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DO NOT USE AT ALICANTE AIRPORT!!!! There is something serioulsy wrong here. I have been using Centauro for 15 years with no problem but when I landed on 12/12/2019 the girl on the desk was pushing to take their insurance but as I use car hires 5 or 6 times I buy an annual policy so had no need. On returning the car the Centauro operative spent 15 minutes with a torch inspecting the car. Finally he said there were scratches on the bonnet it took me and my wife to take a photo zoom in and see several hairline scratches all smaller than the size gauge on the contract. The operative closed the contract without my signature. I was then charged €250 for minor damage. I am a gold club member but would never use again. I have photos to prove thee damage. DO NOT USE

City/airport: Alicante

Ste b's rating of their experience of Centauro: (1/5) on 17 December 2019

Dodge, dodge people and Really poor service Really poor service Don't go for this guys You'll be ruined on just one holidays  Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge

City/airport: Funchal

NelioF's rating of their experience of Centauro: (1/5) on 12 December 2019

Car exactly what we requested and in excellent condition. Efficient pick up and drop off.

City/airport: Alicante

Alison's rating of their experience of Centauro: (3.5/5) on 21 November 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Excellent service, great selection of cars and good price

City/airport: Murcia

Palomares P's rating of their experience of Centauro: (5/5) on 18 November 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

We have used Centauro several times, have found them to be excellent for the price, have never had a problem with them. Only slight negative is that there is sometimes quite a way to collect the cat.

City/airport: malaga

Dotc's rating of their experience of Centauro: (5/5) on 11 November 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

They stayed open after the plane was delayed. So grateful for that. Was upgraded to fiat 500 lovely car..Comfortable and relaxed week travelling around North Italy.

City/airport: Bergamo

Easy rider's rating of their experience of Centauro: (4/5) on 27 October 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Tried to get us to take extra insurance etc when we already had.on return of the car again said there were scratches which we were liable for. No water in the windshield wash... This firm are bullies and I would nevery use them again. . We did argue our case and no money was taKen from our account. Please unless you want hassle do not use Centauro in Olbia.

City/airport: Olbia

Momo's rating of their experience of Centauro: (1/5) on 23 October 2019

Excellent experience all round. Good price, friendly staff at the airport, good location close to the terminal. Pick-up and return processes very efficient and quick with no hassle about buying extras/insurance (have my own excess insurance) and instant return of deposits. The car provided was current model with 11k on the clock.

City/airport: Catania

Bobla's rating of their experience of Centauro: (5/5) on 15 October 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Excellent service

City/airport: Faro airport

Thomas's rating of their experience of Centauro: (5/5) on 14 October 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Instructions said that I’d be met at arrivals and taken to shuttle bus. There was no one there. I called the number provided, no answer. Eventually after asking around a non-Centauro employee showed me where the shuttle buses went from. I waited almost 2 hours for the shuttle. I kept asking the staff who worked for different companies or perhaps an overarching organization. They said the bus was coming and just to wait. Perhaps around 30 other buses arrived while I was waiting. When the driver did arrive he was apologetic and said there had been a problem with the bus. I could've got a taxi at any point which would've been a better solution. The car hire process was OK, had to pay a fee 14 euros for a thing that enabled you to go on the motorway. Agent over emphasized that without waiver excess cover you pay for EVERYTHING! What about excess? Scaremongering. Was worried about finding scratches on the car which they would stitch me up for. he said to check very carefully. Car USB connection didn't work with the stereo. Simple and successful process at the drop off

City/airport: Faro airport

RobG's rating of their experience of Centauro: (2.5/5) on 13 October 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Not a good start as there was no signs directing us to the pick up point for the shuttle bus. Eventually arrived at the office which was some way from the airport with restricted access due to road works. The car we were given was not what had been expected being smaller and unable to fit our luggage, this despite the expected model being clearly available on site. You pay for fuel up front and return at the same level for a refund. The only problem being that we were told the car was 75% full but was actually more like 60% so watch out for this trick. Drop off went smoothly and all excess and fuel monies were credited back.

City/airport: Pisa airport

Joey's rating of their experience of Centauro: (2/5) on 10 October 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Spent 15 minutes trying to find the rep in arrivals hall. He was sat behind all the other reps on his phone with his sign flat on his knee. Waited 30 minutes for shuttle bus. At the depot there were 2 receptionists and only 4 waiting but had to wait 90 minutes for attention, told they only had a smaller car than ordered by when filming damage to the car the receptionist went beserk and said he was calling the police. Dealt with the other receptionist who said to ignore the first and finally got a car albeit the smaller one.

City/airport: Faro airport

ATM's rating of their experience of Centauro: (1/5) on 9 October 2019

Never had a problem with Centauro, cars always nearly new, great service at Alicante and Murcia airport, no issues when taking car back either, they don't scrutinise the car on return, will always be my first choice if as cheap as another supplier I use (Use approx. 7 times a year) just check the car for mark/damages not on the sheet before driving off and advice them and they will reprint a new sheet out with new damages on.

City/airport: alicante and Murcia

subby's rating of their experience of Centauro: (5/5) on 7 October 2019

Have used them for many year generally with no problem, deposits and fuel payments returned quickly. Had one problem where they tried to charge me for broken glass in the wing mirror, manage to prove to them that this was broken on collection. Price they were trying to charge was extortionate.

