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DO NOT USE GOLDCAR. They charged a deposit on my credit card of 168.80 Euros immediately when I collected the car - meaning I would be charged interest before I could settle the bill. This was supposed to be refunded when the car was returned with a full tank of petrol but they have kept my money even though I returned the car full! Also I was charged 269 Euros for "scratches" they found when I returned the car plus a non-sterling transaction fee! Beware, they will always find something non-existent to charge you for. The car was also dirty when collected - probably a ploy on their part to conceal any scratches from me in the first place. I would have given no stars if I had the choice. Terrible company - not a nice experience booking in either. They make you wait outside the office and when you are eventually called in the pressure sales begin! They try to sell insurance you have already paid for. Not a reputable company by any means.

City/airport: Murcia

Bob's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 21 August 2019

The man who served us was extremely arrogant . He said he had to block 2500 Euros from the credit card because I didn't get it from their site, which he said was my mistake. The only option in which I can get the car is to give 260 euro insurance and then nothing will block from the card. Such was the policy of the company. They dialed your number because I wanted to contact you, but they only spoke to me in Italian, a language I did not speak. They claimed that since it was 12 a.m. , there was no one to pick up the phone outside working hours. All this happens at midnight, we are with a small child. They were lying me and when I wanted to cancel my paid car, they said that I would not be able to get the money I used to pay it. I attach the documents that I agreed to sign after I was left with no choice.

City/airport: Bologna

Zornitza's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 19 August 2019

No high pressure sales techniques, very friendly staff member. She was courteous and friendly. The car was new and in excellent condition. I'd use again

City/airport: Malaga Airport

Damo's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (5/5) on 19 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Greedy and unhelpful

City/airport: Malaga

Mikex's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 16 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Total rip offs. Advertised hire costs €82 real cost actually paid €397.12 AVOID

City/airport: Palma

Symo's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 16 August 2019

Tried to stich me (and my insurance) up over some preexisting damage. We had photographic evidence to prove otherwise.

City/airport: Tenerife South

Col's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 15 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

DO NOT book anything with Interrent or Gold Car! They are the same company and will try to scam you whenever possible. Costumer service is terrible as they will never reply to your emails. Recently I have hired a car at the Malaga airport. I have booked previously online and when I arrived at the Interrent office everything was ok and the car was ready to go. The employee asked me a few details, driving licence etc and then asked me to pay a deposit of 200€. I then asked him what was the deposit for and he told me that it would be for the petrol and then everything would be refunded once the car was handed back with a full petrol tank. I accepted to pay the 200€ with my credit card and then was asked to sign on the pinpad. Surprisingly 7 days after giving the car back, I only received part of the deposit (76€). I went over all the paperwork that was handed to me and found that several charges were added to the contract (which is in the middle of several pages with a staple placed next to the charges) without me being informed or even mentioned: "recargo aeropuerto 9.82€, C. extra V. Diesel 10.33€, Cobertura Super 73.73€, Fianza Tarjeta 62.81€ and smart Return 12.36€". Some of these charges I can't even image what they mean as they were never mentioned or explained during the whole process. I had even mentioned to the employee that I had my own insurance. I speak both English and Spanish, so there was nothing missed in translation during this transaction. After contacting Interrent by phone, they keep asking me to send them an email but then they never reply. In my opinion a company that review themselves with this kind of behaviour shouldn't be trusted. I don't even want to imagine if you get involved in a traffic accident or in other kind of scam they promote. Be smart, do not book with them. You might save some money but will end up paying much more if something goes wrong or if they just decide to rob you.

City/airport: Malaga

Another victim's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 15 August 2019

I have used Goldcar a few times in the past without any issues. Unfortunately this summer I was caught out with extra charges which I did not want or request, this included "Cobertura Super" (excess insurance). Goldcar are unwilling to issue a refund! The extra charges more than doubled the cost of the car hire "BEWARE"

City/airport: Malaga

Mark's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 15 August 2019

Avoid at all costs. Scammed into paying €90 extra at airport by an aggressive rude member of staff after waiting an hour to collect car!

City/airport: Murcia

Sarah's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 15 August 2019

It was not possible to contact the servise center when our flight delyed and later SOS road assistance when we had an accident!!!!!!! In case of any kind of problems you will have no help of Goldcar!!!!

City/airport: Bari airport

Igor's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 11 August 2019

Really nice car for a good price. Collection easy, no pressure to add extras. Only issue, and I think it was genuine error, was that they debited whole deposit (1000+ euros) rather than put a hold on card as usual. Has now been refunded, so OK.

City/airport: Bilbao

Jon's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (3.5/5) on 8 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Hired car online with fully comprehensive insurance. Aggressive and rude staff at Barcelona airport told me I had no insurance and forced me to pay over €150 + taxes for their insurance which I did not need. They refused to believe I had insurance as I booked via and not their own website and they said it was not valid. Seems I am not the only one who has been scammed like this after some online searches as they have made national press repeatedly over misleading sales techniques.

