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I hired a car from Easirent for 3 months. I returned the car on 29th June and 3 weeks later I'm still waiting for my £1,600 deposit to be returned to me. I rang customer services and was treated very poorly. The lady was rude and really didn't care that I needed this money back in my credit card. When I asked her when I was going to get my money back, she said she didn't know. I asked whether it would next week, next month or next year. The answer was it wouldn't be next week. The company's website states deposits will be refunded within 72 hours. I've seen one review where an Easirent client is still waiting for a refund of £1,600 after 8 weeks. I've used Easirent many times but I will never use them again.

City/airport: London

Mitty's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 20 July 2020

Extra fees. Unreasonable demands for paperwork and documentation. A full hour at the desk. Refused to honour agreement to provide shuttle to/from the airport. Refused to issue a refund. Car was not clean; tank was 1/4 full. The worst retail service experience I've ever had.

City/airport: Southampton

Bob's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 18 July 2020

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Refund for your excess waiting time 3+ months Do not use even if they are giving the car for free

City/airport: Heathrow

Raz's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 29 May 2020

i hired a van but was given a 9 seater with seats taken out to use as a van. okay i thought for £68.00. Price goes up to £96.00 a day then £104.00. i decided to give back as i am being charged for a 9 seater vehicle,which is not a 9 seater as back seats was taken out. i went back to Heathrow branch to pay for a LWB van which i thought would be cheaper as i had been paying £100 a day for 4 days. i had to make a fresh booking which should have been straight forward. My card was declined. i checked with my bank and funds was there,and they said the problem is with the van hire,machines. i spoke with the owner on the phone to take payment over the phone and he would not do it. 3 hours later i was forced to take a taxi back home as i had to much luggage on me to take public transportation. it cost me £60.00. if i did not have money this company was prepared to leave me stranded. i recommend not to use this company. They will end up charging you higher prices than advertised. within 10mins from £68.00 to £77.00. i tried for 3 hours to get my payment sorted out. very bad experience.

City/airport: London

king's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 21 May 2020

Squalid Service and Thuggery to Boot Booked via Easirent website "chat," paying a deposit of 349.11 pounds. The only documentation of the booking I received from Easirent was an e-mail titled, curiously, "Vehicle rental reservation changes to booking number XXXXXX" (VRRCBNX). This contained no address for Easirent. It did contain a list of bus services and bus stops at Heathrow, but these were not easy to find after travelling for about 20 hours from Taiwan. It also mentioned a free bus service, but stated, "It is important to show the bus driver your rental voucher which has the start date clearly printed as well as our company logo." The VRRCBNX contained no company logo. We took a taxi, costing almost 20 pounds, and consulted Google for the Easirent address. We and our taxi driver struggled to find Easirent. When we finally arrived, no member of Easirent staff greeted us at the entrance or told us where to go to transact business. There was no signage visible to supply such information. I was shown by another exasperated customer into the office in which bookings were being processed. I saw two men standing behind two counters, one at either end of the room. I made eye contact with each of them and presumed that one or other of them would understand I needed assistance; the procedure remained unclear and, once again, there was no signage visible to make it clear. I was left standing for several minutes. Neither of the two men bothered to say anything to me. After several minutes, I felt that I had no choice but to approach one of the counters and present the document "Vehicle rental reservation changes to booking number XXXXXX." I duly did so, saying to the employee, 'There is no address on this.' He screamed at me, 'This is not a booking voucher.' As this first employee screamed at me, he also signalled to his colleague at the other end of the room, who started asking me questions about my booking from his end of the room and in an offensive and sarcastic tone. When this second employee (a white, native English-speaking caucasian, like myself) had finished asking me questions, he approached me and said to me, 'Now you're just being racist.' I said to him, 'What do you mean? I haven't said anything to you at all, let alone anything racist.' He responded, 'I know, but I'm South African.' I was appalled by what he had said and by the possible implications, and therefore made a point of informing those around us in the room of his remarks, whereupon one of his colleagues said, 'He's not South African; he's Australian.' I made the point that I simply wished to collect my car and leave. The second employee shouted, "Don't give this man a car." I responded, "If you're not going to give me a car, I require a written statement from you that my deposit will be refunded." He said, "Do not give this man a car. Do not refund his deposit." He gave no reason. Weeks later, though without my being notified, my deposit was in fact refunded. Two days after my return to Taiwan, about a month after the incident, I filed a demand, via the complaints procedure on Easirent's website, for reimbursement of my deposit and of various losses consequential on Easirent's cancellation of my booking. Easirent did not respond, and, in accordance with their procedure, I filed the demand again. Again they did not respond. Again in accordance with the formal complaints procedure, I therefore "escalated" my grievance to the industry governing body, the BVRLA, who responded, "We understand that when you arrived at the branch discussions took place which then resulted in you not receiving the vehicle you had pre-booked, we hope you can appreciate we are unable to comment on these conversations. However, Easirent have advised that you were refunded your pre-paid amount of £349.11 in full." I was not accused of anything, either by Easirent or the BVRLA.

