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City/airport: Mahon

Hazel's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (3.5/5) on 12 August 2019

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

My recent experience: try to avoid this company Good: Cheap price Bad: Cheap for reasons I rented the car in CDG(Paris). Made the reservation online in advance, and I managed to go there by myself without using their shuttle bus. Based on my later experience back to airport, their shuttle bus service is also very bad. The company office is off the airport, location is not that good. First, the car options are limited and they couldn't even hold the car for us on time, so we had to push back half day. Second, cars there are kind of old, most of them are over 40K KM already. And third, they hold huge deposit fee, like 2500 euros. Last, their work hours are also limited, they close at 5pm, and leave people waiting there until 9pm, so you have to return the car by 9pm. The worst thing for us is those people are dis-honest as I can tell. Well, we left some stuff in the car which we forgot to take, then we found out that after we returned the car and we were at the airport already. So we called them and asked them for help. They said they searched the car, but told us found nothing. We couldn't go back because they were closed and our flight is also near, but I realized that it wouldn't make the difference anyway because I strongly suspect they actually took the stuff, though I don't have direct evidence. We are very sure we left them in the car and we remember the locations as well, and there is no way they couldn't find it. Sorry it's our fault and lesson, but the way they did is also suspicious and no good at all. I definitely will avoid them in the future business.

City/airport: Paris

Chuanren's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 4 June 2018

Originally I hired a car from Autoclick faro online we picked it up after waiting an hour at the airport for shuttle bus and another at the faro office to sign for the car. That alone was disappointing but we wanted to enjoy our holiday so carried on. I paid extra for roadside assistance as I was a single female travelling alone with my disabled sun. The car developed a puncture and I called faro at 3.30 pm (no one answered until after 4.30) to get roadside assistance as the bolt had pierced both sides of the tire and could not be driven. I was told roadside assistance would come and get the car and bring a taxi with them to take myself and my son to faro office to get new car. This journey would have taken an hour both ways which is bad enough. After 2 hrs of waiting in the sun my son needed shelter from the sun and heat so I had to leave him with strangers nearby to stay out of sun. After this I continued to wait for another 2hrs for recovery vehicle to collect car who did not come when agreed and took the car but had no taxi for me. I now had no car no taxi and no way to get to faro. I waited until 9pm 6.3 hours after phoning for assistance and then had to walk back to the apartment with my disabled son. I rang several times from 3.30 to 9pm and 90% of the time the call went unanswered. This is a disgraceful service and an unsafe one. (I am totally capable of changing a tire but none are present in newer vehicles and the tire was too damaged to use the tyre inflation gear.) We were left in +30°c heat for over 6 hours and felt sick and had headaches. At no point did anyone ask if we were ok we were just told us to stay with the car and we must wait. The next day a taxi was to be called to arrive to pick me up at 10am and at 11.30 I was still waiting for a return call to say it had been arranged. I had by then wasted nearly a full day waiting for proper assistance and the best part of two days holiday and have had no access to a car for 20 hrs. I was in a foreign country with a disabled child and this was ruining our holiday!! I then had to wait another 4 hrs for taxi to come in the heat again the before i was taken to Faro Autoclick to collect a new car. On returning this car to autoclick on our return date I was told head office was dealing with the matter so no clam info was given to me and now I have to fight to get a days carhire reimbursed and the return of the money I paid for an inadequate road side assistance the very least as was agreed!. So if you don't mind waiting for 24hrs for a new car and love waiting in the heat for assistance that will collect your car and leave you alone at the side of the road or if you can guarantee you wont need any help then feel free to book with Faro at your own risk. We were lucky to breakdown near enough to somewhere that sold water but god help us if we hadnt as no-one from Autoclick asked or cared!!

City/airport: Faro portugal

Rachael49's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 25 April 2018

Got scammed for €30 late fee and forced to take €190 insurance we didn’t need. It was late at night in an industrial estate, we had no choice. Staff very rude, nasty and criminals.

City/airport: Palma

Sarah's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 10 April 2018

Unprofessional and unhelpful. Understaffed for collection of vehicle - had to wait in the dark outside the airport for the shuttle bus for nearly half an hour, not even clear that I was in the right place. Then about 20 minutes' drive to get to car hire venue. I was glad there was

City/airport: Le Mesnil Amelot (Charles de Gaulle)

safd's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 7 April 2018

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Taken 1500 euros from our credit card 6 months after we returned the car without any explanation, invoice or communication since we took the car back. We knew it was damaged but they said they would let us know. We heard nothing just an email to say they had taken the money from our credit card. The damage was not our fault.

City/airport: Campino

Moneypenniless's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 12 March 2018

AutoClick in Nice, France is the worst car rental company I have ever come across - honestly awful!!! When we returned a Ford Torneo they claimed to see a minuscule scratch of the passengers side wing mirror (black plastic) which was on the car prior to picking it up (we had taken pictures). They insisted that the scratch would be written up in our contract and charged us €126 for the “damage”. It is absolutely disgusting and a total con - the price of the “damage” totalled the price of the rental. So angry and disappointed with this total scam of a car rental company!

City/airport: Nice Airport

Amy's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 30 January 2018

Just do not hire with them!!!. They tried to charge previous damages

City/airport: barcelona

Sergiozape's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 28 January 2018

Since I dropped off the rental car 2 months ago I’ve been trying in vain to obtain the promised refund for the tires I had to pay for due to the bad condition (damaged and badly fixed) of one of them. My various emails were not answered at all and worse - last week my bank informed me that AutoClick tried to debit values from my credit card that originally was meant for the refund !!! For sure I will never ever again use their services and warn everybody of their harmful methods.