City/airport: Barcelona

DJB's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 8 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

INTER RENT / GOLDCAR (they also call themselves GOLDCAR on some websites so be aware) they are the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with extremely rude staff. Very stressful experience. I wish I reviewed them before using them. They are a con artist company. We paid online what seems to be complete and the total amount to pay to hire a car in Maderia. There was also an option to pay an extra £7 a day to take out insurance through the broker which we paid for. On arrival of picking up the car it seemed that the insurance is completely invalid according to Interent/ Goldcar hire. They charged us a further €40 for giving us a full tank of petrol which is non refundable regardless of whether you bring back a full tank or not, a further €70 deposit for the petrol in the tank, which will be refunded if you bring back a full tank (the car was a 1.2 litre there is no way a full tank cost €70). We used 3/4 of the tank and filled it back up just before giving it back as we did not want to give this company a single penny more. The cost of 3/4 was €42 so no where near €70. And they wanted a further €186 for their insurance policy or a €1200 deposit on a credit card. Which they rudely stated if you do not wish to pay the €186 for the insurance policy then out of the €1200 deposit 1 scratch on the car will cost €600. The car had several bumps and scratches from previous customers that clearly shows they are not using the money to repair the cars. She also said that the credit card company will charge us interested fees as they hold the deposit for 30 days which will incur fees with the bank I couldn’t believe how rude she was being, it was like she was suggesting that they purposely hold your deposit for a long time so that we incur interest charges just so that we would pay the €186. We just wanted to cancel the car hire but was completely trapped and had no choice but to continue with them. The staff are extremely rude about it all, they really want to up sell their insurance policy which clearly doesn’t get used to fix their cars. The cost of hiring this car in total WAS NOT cheaper than hiring from a more reputable company in the end. I regret using them and will never again use them STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. I will be spreading this comment where ever I can. They also have 7.4 trustpilot rating on their website this is a complete lie I’m not sure how they get away with that in fact I’m not sure how they are allowed to get away with any of this.

City/airport: Funchal/ Maderia airport

TM's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 3 August 2019

Rented a car in Majorca. I returned the car with a full tank of fuel . Afterwards i was charged £52 for fuel and for the car being diesel. I asked for a petrol car. They gave me diesel as they had no petrol and at no point informed me there were extra charges for diesel. The have partially refunded me a te fuel after a complaint but they no longer communicate with me and hang up when i call them. As far as i am concerned this is theft and i will be passing this to the car hire ombudsman.

City/airport: majorca

Hooper's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 30 July 2019

Rude attitude, promiss shuttle buses but don't deliver. I'm sorry that I chose them.

City/airport: Athens

Elad's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 25 July 2019

Dreadful. Will NEVER USE THEM OR RECOMMEND THEM AGAIN. They conned us over 200€ Extra for spurious full cover.

City/airport: Toulouse

Jeremy Hewitt's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 24 July 2019

Terrible. Hidden costs. Not explained properly prior to booking otherwise I would have gone with another company

City/airport: Majorca

zanderb86's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 24 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Goldcar charged me 730 euros for scratches that no one could see only them. They sent me photos , I blew them up and still no one could see the scratches. What they do is polish out any minor scratches , and you return it blame you. Save yourself being ripped off, don't use them. Their under investigation.

City/airport: Almeria

Redbill's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 20 July 2019

Charged for an upgrade and smart return without asking, will never use these people again

City/airport: Fuerteventura

Pm's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 20 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Car ok,check in was horrendous .Bullied by two members of staff, trying to make me take there insurance. Said your insurance was useless , no good. But said no ,got the car in the end.

City/airport: Palma

M.R.'s rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 19 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Very poor customer service given a Ford Fiesta with so many body marks that was not reported on my paper chart also front N/S wheel trim Was badly scraped it was registered on my chart, and a slight tyre cut which was not, I had marked the faults on the chart myself witness by a Goldcar rep whom was not very helpful I asked him for a signature to clarify before I go. He bluntly said no ,my Xs on the chart will be fine.when I returned the car two different guys checked the car and looking at the N/S front wheel trim and the tyre for nearly a minute discussing etc I got quite annoyed and explained the chart to them they then went a manager chatting in the reception I went over to them and explained that the chap that had refused my request for a signature and he was a witness was sitting in the reception at the time did not come over to confirm these crosses etc was correct it was a good six minutes of stress no apologies. Certainly won’t be back there.

City/airport: Gatwick

Frank's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 13 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

On arrival at terminal realised I had booked a vehicle with Goldcar because they had used a different name on the booking site. Was given a polite hard sell to take their insurance being shown the unjustifiably high charges for minimal damage and elected to pay for the Excess Free product. The vehicle was poorly valeted and had done 27000km. On driving it there was clearly a significant mechanical fault as there was a deep humming noise from70km/h which became a very impleasant on increasing speed above 100km/h because the whole car began to vibrate. On returning the vehicle at the end of hire, the service agent at drop off failed to log the return time and I am still trying to recover the Credit card charge for late return as they recorded a return t1ime some 2 hours after my flight time by which time I had almost arrived back in UK. Their activity amounts to theft and I am ashamed with their Parent Company Europcar who I have always found reasonable in the past that they allow such practices to continue in a company they own.

City/airport: Toulouse

John's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1/5) on 11 July 2019

Easy booking and collection but car had lots of damage, no radio, broken seat belt

City/airport: Alicante

Kk's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1.5/5) on 9 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Very good

City/airport: Alicante

TKB's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (5/5) on 9 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Car was fine but hard sell tactics and quite unfriendly to other customers around us. Buy an excess policy before leaving the UK or they will really put the pressure on to take their expensive one.

City/airport: Malaga

Sparky's rating of their experience of Goldcar: (1.5/5) on 8 July 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

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