City/airport: Heathrow

Rudy Mentz's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 14 May 2020

I got fleeced by this company. Stay away from them! They took £59 for Insurance and £189 for car hire and they told me that because I'd paid on a debit card I couldn't have the car. THey had a heavy in the shop that told me that the best thing I could was leave the shop telling me that everything was strictly legal and that I wouldn't have a leg to stand on in court. Steer well clear of this company. They are thieves!

City/airport: Southampton

Matt South's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 28 April 2020

To whom it may concern, This is the complaint letter I sent to those whom I thought could help my wife and I solve an issue that we found to be very troubling. It involved an employee at the Jacksonville Easienrt, specifically the manager named Franky. Priceline Booking Number 202-281-644-38 Easirent Reference Number 1863754 Easirent Wally Park, Jacksonville, FL airport We went to pick-up our rental on February 15th, 2020 and had all the information we were told to bring (credit card, drivers license). The young man, Franky waiting on us, informed us we needed proof of our auto insurance which we did not bring because we were not asked to bring it. When we challenged that he informed us that local rules can require them to ask for proof of insurance. We have Erie Insurance and at this time on a Saturday they are closed and not open on Sunday. The manager, Franky, said we couldn’t have the car without proof of insurance. We told him we would call and give them that information on Monday and he said ok. Then he blindsided us about the in-kind coverage on our credit card which we thought we had but would check with Bank America, his response made us feel threatened and also taken advantage of. Again, none of this was mentioned on any of the documents. It was hard to understand Franky at times which only made the situation worse so my wife took over. Once again, we were told we couldn’t take the car without the proof of insurance, which also was never mentioned on the paperwork. My wife explained we would call them on Monday with the information so the charges that we paid extra for, would be taken off once that information was given Franky and that would be ok. We signed off and waited for the car, which was not what we asked for. It looked like the worst one on the lot and the windows were very dirty and very hard to see out of the windows because of the stickers on the side window. On Monday, as promised., we called Erie to get the information for our insurance and also Visa to make sure we had the in-kind benefit. Both of these services were to be taken off our bill once the information was suppled. Called 1-888-901-5121 on Monday the 17th twice, once busy and 2nd time hung up on after we told them we were calling with the information they needed. Called again Tuesday the 18th and kept getting busy signals. Not only was this a terrible experience initially, but customer service once they knew why we called, decided to hang up and not answer the phone after they saw the number. Thankfully, the return went smoothly and very glad the person who waited on us was helpful. The rep at the desk upon return, Dasha, informed us that all she has to do is ask for proof, if not available then it would have been accepted, that being two adults in there 70’s would have insurance.

City/airport: jacksonville fl

Joe D's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 28 March 2020

Got quote for car hire and insurance,accepted for a good price,we were picked up from airport to easier to depot,when we went to get keys in their office,this bloke who worked there told us the insurance we had took out was practically worthless so we should take out their insurance at a cost of £150 to cover scratches ,car parked in car park etc.etc. Told him in no uncertain terms they were a rip off,scam company,he dropped price immediately to £105 ,wives got worried with all the bullsh#t he kept going on about,so we paid,this company give the hard sell to frighten people,avoid like the plague

