuel a car (if not they have a service, which, as a side note, costs extra). These a not the kind of questions she had asked the man before me in the queue. Her attitude combined with what she said make me feel discriminated as a female driver. And that all of this is systematically backed by a modular cost structure of Goldcar itself. In addition, we found out that the full insurance I had thought of buying was not an actual full insurance. Initially the price was 268,23€ for a full insured Fiat 500 for 5 days. In the end, we payed 142,95€ more for the actual full insurance, which let us to leave with a whopping 411,18€. That is more than a rental from other, more serious, rental companies and car models of higher segments.

City/airport: Nice Airport

Hani's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 18 July 2020

Never Goldcar again. Misinformed on the insurance (told me that the booking I had done through a 3rd party site didn’t have insurance) and when I filed the Official complaint paper they stamp only the 1 of the 3 pages.. disgrace .. very disappointing service

City/airport: Barcelona

Harry's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 28 June 2020

Rent from Goldcar at your peril I have rented from Goldcar on a number of occasions as I rent a car in Malaga every 2 weeks, and they are normally (on the surface) one of the cheapest rental companies in Malaga. However when I add in the charges they have made to my credit card once I have returned to the UK on a number of occasions, it makes them a very expensive option. They get very poor reviews consistently and are the only Spanish rental company that does not belong to the European Car Hire Conciliation service, which is why they can constantly ignore any emails or complaints. Indeed the Daily Mail have listed them multiple times as the worst car hire company in Europe. In November they charged me 180 Euro for damage to a vehicle (which I disputed but could get no comment from them), however they had actually taken 300 Euro from my credit card. I went to the ECHC who told me that they cannot get involved with Goldcar as the company does not co-operate with the conciliation service. Thankfully I was insured so approached my insurer. The Insurers were sympathetic and informed me that they had many people with similar experiences with Goldcar. They were very happy to re-imburse the 180 Euro, but said that regardless of the proof I had that Goldcar had taken 300 Euro from my credit card, they could only re-imburse me the amount that was on the Goldcar documentation (180 Euro). I then proceeded to try and get get the refund of 120 Euro from Goldcar, after several months of Goldcar ignoring every email I sent (in excess of 25) and every form I filled in online (twice per week) I eventually contacted the Centro Europeo del Consumidor en España. Who contacted Goldcar and miraculously almost 8 months after initially chasing them for the money, they immediately agreed that they should have returned the 120 Euro to me straight away And refunded it back on my card the following day - no word of apology or explanation. This is not the first time I have had to chase Goldcar to refund money they owed to me. How many people have been repeatedly ignored by Goldcar so-called 'Customer Services' and have eventually given up, and Goldcar keep the money. I would recommend giving them a wide berth - they are essentially a disreputable company with no customer service at all and they use every trick in the book to extort money from you - including tellling lies as you collect the car. I have been told that unless I take their insurance at the desk I would not be able to hire a car. I have also been told that if I scratched a vehicle I would be liable for the full amount of the vehicle value in excess of 8000 Euro if I did not have their insurance. I have an annual policy from Insurance4Carhire which I would highly recommend, and covers you for all the things such as excess etc.. that is not normally covered by the basic insurance. Goldcar told me that this insurance is not valid in Spain and not worth the paper it is printed on - however over the years I have had punctures and flat batteries and they have never failed to re-imburse the costs. It is worth paying a little extra to rent from Record or Firefly (both members of the conciliation service) and in my experience have customer service staff who respond within 24 hours, are helpful and are happy to assist you if you have a query about a charge or rental. Rent from Goldcar at your peril - you have been warned!

City/airport: Malaga

Russell's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 31 May 2020

Ripped off. Charged for an upgrade that I didn't want. The guy at the hire desk in Fuertaventura Airport told me they didn't have the Seat Mi that I had ordered so I could have a Fiat 500 at no extra cost. Guess what, next credit card bill and they've taken an extra £55 on top of my rental cost. Why. I had signed for an upgrade. Just don't book with them. They are set up as a company to scam customers. Even my credit card company couldn't get my money back. Please don't use them. They are scum and shouldn't be in business. How on earth they have 'real reviews on their website with a 7.3 out of 10 rating, I have no idea. Probably a lie just like the rest of the blurb. Stay away from them. You ahve been warned.

