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Disappointed again with Europcar. Bristol Horfield branch. I’m a Privilege Elite VIP member though I never receive any benefits. On the whole Europcar are more expensive than their competitors but I have used this branch as they are close to my house. Booked my car on their app last week and turned up today at 9:50am to collect my car. The representative again said they could not give me any upgrade. The first car had lots of dents and wheel damage. It was also completely frosted up and therefore illegal and dangerous to drive. I asked the representative for some de-icer but they had none. He got a credit card out and started pathetically to clear the ice. A hire car company unable to de-ice a car! I asked for an alternative and this car was dirty and again frosted up. I had now wasted 40 minutes and had an appointment to give blood at Southmead Hospital at 10:45am. I asked the representative to get it sorted and got a taxi as I didn't want to be late. They called me a couple of hours later to say the car had now been cleaned. I have never written a review before but CANNOT recommend Europcar. I have just looked up and section 41D of the Road Traffic Act 1988 says it is a legal requirement to have a clear view of the road before you set off! You'll get points on your licence and a hefty fine. Worse still you won't see a pedestrian or cyclist and kill them. Motorists must clear snow and ice from every window of their car, according to The Highway Code.Rule 229 also dictates that drivers must: Demist and clear all mirrors Clean all lights Make sure their number plates are visible Europcar have not done this today. The expensive insurance they also sell you would be invalid If you get into a crash because you didn't properly clean your windows, the insurance company might find you at fault for 'neglecting to properly prepare your vehicle', My simple advice is to make sure your hire car is defrosted and avoid Europcar Bristol Horfield.

City/airport: Bristol

Benjamin's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 14 December 2018

Do not hire from Europcar! They have ripped me off for £625 worth of damage for a bumper scratch (passenger side) which was found upon returning a car at Dublin airport. The damage was not caused by me but the agent attempted to justify himself by highlight how easy it is to cause such damage without me realizing at the time. Funny how he walked straight to the area of damage when greeting us from his little cabin! Awful, criminal and all relevant authorities have been made aware of this disgraceful business model the company put into practice. AVOID! They should not be trading,.

City/airport: Dublin

Michael's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 6 November 2018

Rented a car from Europcar with an illegal cracked windshield (cracked across the width of the screen) and told no alternative cars available. 9 weeks after the hire period Europcar sent a bill for 400euro for scratches which were already on the car when hired. Will never hire a car from Europcar again. (Tip...Hang onto your photos for proof of your hire car for at least 6 months in case the company decide to send a repair bill after several months and you need evidence)

City/airport: Basel Mulhouse

NoToEuropcar's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 4 October 2018

Europcar cheatting their clients - did not mention while online reservation about insurance which in fact the same amount as the rent amount. Did not inform on the docs properly and eventually charge you indicating that you missed something. It was first and definetely the last time of using this rent car provider. Be carefull and make a choice based on other people feedback! there are a lot of better local providers.

City/airport: lisbon

Oleksandr's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 1 October 2018

Long queues at the height of summer season and the staff dealt with each customer as quick as possible. The insurance issue is one that continues to cause customers concern. Using reduce my excess eases this. Car was upgraded from original booking at no cost to me. Car was clean however difficult to spot small dents due to water marks. Hand back was the easiest I have ever had. Highly recommended.

City/airport: Marseille

Edgey's rating of their experience of Europcar: (5/5) on 16 August 2018

Arrived late at night, empty reception desk, very friendly staff, taken out to car (skoda fabia) car half filled with petrol (to be returned the same). No trouble with the car whilst on holiday. Returned 2 weeks later, young lady came out to car, checked petrol gauge, looked around car and off she went. Very easy, very smooth and very friendly. First time we have picked car up from airport. Very impressed.

City/airport: Preveza

sonofwat's rating of their experience of Europcar: (4.5/5) on 27 July 2018

Very very very bad!!!! We did not get the car we ordered and they did nothing to help us!!!! Very very very bad experience!!!!!!

City/airport: Athens

Europcarhater's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 1 July 2018

Europcar gave us a car lacking a fuel additive called “Ad Blue” that nearly stranded us on a remote highway, then scoffed at our request for roadside asaistance even though it was their fault for not checking the fluid. They also charged 400 Euros to repair a small scrape that could have been repaired for a fraction of the cost.

City/airport: Dublin

Dwooj's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 26 June 2018

Generally their service was speedy and well done and the vehicle supplied was in very good condition. However there were two areas of their service which were inadequate. Firstly, they had not noted a large scratch on one of the (quite new) vehicle's doors . However there was no difficulty in having the agent add this to the hire form. Secondly, despite having received assurance by email from Europcar that they would provide "all the equipment required to drive the vehicle [in France]", namely a warning triangle, high visibility jacket(s) and breathalyser kit, these were not supplied.