City/airport: Belfast international airport

Shorty's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 22 March 2020

Keep away from this Company. My experience of Easirent was so poor that I wrote to the national Guardian. My complaint was printed on Saturday 16 November. Having paid £48 for a three day hire I was required to pay £142 to reduce damage excess to zero. This was bad enough but on returning the car the agent immediately noticed a scuff mark on a wing mirror. I was assured that my insurance would cover any damage. The scam came when I was charged £62 as an admin charge. I wrote to the Company outlining my complaint but to no avail. I asked for a receipt for this admin charge but have heard nothing. The Guardian followed up but with no success. After negative interactions with Easirent the Guardian gave the following advice to its readers: "strongly urge you to look at its T&C and its long list of extra fees and charges . . . and take your business elsewhere"

City/airport: Dublin

Kev's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 12 March 2020

Be extremely vigilant when dealing with Sunny Cars as you may end up with Easirent who will scam you. They tell customers that their card does not cover the excess amount so that they then HAVE TO pay extortionate additional insurance cover charges! OTHERWISE THEY WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO HIRE THE CAR!! When I queried the non-return of my ‘deposit’ (as I was led to believe!) by Easirent with Sunny Cars they told me that I had ‘opted’ to take out unnecessary additional ‘full’ insurance cover when I could have been refunded by them for any amounts deducted by Easirent from my deposit in the event of any damage having been caused! Nothing 'optional' about any of what occurred however when I tried to procure the vehicle!!! None of this excess/additional insurance cover was explained by the Easirent representative with any degree of clarity at the time of collection. I was told that my credit card 'did not work' and that I would thus have to pay an additional 'deposit' of £126 in order to PROCURE the vehicle. The 'credit card' in question is a corporate American Express so to claim it would not work for the excess amount of £1,500 is ludicrous. Given that this occurred late at night in the middle of an industrial estate and that my young daughter was present I agreed to the ‘deposit’ charge in order to procure the vehicle and get my family out of there. Had I thought for one moment however that this enormous sum in excess of €150 (and termed 'deposit') would not be refunded upon return of the vehicle in pristine condition I would never have gone ahead with the hire. I have hired many many cars over the years and have NEVER had an issue such as this. The car rental price including insurance has always been just that...the car rental cost including insurance!!! To think it normal to pay an additional insurance cover charge of €151.97 on a car hire of €62 quite frankly beggars belief! This entire experience has been below board and shady but I see from other conned customers that this is par for the course for this company. I only wish I had read those reviews prior to dealing with this shady operation and known that I would end up paying minimum 4 times the amount I assumed!! Why is it that no other car hire company I have ever dealt with has insisted upon payment of insurance cover 3 times the cost of hiring the car in the first place?! THIS IS A SCAM!

City/airport: London

Coco's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 27 February 2020

Absolutely horrendous. We've rented with easirent before and had no issue, but never through Luton. We booked a cat b car and were given an a, with only 4 seats instead of 5. The man who gave us the car pointed out a few small surface scratches and insisted he didn't need to write then down as they could not have a nail put in them. Upon our return they claimed one of these very same scratches was deep and we would be charged £195 for it. The manager was ignorant, rude and would not accept anything we said, he refused to discuss this with me as the car was in my partner's name, he laughed at me when I stated I would make a complaint to head office. Absolutely atrocious, never again!

City/airport: Luton

Mimi's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 25 February 2020

Price was very competitive, which was great. However, they said the Reduce My Excess policy was not "worth the paper it was written on as it wouldn't pay out". They then tried to sell me daily insurance at £18 per day, fuel full to empty at £8 per day, and have held a charge of £1600 against my credit card. So not sure I will be using again.

City/airport: Belfast International

Fergus's rating of their experience of Easirent: (3.5/5) on 3 February 2020

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

This is a SCAM not a car hire company. Dirty, shoddy premises, body guard. Money taken. No car. I implore anyone to avoid. I cannot believe they are able to ‘trade’.