City/airport: Alicante

Bill's rating of their experience of Centauro: (3/5) on 2 October 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

On dropping the car back the guy from centuro tried charging us for a chip out from underneath the front bumper. Then argued with us that we should have taken more photos of the car. They did something similar to the couple dropping their car off at the same time as us. Beware!

City/airport: Cagliari

Mark's rating of their experience of Centauro: (1.5/5) on 25 September 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Zero rating for Centauro car hire. Avoid at all costs! Flight to Porto delayed to next day due to a technical problem with the aircraft. Centauri cancelled my car hire booking and counted it as a no show as the plane arrived more than 12 hours late. This was despite several efforts to contact them by phone and also via an agency. When I finally got through to Centauro's customer service team, they did not help and actually hung up on my call! I travel a lot with work and have never received such an appalling level of customer service from any other hire car company.

City/airport: Porto

Martin's rating of their experience of Centauro: (1/5) on 21 September 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Very good

City/airport: Alicante

Taylor's rating of their experience of Centauro: (4/5) on 15 September 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Purchased car hire and deposit insurance for 4 days. Centauro took my credit card and tried to charge 80 euros even though it was all pre-paid. Got incredibly defensive when I questioned what the charge was for and aggressively tried to sell their own insurance even though I informed them I already had insurance (much cheaper, £12 compared to their 50 euros). Tried to scare me into buying their insurance by saying the AXA cover I had would not pay out WHEN they charged me. Refused, paid the £1,000 deposit and took the car. Returned it 4 days later and was charged 60 euros for the smallest scuff on a hub cap. Argued, but they just printed an invoice and illegally transferred my signature from the pickup documentation to the invoice stating I agreed to pay 60 euros. Luckily I got them to print the invoice for me as they never emailed it. Thankfully AXA paid out for the charge. Tip - check hub caps thoroughly, get AXA cover and ensure you get an invoice when they charge you.

City/airport: Alicante

Matt's rating of their experience of Centauro: (1/5) on 15 September 2019

Excellent price, clean car, courteous staff, no pressure to pay for extras. Have used Centauro a number of times. My first choice.

City/airport: Palma, Majorca

Jsc2012's rating of their experience of Centauro: (5/5) on 14 September 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Centauro were very efficient with an excellent choice of cars for rent. Their staff were very friendly and willing and able to help with all eventualities. I would highly recommend them.

City/airport: Milan

DC's rating of their experience of Centauro: (5/5) on 9 September 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Everything went okay on collection. I dropped the car off as the offices were closed in the early morning. On my return to the UK I notice that they not only did not refund my deposit but had taken an extra £24.95 off my Debit card to compensate for a missing rear windscreen wiper. Not sure how I could have lost it? I have emailed them for the refund but they have not replied. I intend to take it further as they have abused my Debit card.

City/airport: Alicante

Domino King's rating of their experience of Centauro: (3/5) on 6 September 2019

well,the €25 were a surprise to us 2 days later after we returned the car. The tank was almost full,only €5 was missing and we gladly agreed to pay them from our fuel deposit. So today we checked if the €45 were returned to our account as expected. Guess what?! only €20 were returned. They charged us €25 for refueling the car! Petrol Station practically across the street from their office. At the phone the staff was rude and unprofessional. Very disapointed. Will never book with them again.

City/airport: thessaloniki macedonia airport

marinaki763's rating of their experience of Centauro: (1/5) on 2 September 2019

Excellent service

City/airport: Alicante-Elche

Tarquinn's rating of their experience of Centauro: (4.5/5) on 31 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

After a two hour wait to get our hire car we then experienced a 1 hour wait to return it. This company is thoroughly understaffed. The staff they have seemed very careless to the customers needs and lunch/ smoking breaks seem the most important part of their working day!! Highly recommend using a different company.

City/airport: Barcelona

Annoyed traveller's rating of their experience of Centauro: (1/5) on 31 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

The car hire company did not have the class of vehicle which I had hired but offered an upgrade, which was generally OK. The car hire was meant to be from a full fuel tank to full on return. However, the company had not filled the vehicle. They indicated that the vehicle was 35% full, with no explanation as to how this figure was arrived at. I was subsequently subjected to a fuel charge that was returnable if I returned the car at 35% full. This appears to me to be an arbitrary charge and the basis of this should have been fully explained. In addition, I had booked “full to full” as this ensures that I would only pay for the fuel I had used. I have no guarantee that this was the case. On taking the car out there was a list of 6 or 7 previous points of damage. This was originally incorrect and required revision. This included requesting the company to record damage which had not been recorded and removing damage which had been recorded but did not exist. On returning the car I was informed that I would have to pay for damage to the driver’s door, which constituted a very minor fold in the bodywork. It was contentious as to whether this actually constituted “damage” and I had not caused this. It was only when I was able to provide photographic evidence that this “damage” exited when I had taken the car out that the member of staff agreed that I should not be charged. On receiving the email documentation after the hire had been completed, I note that whilst my documentation on taking the car out listed 7 items of damage, the paperwork returned to me on completion of the hire only noted 4 items of damage and that these items did not include the “damage” to the driver’s door which the staff member had attempted to charge me for. The staff were generally very pleasant, the car was perfectly acceptable and other than the fact that I may have been overcharged for fuel that I had not used due to the car not being full at the start of the hire, this would have been quite a good experience. However, there is clearly misreporting of damage to the vehicle on the part of the hire company here and I was left with the definite impression that there may well have been a deliberate attempt to overcharge me here for something which was not my responsibility.

City/airport: Funchal - Madeira

John W's rating of their experience of Centauro: (1/5) on 26 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

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