City/airport: Bordeaux

Clippertraveller's rating of their experience of Europcar: (4.5/5) on 24 June 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Pretty poor service. Car was picked up in the dark and a pre-existing scratch not noticed. They knew it was there as the checker went straight to it on return. Would consider others in the future.

City/airport: Florence

Jules's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 19 June 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Aggressively tried to sell me upgrade and excess insurance. Tried to palm me off with car type I did not order. Then had to wait an hour for car type I had ordered.

City/airport: Alicante

Maudsboy's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 17 June 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

They were excellent and we paid an extra £5 each way to have the car delivered and collected from our home address. What a saving in time for us and very efficient. The car was as expected and only a couple of thousand miles on the clock

City/airport: Bristol

Tumbleweed's rating of their experience of Europcar: (5/5) on 7 June 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

It was efficient, easy to deal with, but it was expensive, I thought, £200 for 2 days hire!

City/airport: Seville

Monty's rating of their experience of Europcar: (3/5) on 5 June 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

The booking process was really straight forward, the only downside was the location of the car at Vancouver, we had to get a shuttle the car hire office which was extremely busy, to collect our car.

City/airport: Vancouver

RobinMoss's rating of their experience of Europcar: (4/5) on 1 June 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

We booked the basic model. On arrival at the hire desk we were issued to the keys to a much nicer car than expected. Car hat Sat nav and all the extras. Best thing was we were off on our travels within moments of arriving. Drop off was equally as swift.

City/airport: Bergerac

Wipeout's rating of their experience of Europcar: (5/5) on 20 May 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Good But no one available at drop off point at airport 11.30am

City/airport: Saint Helier jersey

Ed's rating of their experience of Europcar: (4.5/5) on 12 May 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Confusing advice from the local desk agent implying that I (and my two colleagues who also hired cars at the same time) had no insurance cover with the original booking, meant I bought extra insurance I didn’t need. I take some responsibility for my own ignorance and I’ll ensure that when I hire a car again I fully understand what I’m buying, but I won’t be using Europcar again.

City/airport: Malaga

DTW's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 8 May 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

I took out this insurance to cover all eventualities...but it did not cover the one 'eventuality' that I needed, last minute cancellation due to bad weather. I would have thought that this would not have been such an unusual occurrence as to not be included in an insurance policy. Please check every detail before booking with this company.

City/airport: Newport

Paul's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 7 May 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Quite quick to be dealt with at the office desk. I was given the option to upgrade to a bigger car for extra 60 euros, which I took. Car given had a fault on the dash which I couldn't make the ground staff understand about. So I ignored it and the warning sign went away. However it came on every time the car was started and caused some stress. It turned out that one of the parking sensors on the front bumper had broken. I should have been made aware of this! Returning the car was no problem.

City/airport: Naples

Gaetaboy's rating of their experience of Europcar: (2.5/5) on 7 May 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Collecting the car was straightforward and I was delighted not only to be told that I was to receive an upgrade of car, but that my car was new to the fleet. It was spotless. I was pleased that I had already purchased insurance excess, as the excess offered at the airport was considerably more and I had the peace of mind that I had time to organise it and read the policy through at home instead of under the pressure of time at the collection point.

City/airport: Palma

Searching for the Sun's rating of their experience of Europcar: (5/5) on 23 April 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Although there was nothing wrong with the car and the arrangements to pick up and drop off the car I was extremely annoyed that one of our drivers (our group hired three cars) had been badgered in to taking out unnecessary additional insurance from Europcar. Despite our protestations at having taken out insurance to protect our excess we were told we needed their insurance.

City/airport: Malaga

Scottish Birder's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 20 April 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

First time I've used Reduce My Excess - so easy to do online and sooo much cheaper than any car rental extras that I've paid for in the past. Europcar Rep was happy to accept that I had arranged my own extra cover. I paid less than £12.00 for 5 days compared to the rental company wanting nearly £70.00! Will definitely use again in the future.

City/airport: Bristol Airport

Blue Moon's rating of their experience of Europcar: (4/5) on 17 April 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Still waiting for the catch! It was easy to book, no problem with the car hire company when I said I already had excess cover. I’ll definitely be using this service again!

City/airport: Dublin

Julez's rating of their experience of Europcar: (5/5) on 17 April 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Our car broke down while we were on holiday but Europcar came to our rescue. Hassle free and very friendly service. Would recommend.

City/airport: Newquay Airport

MK Pixie's rating of their experience of Europcar: (5/5) on 18 March 2018

I ordered a small car for ease of driving and for economicality I was given a huge ford focus that drank petrol

City/airport: London southend

Mrsiwont be using europ again's rating of their experience of Europcar: (1/5) on 12 March 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

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