City/airport: Bristol

Melanie's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 30 January 2020

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Hugely stressful experience. Staff are rude, accusatory and their aim seems to be out to gouge as much money out of customers as possible. On top of that I was given a van with a potentially dangerous hydraulic fault, and then charged £1,325 due to Easirent's unqualified misdiagnosis of the problem! Picked up a van from the Kings cross branch for a 24hr rental. The first, and last time I will ever use Easirent. On collection the van was dirty, and had some liquid spilled all over the dashboard. Easirent staff checked the vehicle and marked all the current damage. The fuel level was also checked and a rough indication of the level was marked on basic diagram on the check out documentation. I used the van for approximately 8hrs, in which time I covered 20 miles of driving. I dropped the van back, and left keys with the out of hours staff. At this time the van was working perfectly, as demonstrated by it's tracking logs and cctv in at the drop off location. 24hrs after I dropped the van off I got a call from Easirent Kings cross to say that the reverse gear in the van was "broken" and that I was liable. I was then promptly charged £1325 on my credit card. All gears in the van were working perfectly when I dropped the van off, so I was obviously very surprised to hear this. The next day I took a day off work to travel back to the Kings cross Easirent office. Despite being in office hours, the office was completely deserted and nobody answered the door. When I went to check the van at the drop off location up the road I was met by an Easirent staff member who was initially extremely aggressive and accused me of deliberately parking the van in a specific parking location so as to cover up the damage to the reverse gear (utterly untrue). I was later given a receipt for the 'damage' to the van, which simply stated "burnt clutch". When I asked how they had diagnosed damage to the reverse gear, and then a burnt clutch, the Easirent staff simply stated that they "weren't mechanics" and had simply guessed. Later the issue was proven by Renault mechanics to be a clutch / brake hydraulic leak. This was due to a manufacturing fault on the van, and was covered under warranty. The fault was in no way caused by me, but was a service issue on the van. It took almost a month after the final Renault diagnosis of the van fault for me to finally get my money back from Easirent! During this time I was incurring credit card interest charges etc. To add insult to injury I was also charged £26 for apparently dropping the van back with less fuel than when I picked it up. This is despite me having photos of the fuel level when I picked the van up and when I dropped it off clearly showing the fuel level was identical. The Easirent staff just kept referring to their rudimentary pencil markings on the pick-up and drop-off paperwork to try and justify why they had charged me £26 for fuel that didn't exist. The fact is that these pencil marking have no scales or relation to the van's fuel gauge itself. They are simply an indication of the Easirent staff members interpretation of the van's fuel level. So they used ambiguity and misdirection as a way to attempt to justify gouging some more money out of me. In the end I got my £1325 back, but am still out of pocket for the £26 "fuel fee", train fares to travel to the Easirent office to discuss the accusations they were making against me, and the interest on £1,325 that they charged to my credit card. I also had to take almost two days off work to discuss these issues with Easirent, my lawyer and my credit card company. I wouldn't have had to do this if Easirent were able to communicate properly, as on the phone they just kept repeating the same comment over and over....."you are liable for the damage, you are liable for the damage". Easirent were incredibly quick to pass all blame onto their customer, and charge me the maximum amount possible. In their own admission they were unqualified to diagnose a fault with the van, but went ahead and did it anyway. They were rude and aggressive at times, and their communication of the issue was appalling. The van was also dirty and uncleaned when I collected it. The fact that Easirent rented me a potentially dangerous van is another matter completely!

City/airport: London

Declan's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 23 January 2020

Awful, awful, awful!!! Car pickup location is in Crawley! You need to take a local bus (not a special car rental company bus) to get to a car rental office. Bus service frequency is 45 minutes! Our car was dreadful with numerous dents. You need to count them all in peach darkness of the night. I don't want to tell the whole story as it would take a long time, simply avoid them! No money can compensate for the awful 'service' they pretend to provide.