City/airport: Fuertaventure

Russell Exley's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 29 May 2020

I'll never, ever, rent with GOLDCAR again!!! If you ever decide to rent a car online, think twice before using GOLDCAR. I had a reservation made for these days, which of course I was unable to use because of the COVID-19. In other words, it didn't cancel, it was the pandemic situation that prevented me from using the service. But GOLDCAR argued with contractual technicalities and refused any kind of refund - neither total nor partial - although I have warned then of the situation in advance. For a tiny value they will win "for free" - without providing the service (and they know that the service cannot be used, they don't even have to have the car ready!) they will loose a customer (yes, I rented there for some time now). Next time I'll need a rented car I'll definitely not go to GOLDCAR even if I have to pay the double or 3 times more. ENJOY MY FREE EUROS - THEY'RE THE LAST YOU WILL EVER GET FROM ME!!!

City/airport: Athens

slira's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 18 April 2020

They do not deserve even a 1 star! When I arrived at the office and the assistant at the desk gave me the keys and rudely pointed the direction where I should go and collect the car without even making an effort to come with me to show it personally. Also, the assistant got really rude when I said I do not want full insurance. Then I asked someone to come and check the car with me but the guy said that I do not need anyone to check the car I should check it by myself, which I thought was due to the good condition of the car and also that the company is reliable. However, after returning the car they found scratches on the car. The scratches are tiny and can not be seen with a naked eye. The guy used a special light and straight away find the tiny scratches which was odd it seems like he knew about them. After these false claims, the manager came and I show her the location of the scratches and she could not point them because they can not be seen without a piece of equipment there are very small. My point is the scratches have been there before. I am not professional and I do not wear special equipment with me when renting a car and also I do not check cars every day. It has not been done exactly the same checks on delivering and receiving the car. It is not fair the way the car was checked in and checked out it was two completely different procedures. The car was not checked when I took it by a professional member of GOLDCAR but was checked on dropping off. The whole procedure was unfair. They did not show me any invoice the manager just promised me that I will be charged with 200 euros for the front door and when I got off the plane I received an email that I will be charged 450 euros instead. Be aware!!!

City/airport: Barcelona

Svetoslav's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 31 March 2020

Excellent service provided by multi lingual staff. Have used numerous times.

City/airport: Alicante

Natti's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (5/5) on 16 March 2020

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Intimidatory scare-tactics were employed to try to add €300 excess protection to my booking. Even told that a mechanical breakdown would be at my expense. I will never use Goldcar again as a result of this horrible experience !

City/airport: Tenerife Sur airport

LordNidderdale's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 15 March 2020

After the usual attempts to sell excess insurance and up grade to a bigger vehicle the hire was fine. My only comment would be you have to sign an electronic pad in the office to accept their damage report before you have viewed the vehicle.

City/airport: Funchal

Mark's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (4/5) on 12 March 2020

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Its not hard to find negative views of this company. I'm sure some hires go without a problem, but beware, they really will try and rip you off. Check your invoice carefully before you hire and before you pay on the credit card. I refused insurance after a fight, actually, with their sales patter, they slipped it very easily under the radar. I was told I had to pay a fuel deposit and car deposit. I didn't check my invoice until later and there were charges on there not even mentioned to me, let alone explained. Also they have taken charges from my credit card that don't correspond to the invoice. And no explanation given to me. Watch a useful video on you tube explaining how they operate.

City/airport: Malaga

Sharpy's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 2 March 2020

We recently hired a Goldcar picking it up at Valencia Airport. The man in the office could not have done better, I have hired four Goldcars now without problems. I must say that it is better to book directly with Goldcar not a third party booking it for you. I was very pleased when returning the car, again, the same man from whom I collected the car could not have done better.

City/airport: Valencia

Bryn's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (5/5) on 28 February 2020

Warning!!! Do not rent a car from Goldcar it is complete cheating! 6 Feb to 13 Feb, I have rent a car together with my 4 years old son for a holiday. Car picked from Gran Carina Airport and driven to the hotel which was 16km away from the airport. Since we had a lot of activities at the holiday center, therefore we did not use the car at all, the car has been parking at the holiday center until 13 Feb. we drive back to the airport. just before delivering the car, I filled out the gasoline, it was only 6 Euro. since the tank is completely full. Just before I delivery the car, I took a few pictures of the car, only for our holiday memory. When we delivery the car, a guy from Goldcar, he checked everything, outside, inside, moto, everything is perfect, the car was completely clean as well since we did not use more than 1 hour all in all. He said everything is okay, my full amount of deposit will be returned automatically. 2 hours later, after we checked in at airport, and passed the security everything, I got an email that, there is car damage, and they just deducted 200 Euro from my credit card! This is completely cheating! They also send a few pictures, shows the front damage, but compared to the pictures that I took before I hand in the car, there is NOTHING at all. I have been writing to their customer server, calling them, but until today NO ANY feedback at all. This is a desperate customer, in the end, have to write in social media, warring others do not get cheated.

City/airport: Gran Carina

Dong's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 27 February 2020

Beware of hidden charges. Thoroughly read before signing. Use another rental car Company.