City/airport: Paris Charles de Gaulle

lobo's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 4 January 2018

We rented a car in June in Lisbon. we parked in a space where we should pay but didn't realise that. we got a ticket to pay and when returned the car we mentioned this and asked how we can pay. We were told in a very nice way not to worry and that the company will take care of the fee and charge my card. I agreed thinking that's helpful. end of October I've received a letter from Algarve council asking me to pay 30euros! I was shocked and just checked my account...I then found out I was double charged some different amount (by mistake) and when contacted Lisbon branch they said they charge for this service 40euros! I was not aware when I was nicely informed not to worry! then my ticket went up to 30euros as of course I am so late! I anyway had to pay for this myself so I am charged for what service!!! you created more issues as you charged me twice for this and I cannot solve the issue as no one bothers to reply! and instead of 10euros I now had to pay 30!!!!! Very unprofessional service in Lisbon branch just look nice but when comes to any issue they are so arrogant!

City/airport: Lisbon

atrbwa's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 10 November 2017

Excellent efficient rental experience with guaranteed model of car less than one year old and a full/full fuel policy. My excess was also promptly refunded on return. Only things that let them down a little was that they didn't come to the airport to pick me up as quick as I thought they would, and I had to ring them

City/airport: Alicante

Ahsan's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (4.5/5) on 7 November 2017

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Total scam. Our car broke down. They asked me to pay for repairs and then I would get reimbursement. I had a 3mo old so didn't have many options. It has been months and no communication. Oh and now they have debited my card without authorisation 6 months after.

City/airport: Bergamo

Andrea.'s rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 5 November 2017

Nice cars but if they find so much as a dead bug on the windscreen (and trust me they scrutinise) they will deduct repairs

City/airport: Alicante

Chezste's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (2/5) on 3 November 2017

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

The car was not the one that we have reserved. Then they have forced to buy full insurance, we had no choice at night. Upon the return it is impossible to find a petrol station near the airport. Somehow we have managed this. But last they have charged extra 80 EUR for extra cleaning of the car, for only some sand from the beaches!!!!

City/airport: Alicante

maysan's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 2 November 2017

Did not like thistle

City/airport: Jordan

Beenu54's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1.5/5) on 30 October 2017

Don't trust good reviews! Renting car from Alicante airport on 25 September. All payments make online,full insurance,pick up and drop off out of office hours. First surprise-we chosen diesel Renault Clio,but....sorry,only petrol left. Sorry. Only after our voice go up,lady find diesel car. Fiat 500L. Bits bigger. But...stinky,dirty,can't see road from windscreen. Ok. It's a holiday! Don't panic! Car is ok. No problems. We return a car not full tank. Around airport no petrol station! Open only at 7am! To late for us. Autoclick do not inform us about this problem. Anyway,it's my fault. Agree. After couple days autoclick charge £47 from my account. No invoice,no explanation for what. I ask. Answer Hello, Please be informed that you have been charged for returning the car outside our working hours ( nocturnidad in the Invoice attached), for the missing fuel (gas faltante) and the costs for refueling (repostaje). We attached the final invoice with all the charges mentioned. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarifications. Best Regards, Customer Service Team Autoclick Rent-a-Car Where is attachment? Forgotten! Hidden from customer! But I pay for not working hours online. Write another email. Answer: The charge of pick up and drop off was charged twice and you will be refunded for the 30€ paid extra. Regarding the fuel we charged the missing gas when inspecting the car at the drop off. Looks like ok. Again email. Autoclick change mind.Answer: We apologize for the late reply and for any discomfort caused. I have checked carefully your request, documents provided as well as the previous conversations you had with my colleagues. The amount of 51.59 Euro charged at the end of the rental is for the missing gas - 26.59 Euro and refueling fee - 25 Euro. When the vehicle is returned with partial empty tank, always the refueling fee will be charged. Cowboy company! Customer-last! Never ever again! I think after this review Autoclick lost couple customers. If yes-i can celebrate! Don't trust good reviews,it's the same poor car hire company. Lots in Spain like this. Don't use Spain company's. Better more expensive,world known car hire company, because you feeling like human,not like idiot....

City/airport: Alicante Airport

Artas's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 27 October 2017

Very good

City/airport: Totnes

Inigo's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (5/5) on 20 October 2017

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

To be fair, the cars, pick-up and drop-of services are as advertised. Apart from that Autoclick is a terrible experience. While they have low upfront fares the catch is selling consumers additional insurance coverage. Just Say No? Doesn't matter. They will charge you anyway "for the full package of assurance that you took as extra". Avoid this company! They are Scam Artists!

City/airport: Brussels

D-G's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 6 October 2017

Good service at desk. Given an upgraded car which was too large for some of the roads we needed to use

City/airport: Malaga

Nick's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (4.5/5) on 25 September 2017

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

Very poor customer service; company provided wrong info for pick up point at airport; provided incorrect address for vehicle return so sat nav sent me around in circles; staff member told me they have no roadside assist in place which proved a nightmare (company said I’d declined that but it seems even if I’d accepted, none was available!)

City/airport: Bologna

Midge's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (1/5) on 22 September 2017

Easy, friendly, quick and transparent

City/airport: Pisa Airport

SC's rating of their experience of AutoClick: (4/5) on 31 August 2017

Verified ReduceMyExcess customer

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