City/airport: Gatwick

Vadim's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 21 January 2020

AVOID - DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! The worst car hire company I have ever had to deal with! They appear cheap but make up the difference by either upselling you further insurance when you pick up the car (which they do in a very pushy manner), and if you don't take out the additional insurance, by charging you for damage to the car, even if you did not do it. Another way they try and scam money out of you is to sell you the full tank at a 'discounted' rate. The rate they quote is much less than the rate that you can buy fuel in a local station, however, they charge for many more litres than the tank can actually hold, so avoid this also. I picked up a vehicle from their Dublin office at 5pm at which point it was dark outside. When I collected the car the agent told me that there was no record of any damage on the car and it was my responsibility to tell him what damage was on the car so that it could be marked up on the record sheet. This was almost impossible to do as the car was black and I had to inspect it outside in the dark with no additional lighting. Even in these conditions I could see that the car was heavily damaged pretty much all over and the record sheet was covered in damage locations by the time I had finished looking at the car. The agent agreed with all the damage indicated, even though a few moments before he said there was no record of any damage on the car! As soon as it was daylight (9am the next morning) I took pictures of the car to have a clear record of the damage. When I returned the car the agent (female with blond hair - the rudest and most unprofessional agent I have ever had to deal with) looked at the marked up sheet and then went to inspect the car on her own. She then came back to tell me that there was a dent in the only location that had no marked damage on the sheet. I looked back through the photos that I had taken the next morning in daylight and yes there was a dent visible in those photos, but this was not considered suitable evidence for easirent and they charged me for damage to the car and an extortionate admin fee on top. So I would just AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.

City/airport: Dublin

Rooney's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 19 January 2020

Easirent were exactly what I wanted very pleasant staff from start to finish the car I received was better than I expected I would definately hire from them again

City/airport: Glasgow

Linda's rating of their experience of Easirent: (5/5) on 21 December 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Avoid at all costs. Scammers. Gave my booked vehicle to someone else and then offered me another at £230 extra. I cancelled but no refund cos I cancelled not them. ROBBERY.

City/airport: Leeds bradford airport

Michael 25's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 21 December 2019

Absolute rubbish on all matters. Will never use again.

City/airport: Luton

Gadget99's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 15 December 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Car rental experience was good the only negative was the wait at the airport for the shuttle to pick-up the car. Next time I would take a taxi.

City/airport: Edinburgh

Flying Scot's rating of their experience of Easirent: (4/5) on 9 December 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

The second time I’ve rented a car from Easirent Liverpool airport, friendly, polite, professional, staff. There are some reviews about other branches that are far from good but I would recommend Liverpool branch to anyone, great prices, great staff, quick check in and out.

City/airport: Liverpool

Ejen's rating of their experience of Easirent: (5/5) on 4 December 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

4 miles from the airport. Good service, price and car.

City/airport: Stansted

Mal-Irish's rating of their experience of Easirent: (5/5) on 2 December 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Office relatively far from airport timewise. I booked our hire car online, whilst i was booking (from the Netherlands) a popup showed on the screen asking if i want to buy insurance a €7 per day to cover tires, glass, and the excess. This sounded great, after arriving at the desk however i was asked if i wanted to buy easirents insurance, the cheapest costing £111!!!!!!!!! I was told in an email from my insurance i bought online NOT to accept easirents insurance because i truly am covered by my internet recognised branded insurance company so i declined. The gentleman behind the desk then blocked €1,978 on my credit card as deposit for the rental car, thats pretty normal, usually not that much but ok its only for three days rental right?????? I refuelled the car and returned it in the same condition i found it at 05:30 on a Sunday morning, i followed the return instructions to the letter and caught my flight home. I have been checking my Visa credit card twice a day every day and to my dismay the huge deposit is still saying reserved!!!! I called the Edingburgh office and a man told me "sorry i can't help you, the money will be returned after 28 days, we can't legally keep it longer than 28 days"!!!! The fact he used the word "legally" is very telling.