City/airport: Arrecife. Lanzarote

Bert's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 25 February 2020

Even with prepaid car insurance still got stung for almost double the daily hire rate. Rip off. Booked through Easyjet's Cartrawler

City/airport: Fuerteventura

Jay's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 25 February 2020

Beware of this companies fuel policy if they do not offer full to full. I hired a car (Panda)for 2 weeks thinking it was a good deal, but over £20 was added to the cost at the airport because ? ALSO I was advised to leave it for them to fill. I was charged nearly £30 for 2thirds of a tank. Hired this through JetCar as their cheapest on airport car hire. Turned out more expensive than most. Advise to only use companies that offer full to full and make sure it is full on return.

City/airport: Faro Airport

Muggins's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 22 February 2020

Okay but do try pushing extra insurance

City/airport: Faro Portugal

Chippey's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (4/5) on 21 February 2020

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

I have been a loyal Goldcar Valencia customer for 4 years. On average I rent a car from them 3 times a year. Great cars, great price. I am also a member of the loyalty club. This time I needed a car for 31 days. That wasn’t possible. I had to make two bookings. One of 28 days and one of 3 days. I assumed that Goldcar Valencia would combine that at the counter but to my surprise, they said that was impossible. I had to return the car after 28. Stand in line again at the counter and sign a new contract. I really tried everything but it really Wasn’t possible in any other way. For us this would mean that We would have to drive 200 km to exchange the car and extend the contract. Worthless service, no customer friendliness and flexibility. Only "sorry, sorry, sorry but these are the rules". And really stupid: "next time you should mail or call our office in Valencia and not book through the website ...." ??? I don't think there will be a "next time".

City/airport: Valencia Airport

Peter's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 20 February 2020

Extremely bad service, total rip off!!!!! Told me they will take off 1100 Euros as a deposit from my credit card and refund it in 4 weeks if I dont take their coverage. Although I have liability plus comprehensive cover with my credit card. An elderly german couple were denied to rent a car if they dont take their coverage, although they payed up front with full comprehensive insurance through the internet. To top that off the guy at the counter was super rude. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

City/airport: Malaga

tw's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 20 February 2020

When we arrived to collect the car, we came under enormous pressure to take their insurance. The lady at the desk was very aggressive, rude and belligerent. We were threatened and she insinuated she would take €1400 if we did not take her insurance for €129. We explained we had excess insurance but she simply would not accept it. Don’t use Gold - they try to rip you off

City/airport: Barcelona

Marcus's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 17 February 2020

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Hidden charges, and very bad service.

City/airport: Malaga

Nanz's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 8 February 2020

Had a couple with booking blocking card over charged and charged for insurance

City/airport: Barcelona

Mellec's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (4/5) on 6 February 2020

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

I have used these a couple of times without too much of an issue but on this occasion they have charged me for existing damage to the vehicle - despite the damage being recorded on my check out contract, they are stating that I caused it. Avoid at all costs - it is impossible to make contact with them and get any clear answers.

City/airport: La Linea

rgeaster's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 6 February 2020

When we returned the car after a period of 2 week hire a representative was adamant that we were responsible for a 'scuff' on the rear wheel arch. This mark was clearly marked on the paperwork when we picked the car up, indicating the mark was already there. Two days after returning from Tenerife Goldcar have put £168 on my credit card!!!! I didn't even authorise the transaction!!!! We were warned about Goldcar however we decided to give them a chance. Never, ever again, BIG mistake! Absolutely scammers! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!!!!!!

City/airport: Tenerife South

NEVER, EVER AGAIN...!!!'s rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 28 January 2020

Not so good

City/airport: Alicante

Bulbul's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1.5/5) on 27 January 2020

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Bunch of crooks and so rude, impossible, nasty and waited two hours to get to the desk front. We were happy with the car but not the pushy nasty man in charge there, he only wanted to sell extra insurance which cost more than the car hire. He refused to accept our extra uk insurance we took out as extra cover, knowing what Italy is like for accidents and car claims, our contract stated we were fully insured when we booked the car, goldcar staff say different, mafioso for sure and never came across such a rude bunch. Same on returning car only this time I told the woman I was not waiting we had a flight to catch. Understaffed and no customer service training at all. Never again, huge deposit taken on our credit card and they dissputed my card stating it was not valid, but we paid on it!!! He actually said he could refuse to give us the car and we could walk!! I cannot tell you what I really think it would be too rude, I wanted to grab him and get his throat. Everything that is so wrong with companies in Italy ;and Ive had plenty of experience beleive me. Never again, Goldcar should be out of business, They would never survive with that attitude in the uk.

City/airport: Rome Ciampino

peeded off's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 18 January 2020

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

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