City/airport: Edingburgh

Mark's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 10 November 2019

EASIRENT and RENTALCARS.COM - TWO CROOKS TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST Booked a car rental online from Easirent Fort Lauderdale, Florida, through Rentalcars.com of the UK for one day, November 2-3, 2019, for a Nissan Altima or equivalent for CAN$49.55. Easirent advertises that they have a shuttle pick at Port Everglades cruise port for its clients. Rentalcars.com confirmed this when I called them by telephone. When I got to Port Everglades cruise port on November 2nd, after a short night's sleep on the cruise ship, I called Easirent for the shuttle ride, but was promptly informed that Easirent was not allowed to go to Port Everglades and I would have to find alternate transportation to their office to pick up the rental. Cost of taxi = US$20. At the time of booking, Easirent advertised its address as 321, Southwest 24th Street, Fort Lauderdale (FLL), USA - Florida, 33315. I asked the taxi driver to take us there, but he said they were at the Fort Lauderdale Airport and took us there instead. I did not argue thinking that the taxi driver knew better, and in any case, Easirent also supposedly had a shuttle pick up at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Easirent was NOT at the Fort Lauderdale airport, along with all the other car rental agencies, but their shuttle did arrive and eventually picked us up and took us to their office. At the rental counter I was informed that I would have to pay for insurance and I advised the agent that I had collision waver insurance, but the agent wanted me to pay for liability insurance, which I had never done before with any other rental company as this is typically carried by them. Additional cost for them padding their rental rate CAN$25.27. I was not issued any rental contract or provided any business card, merely asked to take a cell phone photo of the notepad on which the agent indicated all the damages on the vehicle that they ended up providing - a badly damaged Toyota minivan with a four banger engine and filth all over the inside. For that, we had to wait about half an hour while they washed the outside of the van! We then entered the address of our hotel in our portable GPS and drove to the hotel. It was then that I realized I needed to figure out how to return the van prior to our morning Fort Lauderdale-Toronto flight the following day. Putting the address into Google, it became apparent to us that the path to return the van was different from the path we vaguely remembered taking to get to the hotel! So we tried to call Easirent for directions to find them, but no one answered after numerous tries! I called Rentalcars.com and was able to reach them but they were of no help! So our plans to do some shopping and go to the beach in Fort Lauderdale were put on hold until we figured out this mess. We decided to drive to the address we had been given at the time of booking, which was an abandoned building! We drove to a gas station down the street and asked the attendant there if he knew the address for Easirent. Fortunately he did, and wrote that on a piece of paper as 3234, South East 6th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. We entered that into our GPS and went to Easirent, several blocks away! Having wasted most of the day doing all this, I gave the agent there a piece of my mind. At least now we knew where to return the filthy van, but our day had been wasted - no shopping or beach for us - the reason we had stayed in Fort Lauderdale for a day after the cruise. Once home, I filed a complaint with Rentalcars.com asking for a full refund of the payment I had made to them as a small consolation for the extra costs and nightmare we had been put through. They refused. LESSON LEARNED - Unless you want to waste your time and money dealing with complete incompetents and crooks, avoid both Easirent and Rentalcars.com at all cost.

City/airport: Fort Lauderdale

FrankL's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 7 November 2019

Don't touch this company. Disgraceful practises. I needed to hire a car for a visit to Dublin between Sunday 20 October and Wednesday 23rd October 2019. I was attracted to Easirent by their reasonable prices: they had two offers, one that appeared to cover all damages. However, when I arrived with my family at their offices near Dublin Airport I was told that unless I paid for extra cover I would be liable for any damages that may occur. I did think about taking a chance but the representative outlined the amount I would be expected to pay for just a minor problem. Reluctantly, I paid £142 on top of the hire price £48 (for 3 day hire) but with the assurance I would not be charged for any damage should I be unlucky and be involved in an accident. I was also unhappy that the VW Passet that I had booked was not available nor an equivalent car. Again I reluctantly accepted a 7-seater. When checking the car the young lady who had taken my booking emphasised how as the car was almost brand new there were unlike to be any damage on the car. When I returned the car on Wednesday the same young lady came out to check the car. With amazing speed and a lack of subtlety she immediately noted scruff marks on the mirror on the passenger door. I remonstrated as I knew I was not responsible for these marks. The car had been parked in a spaces private car park and we had only driven the car once on a medium journey outside Dublin. She reassured me that as I had paid the extra insurance I would not be charged for any damage. All she required was my signature on an internal form. Once I signed she added casually that I would be charged 70 euros for ‘admin charges’. When I asked for an explanation she said the ‘new damage’ would have to be put on the system and this would cost 70 euros. I replied that I was being charge for ‘damage’ that I was not responsible for. Her reply was to wave the form I had just signed. My querying of being charged 70 euros for damages were met with her replying ad nauseam that I was not being charged for damage but for administrative charges. From reading other customers’ experience of Easirent Car Hire I realise that I am not the first to be the victim of this outrageous scam. I have sent an email asking for my 70 euros back. They have not yet sent a receipt for this ‘admin charge’.

City/airport: Dublin

Kev's rating of their experience of Easirent: (1/5) on 5 November 2019

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